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  1. I went to this school all my life. It was large and was all about sports. I just happened to be the quarter back for the football team as well as captain and four year varsity since freshmen year. I was popular, rich, hansom, and easy to talk to, so of coarse I was the most popular kid in school. I didn't know everyone but somehow or another everyone knew me. I was always surrounded by other jocks and everyone referred to me as the 'king of the school'. There was one huge difference between me and everyone else. I didn't have a family anymore and raise my sibling by myself. I had a little sister, Amy, as well as a step sister who was much younger than we were lil-Suzy. I had started taking care of them before high school, against protests from the government, saying our uncle watched us... our uncle technically did... but he was a drunk and overall bum. So yeah, I ruled the school and it was great and all but... I felt like no one knew me. I hated the popular belief that I was the same as the others. Mostly given a bad reputation with the 'less popular' students. I wasn't at all like they were...

    I walked down the hall with two other guys from the team following me. They had their jerseys on, just as I did, and one was carrying a football. They were being annoying as usual trying to get me to join in on skipping class for their 'mega prank' they try every year without success. "Guys, I got a test today, I skip one more time and I miss the game tonight... You bros go on without me." I said as I turned around and walked backwards waving them off. Suddenly I bumped into someone and we both fell to the floor. I quickly turned around seeing a girl "Hay you ok?"

    I think you can figure out who's who
  2. Rubs her head as she lands on the floor, books scatter every where, looks at the boy who she had run into angrily. Realizes hes a so called "popular" and she was about to get angry. Looks up at his Jock friends and buries her face in her hands. Scrambling to collet her books mutters under her breath as she does, glaring at the others as she does. Obviously they where to far above her to help so she scrambled around like a slave to her own things.
  3. Not hearing a response and seeing she was upset he says "Hay sorry, I wasn't paying attention." He bends over and picks up two of her book trying to help. "You sure your ok?" Then he see's her face and doesn't recognize her "Hay are you new here?"
  4. Looks at the boy in surprise, "you're talking to me?" Looks up at his friends nervously, one wrong word and she was dead meat. "I-I-I yeah I'm new." Makes a grab at her books and falls forward, "oof, I'm fine, sorry it was my fault I wasn't paying attention. So sorry, I'll do as you ask if you want."
  5. He caught her as she fell. "Its fine." He said quietly and sincerely.
    One of the other jocks gets a strange smile "Oh? Offering your services to the king already?"
    The other one smile after hearing this and said "I think she is. Trying a bit hard to get into the group now are we?"
    After hearing this Jack sighed. He whispered so they couldn't hear him "Sorry about them..."
    "Already giving her you digits? You got the hots for the new girl don't you?!" The first one said and they both laughed.
    Jack got up and said halfheartedly trying to distract them so the girl could leave "Well the king is always looking for some servants!" He threw them a laugh and herded them away. After a couple of moments he hurried back hoping the knew girl would still be there.
  6. Swallows hard and blushes at the others comment and hides her face. Idiot idiot idiot. goes to collet her books in a hurry and walks away as he does. Ducks into a corner and catches her breath knowing her face was bright red. Peeking out she sees the boy again, stepping out nervously and looks up at him. Brushing a piece of stray hair from her pony tail, "I uh.., thanks for that."
  7. "It's not a problem. I just wish I could save you from my friends." He said in good humor as he rubbed his neck. She certainly was a pretty little thing... just wished she wasn't so nervous around him. He could see her red face and felt bad, first day here and they already came up with a sexual joke about her... he can only hope it doesn't get to her...
  8. Smiles a little and looks at him. He didn't seem that bad... Who was she kidding she was just new and he was a popular. Thinks back to what his friends had said, "oh I... I didn't mean it that way b-but... I was serious. It was my fault I-I should at least do something about it." Squeezes her eyes shut suddenly afraid of what might become of her. She could fight she knew that but he was so much bigger than her and most was muscle. Wo was she kidding she had no chance against him.
  9. "No, it was my fault." He said laughing "I shouldn't have turned around as I was walking."
  10. "I- but I- well... Ok well.... I guess see you later? I need to get to class but... But I need to find my schedule." Starts digging through my books and papers trying to find it.
  11. "Oh, I still have it." He said as he handed it to her "You have math with me. Its just down the hall." He said pointing to an open door. Jake took a step out into the hall and instantly everyone steped out of his was. It was like he had a bubble around him she could not see. "Come on." He said taking her hand and dragging her with him. He was heading for the class room.
  12. "Ah! hey wait!" Tries to pull back against him, it was useless so she just followed. Trying to keep her head down as people part around her and the boy she feels her face blush red again. Goddamn it! What does he think hes doing?
  13. They made into the classroom just in time. As they entered the bell rang. The teacher, who was old and skinny, looked up "So King Jake decided to grace us with his presence? Oh and he brought his new queen along with him." She got up "At least the King finished his make out session early today." She turned to the small girl he was standing with. "You should get to class instead of following him like a lost puppy." The teacher turned and walked back to her desk.
    Jake wanted to hit himself, even the teachers knew about his 'tittle' now! "Actually, she's new. I was showing her to class..."
    The teacher looked at the girl surprised "Your first day and your already locking lips with him?" She sighed "Whays your name sweetheart?"
  14. "I- but i- i didnt-why would you-" Sighs and looks around embarassed, her class mates where now laughing at her. Looks over at the boy they call "King Jake" and hangs her head. "My names Caraline and yes I'm new, He was just showing me to class is all."
  15. "Mmmhhmmm..." was all that came from the teacher and it didn't sound like the teacher believed her. One of Jakes friends yelled out "Should I tell Jan you moved on to something beter?" They all laughed again. "Nahh bro. She's just new and confused. I'm just trying to help." Jake said laughing with them. "Thats not what Dan said! He said she already offered her services." He said as he stood up with his hand on the upper part of his pants and swong his hips around. Jake couldn't believe they were still going with that joke. He scanned the room and could see the only two seats left were in the back next to eachother. One in the corner the other next to they boy who just made the joke. "Hay! Girl if he doesn't want you ythen I'll perade you around the school properly." He said winking and gestureing her to sit next to him.
  16. Glares at the two, alright enough sissy buisness. Takes the seat next to the boy and look at him batting her eye lashes and says, "Could you please stuff it?" Straightens up and glares at him dead in the eye "Cause if not i might just have to for you," leans in close so shes face to face " I dont know who you think you are but im not who you think i am. Im not some pony i that can paraded around and i defintaly wont stand for it. So if youve got a problem i suggest you keep it to yourself." Sits back in her seat and flicks that same strand of hair out of her face and grabs her books.
  17. ((After that most people would stop... but not him -_- lol))

    "Ohhh." He say with a wicked smile "I can stuff whatever you like." He winks at her and leans in kissing her on the cheek. ((Smack him xD))

    "Bro lay off. You know she doesn't dig you." Jake said taking the other seat.
  18. Slamming her forehead into his she knocks him back. clenching her fist she swings and lands a nice strong hit on his jaw making a "pop" sound. "if you know whats good for you, youll stop now and get lost." She says keeping her fists clenched.
  19. The entire class looks at her bewildered and the teacher gets up and yells "Go to the hall Mrs. Caraline!" She sounded angry and her voice cut through the murmurs. Jake had disappeared, somehow unnoticed. The teacher was standing at her desk pointing at the door.
  20. "I- but Miss i was only acting in self defense, he kissed my cheek! it was sexual harassement" great, first sday and we are already picking fights. Stands and looks around for Jake, but why would he stay and defense for me? he cant be bothered with the likes of me. Walks over to the teacher and hangs her head walking out into the hall way.