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  1. SPARTA?

    Ugh, boring! Make your own, and compete for New Greece! In this world you command a city-state, a small independent city like those in Ancient Greece, like Athens, Sparta or Corinth. However, there's a twist: You design and shape your VERY OWN city state! Stuff Sparta, my 'Taeceans' are heaps more badass! Implement quirky laws and policies that make your Polis (City-State) unique.

    In this RP you will command your city-state from a 'God' sort of view, deciding everything, and choosing what you want. The rules will be really slack, and you can do alot very quickly, however, disadvantages and advantages will be decided by me (And my digital coin flipper :3). Raise an army? Sure, but you have less money to spend. Attack 'Taecea'? Sure, but their allies will attack you, and you need to spend more money on replenishing and feeding your troops. As the rules are slack, it's nothing like a game, so you can pretty much do anything you like, be it colonise that island, explore that mountain, or research new technologies. Unfortunately, as everyone is a city state, you cannot found or build anymore cities, you may only conquer them.

    The Map!
    The map will be what the RP orbits around. Your armies, cities, towns, mines, terrain and pretty much everything will be displayed on this map. In each post, you must include any changes to the map.


    -The rules MUST be read
    -No godmodding, eg = I SUDDENLY HAVE 60000000 MEN DIE NOW BITCH
    -Normal Iwaku rules
    -Romance? Eh, kissing and stuff'll be good, just keep it PG for the little ones

    -Do a little research on ancient Greece, it's interesting, and it helps HEAPS with the RP (MUST BE DONE)
    -Stop RP'ing for a few days because you can't be bothered? Gone on vacation and can't be bothered to let me know? !!BOOM!! Oopsies~ I accidentally erupted a volcano nearby and your city has been destroyed, along with your citizens, and your armies have been mysteriously poisoned!
    - PARA-F**KING-GRAPHS PEOPLE. I can't stand one liners, horrible grammar, spelling mistakes and millions upon millions of typos.
    -Include 'Ancient Grease' in the 'Other' section of the CS as proof of reading the rules


    -Polis name

    -Brief bio

    -Brief description of the people

    -Coat of arms/Insignia/Flag (Image please)

    -National colour (Included in insignia and worn by soldiers)

    -Unique laws/policies

    -Specialties (3 maximum 2 minimum, eg. 'Bonus Morale in Combat', or 'Skilled merchants'

    -Disadvantages (3 maximum 2 minimum, eg 'Decreased polulation', or 'Little cavalry

    -Standard Hoplite description

    -Location on map (just a dot please)

    National Specialty (what your nation is renowned for and/or naturally gifted at)

    -Patron god (Can use a taken god and try to choose one that reflects your specialties and disadvantages


    Accepted CS's:
    Kyríae(@Koda )
    Thalassos(@BaskinJR )
    Thalvarka(@Immortal_Chaos )
    Torrine(@KeatonWorshipper )
    Bravaria(@Infinatis )
    Ansraw (@Sekkra)
    Ágrypno (@Banter)
    Ischupetros (@WhoopDau )

    NPC Character Sheet Post (Will be updated with more):
    NPC City-States

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  2. INTERESTED! Ill have the CS up tomorrow. Can I reserve that south-west part in the main continent. The peninsula that sticks down from the north.
  3. I'll take the Northern part of New Greece.
  4. @Infinatis @Brother Gabriel
    As a city state, your initial territory will be pretty small. Do you want the tip of the peninsular Infin?
    And Gabriel, do you mean the island up North? If so, I can reserve some territory for your Polis up there
  5. Yes, i shall post My CS Later.
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  6. Now we can do war with internet friends! Thanks Koda
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  7. Well, I was thinking of having the sides that make it like a square. I was planning on my state tp have a massive wall where other states can enter to better protect themselves. They'll be pretty isolated.
  8. Btw everyone, me and Koda's friend group do this all da time... Ok everyone. Make sure not to launch Australia into orbit, mmkay? *no-one will get that*
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  9. image.jpg

    -Polis name: Kyríae, Plural, Kyríaen

    -Brief bio: Ex-Barbarian city, Kyríae was forced to adapt to the ever-evolving Greek society, and inevitably, became civilised and Greek because of it. Today, they are experts in warfare and hand-to-hand combat, and their legendary hoplites are feared across the land for their awesome skills, unusual equipment and fighting style.

    -Brief description of the people: The Kyríaens are a strong people, and their society is based around physical strength and dominance. They are still standard Greeks, but much of their time goes into fighting and warring, leaving less time for more advanced education.

    -Coat of arms/Insignia/Flag: image.jpg

    -National colour: Black and white

    -Unique laws/policies: Males at the age of 4 are to be taken away from their families, trained for 5 years, and sent into the mountains at the age of 9 for 1 week. Women must be trained to use a short sword.

    -Specialties: Morale in combat, Combat skill, large armies.

    -Disadvantages: Less diplomatically skilled, not very much or powerful cavalry, naval power

    -Standard Hoplite description: all armour and weapons are painted white, and most armour is the standard, however, their spears are slightly shorter, and the hoplites duel wield a xiphos (short-sword) and a kopis (slightly curved, thick hacking sword) in close-combat.

    -Location on map: ^^^^^^^

    -National Specialty: Combat and warfare

    -Patron god: Ares

    -Other: Ancient Grease
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  10. Polis Name: Thalassos 'Coastal Eye of New Greece'
    Brief Bio: Were once a small mercantile civilisation in South East Italy. But the roman republic attacked and forced them out. They eventually found their way to New Greece and, sheltered from the savage force of other poleis by sheer cliffs, emerged later as a mercantile, sea-faring superpower, introducing vaguely roman concepts, such as the auxiliary force and advanced irrigation. Rather than fighting wars, they tend to fund them if it means personal gain.
    Brief description of the people: Through mercantile expansions, the population are well off. About a quarter are servants or foreign slaves who are used to fight in the auxiliary forces and perform any strenuous tasks. Whereas other citizens are merchants and market stall-owners, with a sparse smattering of soldiers.
    Insignia: image.jpg
    National colour(s): Purple and gold.
    Unique laws/policies: They are taught diplomacy, psychology, mathematics and the sciences in schools so as to gain world renown for their state as scholars and trustworthy investors. The merchant is the most noble profession there is, and to steal or blight a merchant in any way is to face ostracism and ultimately death in the harsh wilderness surrounding the polis.
    Specialties: diplomacy, maritime ability and trade.
    Disadvantages: militarily weak without auxiliary forces, small and no mounts.
    Hoplite description: Most army forces are externally sourced, but the purely Thalassi infantryman wears standard hoplite gear with leather padding along the arms, long armoured kilts and long shin guards. They carry a pilum, or roman infantry spear, a xiphos and a rectangular shield with tabs on the sides to more easily form a phalanx. Their breastplates and shields bear the eye and trident.
    Location on map: The largest cove on the montane island to the north.
    Nation specialty
    : Diplomacy, trade.
    Patron god: Hermes.
    Other: Ancient grease
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  11. Polis Name: Thalvarka, (plural Thalvarkin)

    Brief Bio: Thalvarka is a long-standing city-state, which rose up as the people living in the fertile land had barbarians invading their land. So they rose together, and fought them off, quickly building a large village on the river, which grew quickly into a city. After becoming a known city-state, their territory was invaded, but with strong defensive power, they fought them off. The Thalvarkin's then grew incautious inthe long gaps, but occasional attacks always brings them back on track.

    Brief Description of People: Everyone holds a natural gift at farming, and are pretty well off. Slaves aren't really a very big thing in their culture, because they're considered worse at Thalvarka's treasured job.

    Insignia: image.jpg

    National Colour/s: Green and Yellow

    Unique laws/policies: At 6 years old, children start learning how to farm. Also, it is necessary at the age of twelve that both genders learn how to use a bow and dagger for 6 months. There is an actual policy for not littering in the river.

    Food Kings
    - Thalvarka is rolling in the stuff! They're on fertile land, and a fresh river running through, and the people are naturally skilled at farming
    In Times of Crisis
    - The city is designed to last through long sieges. Strong, well placed walls. Easily fortifiable from the walls. And the city can last a long time, with food and water in the plenty
    There's No Place Like Home
    - Troops get more determined and are more skilled when in or near the city, defending from intruders

    Can't We Just Be Friends?
    - Thalvarka has a pretty small army, which they generally don't like sending out to fight, preferring to defend at the last moment.
    Run Away!
    - Instead of fighting against a threatening enemy, they would much prefer to bribe their opponents, considered a bit of a coward.
    There's No Place Like Home
    - Troops are a bit panicked and less co-ordinated when away from their home ground.

    Standard Hoplite Description (soldier or infantry): The hoplites have a small shield with the Thalvarka insignia emblazoned on it. They start off with a spear, and have a short-sword which they use later on. Their light armour enables then to move faster

    Location on Map: image.jpg

    National Speciality: I think you've already figured that out by now, but farming

    Patron God: Demeter (for the win)

    Other: After a war, or battle is finished, and its safe to go out, people will bury the bodies, putting two lines on their forehead in whatever colour their nation colour is for respect, for anyone living in Ancient Grease.
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  12. Both accepted!
  13. Polis name: Wedrengard

    Brief Bio: Wedrengard was once a land divided into three kingdoms (Adren, Centra and Olum) until they were united after 50 years of bloodshed and Civil war, the Wedrengardians then built their capital of Solar in the middle of the island, they are tough and well educated in warfare due to the 50 years of civil war upon them.

    Brief description of the people: Caucasian like features, the people of Wedrengard believe in equality (Men and Women fight as one) and that one must trust in their leader, Wedrengardians are also well known for their honor yet ambitious personality

    -Coat of arms/Insignia/Flag -
    , [​IMG]
    (Nation Flag)

    National color- Blue (Insignia and armor)

    Unique laws and policies:
    + Soldiers are also required to work in Agriculture
    + Males at the age of 12 -above are required to join the Fleshing (Training course of warfare)
    + Soldiers at the age of 60 or above are given a choice of retirement or continue active duty
    + The owning of slaves are prohibited

    Specialties - Large armies, Skilled warriors and officers, Great leaders

    Disadvantages- Decreased population (Due to the 50 years of civil war) Poor Navy and Weakened defenses.

    Hoplite description-

    Equipped with the standard weaponry (Swords,Spears and bows) and they categorized by there skills on how they use the weapon well.


    National Specialty: Warfare and Combat.

    Patron God/Goddess: Athena

    +The Barbaros formation: A rectangular mass military formation that Wedrengard was feared for, Usually composed of Spears, Pikes and Lances at the front and back while archers and bowmen are at the middle, Works like the Phalanx but the difference is that after the spearmen finished killing they go back and let the archers shoot the incoming enemies then the spearmen bash and kill and it goes all over again.

    +Death Charge: A rectangular formation, only Veterans are allowed at the front while the rest behind them are spearmen, the front charges the enemy, leaping at the back forces while the spearmen rushes in, impaling those infront.

    +When a officer of significant worth has died, their names are forever etched in their history as one of the many brave soldiers

    "Ancient Grease "
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  14. Polis name
    Brief Bio
    Torrine is a harbor town, relying mainly on the ocean and river for food. Few citizens decide to leave the town, and even less by foot, trusting the sea to lead them to great things.
    Brief description of the people
    Docile people, the lot of them. Most are content with the peaceful life of a fisherman, but others desire to go off, along the sea, and find new lands. Of all these adventurers, only one has ever returned. Stories tell of his great adventure to the north, where he supposedly fought a Skolopendra.

    Coat of arms/Insignia/Flag[​IMG]

    National color
    Blue and white

    Unique laws/policies
    No waste is allowed to be deposited in the water, and it must be brought to a specified location in the woods to the east, and is collected every two weeks to be brought there.
    All males over 15 must be willing to defend Torrine from enemies and intruders.
    All citizens are taught how to fish from the age of 6

    Naval Force
    -Boosted morale at sea
    Fishing Time
    -All are skilled at fishing


    Simple Folk
    -Not many technical enhancements
    Where's the Water?
    -Morale lowers the farther they are from water

    Standard Hoplite description
    -Standard body armor, bronze, no helmet, painted blue.
    -Shield, round, one meter in diameter, white, bearing the insignia of Torrine.
    -Xiphos, bronze

    Location on map[​IMG]

    National Specialty

    Patron god

    Ancient Grease
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  15. Read the rules
  16. I have a question. How can I edit the map?
  17. I went into a presentation design program, and added lines. If you are on an Apple device, use Keynote if possible.
  18. I'm on windows 7.
  19. Well, I downloaded it, now to find Paint.
  20. Good luck. I'm excited to see your CS.