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    ~ | Introduction | ~

    Howdy visitor. This is the recruitment thread for the RP called New Generations. It is a fantasy RP that has some foundations from the Naruto setting, but with a lot of own players insert lore and history. If you're looking for an RP that :

    * Doesn't die anytime soon you'll join. The RP has after is running for almost 4 years and still going strong!
    * Provides a fun and helpful community to bond, grow and relax in! Game even with some of us if you would fancy that idea!
    * A setting with a big amount of lore and flexible enough to accept lore input from newcomers. A great recommendation for those who wish to be part of a more dynamic RP/world with their characters.

    There are of course more features to it, but don't want to spoiler everything. Does this already sound great? Then I advise you to continue reading on!

    ~ | Requirements? | ~

    Sometimes when something sounds good then that means you need to pay or be capable of something, right? Not this time. All we ask from our members is being somewhat active - or at least giving the GM team a heads up when you've exams/going to get it busy. Other than that? Just following the rules and you'll be fine. Oh, what? Needing to be a great writer? No, not really. We all started somewhere and though the RP has many great writers and advanced quite far in all kind of plots and arcs that doesn't mean that we don't allow newcomers to both the setting and writing jumping with us into the action and fun. Many in the RP are quite eager to help somebody in both writing, plotting or just pointing out matters to not only keep the RP going on but also helping newcomers becoming better. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

    ~ | How can I start? | ~

    Very simple. Contact me or any of the other members of the GM Team. There is a lot of information to be read on the OOC and this can be a tad intimidating. However, just let us know you're interested and we shall contact you through PM or contact us. You're free to try to make your own CS and have a go at it in trying out to join on your own strength. Don't worry, though, if you do happen to do that then we will not roast you during reviews or such. hope that you've been informed enough and that some of you will join our ranks!

    From the whole New Generations RP hope that you've a nice day and to write with you soon!​

    ~ | The OOC | ~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.