New Greece

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Do you send me NPC CS's and help out?

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  1. My city will start harvesting clay from the river and turn them into pottery.
  2. I begin to assemble an armada with which to sail to all coastal city states to establish them in my trade route. I offer council in times of tumult in exchange.
  3. Thalvarka sends emissaries bearing gifts of food to the powerful NPC city-state that I forgot its name, and set to work on building more shrines for Demeter across the city
  4. Bravaria starts sending small troops to Thalvarka and Baskin's nation
  5. @Infinatis

    They are stopped at the gate by a small contingent of hoplites at the door, pili levelled. "What bringeth thee here?"
  6. The commander of the troops got down from his horse. "I am Commander Travis Darin from the city of Bravaria. We are here for by the order of Bravaria as a guard stationned on behalf of our city"
  7. I wish to send half of the finished pottery to Thalvarka, asking for food in exchange. I will also send the the other half to Ischÿs, as a peace offering sorted thing.
  8. Warily, Thalvarka accepts the troops from Bravaria, but keeps watch over them. However, it happily accepts the pottery, in return for food. They begin searching for materials to decorate the pottery
  9. My emissary frowns and turns to a small sample of soldiers behind him. They flank your soldiers. "Of course you make station the guard. But we will escort you to to your position, considering you are placing a military contingency in our territory. Know that you are being watched."

  10. "We are very aware, sir" said the leader before they started to walk in formation towards the military training thingy.

  11. As they move through the gate, the emissary turns. "Apologies for the caution. However it is owed for these are fragmented, dangerous times."

  12. With the armada built, every city state is approached by an emissary bearing the proposal to join the Thalassi trade network. They are promised produce imported from all over new Greece, and counsel in times of tumult from Thalassos.
  13. "We understand, it is tough. We've had to deal with many a bandits while coming here" Said the captain.

    Bravaria had already accepted the trade offer of Thalassos, the explanation of the troops.
  14. Iοχυπέτρος also accepts the trade proposal.
  15. Thalvarka accepts the trade proposal, as long as the people holding products to trade, come in small numbers and stand about 100 - 50 metres back from the city gates. They hope this does not offend
  16. @Immortal_Chaos
    The ambassador agrees to these terms without offence. However, he can only assure this for the Thalassi. One would have to procure agreements from all other city states to be sure these terms will be met by everyone.