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  1. uhh hey, im new here so just give me a PM if you want to roleplay. anyways heres my main Original character refrence

    Name: Ashley "Polar" Darkness
    Age: 23
    Personailty: Ashley acts very impulsively, she is known to get emotional and aggrovated easily.She flirts constantly and will not miss a chance to hit on a cute guy, she seems to be extremely cocky but only to cover her insecurities, she hates the feelings of lonelyness, fear and sadness as she has felt them almost her entire life. Her Feminine and masculine sides clash constantly, earning her the nickname polar. She feels a great deal of guilt for the amount of things shes done.
    Sexuality: Bisexual (Leaning towards males)
    Gender: Androgynous
    Appearance: Ashley is about 5'9ft high with a slender build and pale, milk-bottle white skin. She has Jet black, silky hair that reaches her back and nose, and cloudy grey, almost lifeless eyes. She has zero to none muscle tone and a pair of A cup breasts. She sports a black pair of jeans and a grey hooded jumper, running shoes and fingerless black leather gloves.
    Weapon: Ashley sports a bow and arrow going by the nickname of Uylesses, the arrows are carbon fiber and splinter on impact leaving shrapnel embedded into her target.
    Relations: Father (Deceased), Mother (Deceased), Sister (Deceased)

    bio: Ashley "Polar" Darkness grew up in a bustling city, fueled by crime and drug use. at the age of 8 she felt herself become more aware of the world around her, and with that new awareness came a horrible reality, whilst battling with this new awareness, depression, gender identity issues she decided to end her life by jumping off one of the many skyscrapers that riddled the city. In a miracle-like display, she survived and was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors panicked to save her life. at the age of 15, after she had befriended a doctor and plastic surgeon she felt the urge to transition from male to female, after three years she was almost fully female but could never afford the operation and was left floating in pre operation. one year later she started to gain an attraction to stealing and started to run with a gang. After being an associate in one of the biggest massacres in history she was put down for life, but the sloppy police work and lack of evidence let her off the hook, but to face an even greater guilt, the fact she got away with it and justice could never be spared for the families of her victims. She spent two years trying to get out of the shit she put herself through, her time through it all made her sensitive and she slipped into a great feeling of depression and helplessness and feels like she needs the affection and security of someone else.

    "Even My Demons Have Demons"- Ashley "Polar" Darkness
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  2. Howdy Ashley, welcome to the community! :D
  3. Hey welcome around here....and nice character bio it's long.....But really good
  4. Hi, welcome to Iwaku :D

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me :)
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