New girl here!

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  1. Hi, I'm Ginny. I love to roleplay! I've roleplayed mostly mature roleplayes but I'm open for anything really... there are some things that I'm more into than other things, so go check out my roleplay resume will you?!

    On my spare time when I'm not in school, that is, I read and write a lot. I watch anime and I read manga. I also spend plenty of time with my dog Tiffy.

    Oh well, now I'll quit rambling. Feel free to PM me or write here or whatever to get in touch with me (haven't figured out this forum just yet). See you!
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  2. Wowzers, another one has fallen down the rabbit hole, this has been a great weekend for newbies. Welcome Ginny, we do have an extensive mature role playing community (we often joke that the bulk of posts made on iwaku are acredited to smut lol). Feel free to explore, we have a ton of really original GMs who grind out new RPs at an alarming rate!

  3. Well, that sure sounds great. I think I'll like it here, at least from reading your post. Thank you for your welcome!
  4. I thought you were a Weasley.

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  5. Haha... well turns out I'm not. You made me smile though. :)
  6. It is an adequate pleasure to make your acquaintance, newcomer.
  7. Thank you. :)
  8. You're absolutely welcome, m'dear.
  9. Hi Ginny! You and I have writing and anime in common. See you around okay?
  10. Sure!