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  1. So would anyone be interested in a RP about a new generation descended (or not descended) from the characters of the Game of Thrones. (Sorry if this is all wacky sounding or brief, I'm exhausted right now.)
  2. I'm down. Would we be going off of the characters that are canonically alive in the books, or in the show?
  3. How different are the two? I've only seen the show so far. I'm working on a forward for the RP. Do you have any suggestions? I have Joffery's great grandson on the throne right now. (it was either that or Daenarys's. And I'm kind of making up what happened to some of the main characters.
  4. I don't want to give you spoilers but.... It's pretty different. Let's just say that one of the characters you'd be interested in playing might not exist, according to the books.
  5. I don't mind spoilers. All of the players characters are supposed to be original, this RP is going to be set yearrrssssss after the original characters are dead.
  6. Ah. Maybe it would be best to go by family line, then, instead of by individual members of a family. For instance, your grand-son of Joffery could just be a descendent of the Lannister line? Just an idea!

    I'd be interested in playing a Bolton. :)
  7. Yea, since I don't know who actually dies and such, I see the wisdom of doing family lines.
    You can play whatever you like. *grins*
  8. I'm SO up for this. Any rp from the Game of Thrones setting seems awesome to me.
  9. sweet, do you have any suggestions?
  10. Hmm, it really depends. Do you want to incorporate strategic elements to the play, or do you like pure rp?

    Well, strategy or not, I'd definitely like to see some plot with Faceless Men there. And when it comes to houses, I prefer the house Greyjoy :)
  11. Greyjoy and Bolton.
    That'll go well.