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  1. Hello! I am brand spanking new to the forums, and looking high and low for some partners.

    I have been role-playing for six years now, and have experience, and am looking for someone similar.

    My posting can range from two paragraphs to a million. I give what I get. You write me a book, I'll write you one back.

    I don't do MxM or FxF. Nothing against them, but they're not my style.

    I like all types of genres, but I don't do alien role-plays. They're boring as hell.

    I'm looking for someone to play the male main character, without requiring me to double.

    Means I'm craving. Role in green is the role I want to play, and anything with * behind it I have plots for.

    Sibling x Siblings Best Friend +++ *
    Demon x Human +++++++
    Demon x Angel +++++*
    Vampire x Vampire ++++*
    Stripper x Client
    Stalker x Victim
    Neighbor x Married man
    Daughter x Older family friend
    Ex-Girlfriend x Ex-Boyfriend
    Goddess x Human Captive
    Crime Boss x Cop
    Princess x Knight
    Prisoner Queen x Conquering King
    Woman x Ghost
    Psycho Girlfriend x Boyfriend

    Plot Ideas:
    Mythical Hunger Games *
    Fairy Tales*
    Treasure Hunting

    Trapped in a book*

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  2. Guh! Everyone always wants to do Sibling x Sibling Best friend, but I have the fucking worst luck keeping a partner around for it. The longest one I had going was for six months, and my partner went poof. ; ;

    Good luck! lol
  3. Would you be interested in a M/f Master slave Teacher/student Master/slave Magic Academy (Dark Fantasy Romance) Type of Role Play with me?
  4. I'm not really a master/slave type. Sorry. \=
  5. Anyone else?
  6. Are you willing to double? (so we each play one male and one female?)
  7. I do not double. Sorry. I play either male, or female for a main, but I like to give my attention to one main character.
  8. The Demon x Human sounds interesting :)
  9. I don't have much of a plot thought out for that one. It's just one that I've been wanting to do. If you want to work something out though, feel free to send me a message.
  10. Looking for a few more.
  11. Sibling x Siblings Best Friend <- Sure, I'm game if you are! :)
  12. Exgirlfriend x Ex boyfriend
  13. Sibling x Sibling's best friend has already been taken, sorry. \=

    Ex-girlfriend x Ex-Boyfriend is still open, if you want to PM and we can talk about a plot. I have a few ideas for different genres.
  14. Threw on some more ideas.
  15. Wait, we're not doing Psycho Girlfriend x Boyfriend? D: You get two pairings in one rp! That's not fair! Cheater....

    Oh wait, I guess that means I do too.
  16. Sorry for the absence! If I didn't answer you, I'm not ignoring you. It's been a busy weekend. And I'm still looking for 1-2 more.
  17. Still got room for one more.
  18. Rofl! Alrighty then!