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    Now, this is called New Game from the very CYOA that I am highlighting here. And the mission is simple. Given the rules in the CYOA, in what combination would you gain the most power the easiest, and how?
  2. 1. Risk
    This is war, and war is often won by those with the best strategies. So being a master strategist seems is an obvious choice.

    2. Clue
    Firstly it pairs well with Risk where I can gain almost perfect information to strategize around. Second, I can use the clues to pinpoint the medals with ease. Elementary my dear Watson.

    3. Monopoly
    Money is power. With supernatural business and financial skills I practically have the entire earth's resources (both actual resources and services/tools/followers in general) at my disposal.

    4. Mastermind
    It's a buff towards the other three, making my strategies, sources of information, medal tracking abilities and resource access almost unrivalled.

    5. Cards
    The true of value of this depends on how you interpret "Luck of the Draw". Is it according to the base odds? So does say a 60% chance become 90%? Or is it a flat out additive? So a 1% chance becomes 51%? If it's the latter this becomes insanely powerful. Because it can turn every single idiotic and hopeless cause and turn it into a relatively safe gamble I can plan around. I can pull almost infinite amounts of bullshit because half of my insane plans will work out. If it's the former though? Not nearly as good, but it's still a nice buffer that makes any sort of risk or gamble generally safer.

    Plus, Go Fish has the obvious benefit of easily stealing the other competitors medals.
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  3. Why bother preparing for a war when it can just as easily become an apocalypse?

    Cards and Mastermind
    Obviously. 112.5 % chance about being right about anything. Then there's Go fish and doubled IQ to go with it.

    To make me able to turn enemy supporters mine with a bump.

    To make people not anyone's supporter mine through irresistible command.

    To make all my supporters capable of the same recruting.

    Together with the "Numbers decide victory", it'll be over before you can say "Where did that horde come from?".
  4. That's still a kind of war, which will persist as long as there are competitors.
    True. :P
    This is something I'd have going for me too though, making my tactics effectively flawless.
    Too Risky and small scale. :/
    Except when combined with this... maybe.
    Because the text specifically states "Send the effects down the link to a supporter".

    'a' is important. If it only goes towards one follower I do gain safety, but it's still way too small scaled.
    Which makes this less likely. Cause you'll dealing with people using spells and monsters to mind control followers, and people just buying others out etc.
  5. Unless you have Pokémon, making your opponents forced to leave you be until all your supporters are gone, giving you plenty of time to bump into them.
    True. Having it only work on one supporter makes it far more balanced. An army of mastermind people, Pokémon, MTG and Yugioh monsters alike, that are correct about everything? OP.
    Solution, don't participate in the big run, just get enough medals for another power or two, then settle peacefully and isolated.
  6. As a Proxy Battle. If the battle isn't declared that wouldn't apply.
    And once it is declared, they can easily GTFO.
    Yes, but it reduces the power down to "I have a second reusable body".
    Which isn't bad, but there are better options for me persnally.
    In that case I'm not really playing but hiding.
  7. My mind sees theoretical occurences far too narrowly.

    Good point. Without givng your powers to all followers, Domino really doesn't cut it.

    And waging my own life and all of humanity for a brief period of entertainment and a 20 % (or should I say 30) chance of achieving semi-godhood over a barren and destroyed world? No siree.
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