"New" Genres?

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  1. I'm seeing book genres I've never seen before, really just genres in general. Who would've thought 'Elfpunk' and 'Shotgun Romance' would suddenly appear? What about 'solarpunk' and 'shotgun marriage'? What exactly is going on? What's 'shotgun romance'? What's 'shotgun marriage'? Why is 'harlequin' in the category genres? I'm curious, has anyone ever seen or heard of genres (particularly for books) they don't have a slightest clue about what it is? Do you know some genres that are out there but not necessarily known to society? What are some questionable genres you've come across? Are we taking everything too far?
  2. I've only ever seen the standard Horror, Sci-Fi, Romance, etc genres, although I have seen them broken down into subcategories. Elfpunk sounds kind of lame, and when I hear 'shotgun romance' I think more along the lines of a once night stand than an actual romance....

    I'll stick with my usual. Call me old fashioned, but I like knowing what I'm getting into.
  3. Uh, research shows that "Shotgun marriage" is "
    1. "an enforced or hurried wedding, especially because the bride is pregnant."

      maybe that's what the shotgun thingies mean, is something that is enforced.

      Also I have no idea what Solarpunk means :p

      These are new to me too, so I don't have any examples ; w ;
  4. How about that post-modern biopunk supernatural romance doe.
  5. There will always be more permutations of what already exists, either as revivals of old stuff or as remixes of new content into subgenres targeting more specific audiences. Ex: Fantasy splits off into High Fantasy and Modern Fantasy. Modern Fantasy splits off into Supernatural and interlinks into Horror, where High Fantasy splits off into Steampunk and so on.

    A genre is nothing more than a collection of consistent tropes. ex: In a Fantasy story, magic is often present, it's usually set in medieval or feudal times, non-human humanoids are often present, et cetera. Defy or twist enough of them and you can "create" abnormal fiction. If enough abnormal fiction is created that defies the genre standards in similar manners, a new subgenre is created. That subgenre is then usually defined with a couple of stellar works within itself, which sets the new standards to be defies by another subgenre...

    Patterns, basically, is what I'm getting at. There will always be a status quo, and there will always be people who defy it.
  6. Elfpunk? Elfpunk?!
    Ahaha... Elfpunk. Wow.

    So let me guess. It's a cyberpunk child, featuring elves, and is set in a world wanting to be all gritty and dark. One could just call it a Low Fantasy story and it would fit the genre.

    Some writers are probably going through that [rainbow]"This sounds cool so I want to make my own version!"[/rainbow] phase again.
  7. Shotgun wedding was just a way to say the groom (or sometimes bride) was getting hurried or forced into a marriage, usually because of a pregnancy or some other indiscretion. Shotgun because, not metaphorically, but a shotgun would be held on the groom to make sure he stood in place long enough for the marriage to be officiated!

    All these others genres are just sub-genres of the broad-sweeping "Fantasy" or "Sci-Fi" genres, which fall under "Fiction", which falls under "Literature" which falls under "Written Word".
  8. Haha, it is actually a derivative of cyberpunk. Apparently the genre was proposed as an urban fantasy with faeries and elves in a contemporary setting. P:
  9. So, Holly Black's books?

    Also, without looking into it, solarpunk actually sounds pretty cool.
  10. Quite literally a AHEM Urban and Contemporary fantasy world of Elves and Faeries rather than Humans and other random races.
    Seems a little too direct, but whatever lol.
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  11. If that's what she writes? I don't know her so...

    Yeah, it sounds interesting to me as well. I mean, a plausible near-future sub-genre with clean energy and "green" technology? Sounds awesome!
  12. You forgot "urban" and "contemporary setting" :P