New Group The Vocaloid Freaks!

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  1. It's a fan club of the Anime Holographic band Vocaloid.
  2. Seems like my first and second reactions have been posted.

    A little more info on the band and a link to the group wouldn't go amiss either.
  3. Chaos will join, if he hasn't already. Because that would be very Chaos-like.

    As for me? I EAT VOCALOIDS FOR BREAKFAST. *dinosaur roar*
  4. ... A band? What? Do you mean, all of the vocaloids? Or did some silly people make up a band? I thought it was more like, a collection of programs with different voice caches that can be made to sing... And people have attached personalities to them...

    I like Vocaloids, by the way. Some, but, eh. Miku's voice is, more often than not, highly annoying to me. Ah, well. I like them well enough.
  5. My God, it's a Fluffasaurus Awesomeus!
  6. Yes they are programs but They have live holographic perfomances and the programs do what they want... now ofcourse the instrument players are human but the singers are all AI.

    here is link to group:
  7. You know, as like me as that may sound, I have had next to NO vocaloid exposure whatsoever with the exception of a few mic-spam moments on the Team Fortress 2 4chan Party Van server.
  8. It's the newest popular fad from that one island that whities like.