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  1. Okay, so this is 100% a spur of the moment thought bubble that I had for a game which means this is pretty much a test run. The rules are simple, using a certain number of letters, make a response to the person who posted above you that makes sense. For the starting letters, I'm going to say it's...5. Then from there, the next poster will use 6 letters, then the next will use 7, and so forth until 20 letters. Then the number will reset back at 5. Complicated? Just give it a try. Like I said, it's still in its testing stage so bare with me. Spaces, marks, and other such gramical marks don't count towards the total number of letters but you have to use exactly the number of letters that you're on. No more and no less. So I'm going to start with a simple.....

  2. why hello!
  3. I am good, you?
  4. I loves it, GIMME!
  5. no i don't have cocoa!
  6. You have cocoa! I Want!
  7. But Swifty!! Fine! *glomp*
  8. Zomg! She ish lyke Rapes. T-T
  9. Just showing my love to u!
  10. So gay -_-
  11. I mean it.
  12. Asmo mean. >:[
  13. This sucks.
  14. Points and Laughs