new girl lost this Wonderland???



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*looks around nervously*
I'm the new girl, my name is Duchess_Bastet...or Bast...or Kitten...or....well, as long as i know its me.
I'm not exactly a roleplay virgin...but i sorta am...havent done this with this many people before, so i guess right now that means im sorta an exhibitionist *smiles at bad joke*

So, go easy on me, and expect that i'm prolly gonna suck this up, but if you guys can give me some practice at this, im pretty sure i'll help rock your worlds. Just, dont get too impatient.

I'm fun loving and carefree...sometimes im kinda scatterbrained, like those stereotypical blonde jokes...sorry if that was mean... :) i said...lost in please....
Hello there >:)
Welcome to Iwaku ;P
And have a nice stay, here is your complimentary iwaku roar ^_^ :
*A little dumbfounded by the dragon roar.* o____o

Er.... HELLO AND WELCOME TO IWAKU ye Egyptian feline goddess!
well first off...thanks for the roar...dragons rock...i like Knucker dragons personally, but :D

and thanks to both of you for the welcome. much appreciated.
Welcome to Iwaku, I enjoyed reading your unique introduction. My name is October Knight, most people call me October, Octo, Octy....Stuff like that.

Hope you enjoy your time here, you'll find that Iwaku is the perfect place to sharpen your RP skills, as we have players of all types and games of all genres!

If you run into any questions while exploring the site, feel free to ask! We love to help!
Thanks October. Well i will definately not be afraid to ask any questions while im here now. And as to my only experience, my Game master is also on this i figured i would try it out too.
Hello and welcome to Iwaku, Bastet!
I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you.
Iwaku is a very friendly community and I'm sure you'll find no shortage of people who would love to lend you a helping hand!
If you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to ask.
And don't worry about being new to roleplaying! Everyone starts somewhere. :3
Happy playing~
Its very nice to meet both of you, Grumpy and Kitti. And of course i will be staying for tea, how could i not my mad hatter friend?
See this cookie? >> :cookie: It's for you. Welcome to Iwaku. =)