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    January 1st, 0001
    1:00 PM (13:00)

    Awoken in the middle of a field, the cold grass ruffling against your bodies. The wind is slightly blowing a calming breeze, and as you look around there's a handful of others in similar situations farther on out, maybe a 10 minute walk from your location.

    In your immediate vicinity there are three individuals. The first is a tall "cute" individual with deathly white skin. He has two protrusions from his mouth that appear to be sharper teeth, although the reason for them is unclear. The next is an average sized human male, with blue hair and wearing a respirator. The most non-human thing about him is the fact that his skin is grey. This blue-haired boy has a crossbow laying right next to him, with a set of 10x Wooden Bolts. The final individual is a tall male with golden hair and majestic silver wings. This individual is wearing a bit of metal armor on his hands and has a bronze scythe by his feet.

    You have no idea as to how you arrived in this area, or even the species of those nearby you. All you remember is your world coming to an end in a fiery storm, then some... Person stopping it. Who that person is, you don't know right now.

    You only have enough to eat and drink for a week. You have no shelter and no allies to stay watch at night. Predators are on the outskirts but you can notice that they're getting more confident every few minutes, and heading closer and closer to the other groups. Your specific group seems to have attracted the presence of a 6 ft tall bear like creature with metallic looking claws. But the beast isn't coming after you yet.

    I just realized I didn't tell you guys how much damage your weapons will do to enemies.
    Daz, your bronze claws will do 4 damage. (Uses Dex to attack)
    Advent, your bronze scythe will 3 damage, but you don't have to be immediately up in the enemy face. (Bigger weapon so it uses Strength to attack)
    Hermit, your bronze cross bow will do 2 damage, but you've got great range. (Dex to attack)
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  2. HP: 11/11;
    AC: 11;
    XP: 0;
    Nemid's voice wheezed through the filters of his respirator as he came to with his last memory being an encounter with a squad of pirate ships blasting him mid jump through space and an unrecorded anomaly.
    Nemid reached into his lab jacket pulling out his portal still intact surviving the crash. 'I could save them... Nah...'
    Without any hesitation his thumb slide over the fingerprint reader, beeping in confirmation but instead of a portal it simply exploded in his hand.

    Being one of the first awake he decided to take another look at his surroundings noticing that there were others like him stranded in this melting pot of multiverses. It looked as if some higher power decided to run their worlds through a dimensional partical, or in this case a universe collider. Lucky for him he landed in a soft and lush patch of fauna that had managed to survive the calamity leaving him without a scratch. Being the curious soul he returned picked and prodded at the plant he now stood over until he placed the healthiest piece in between and absorbed it's DNA.

    Bored with the plant Nemid transitioned over to the crossbow that lie on the ground next to the location where he landed along with the pouch of bolts tied around its handle. Pleased with it's design and weight he tied the bolt pouch around his waist and waited for his new friends to awake from what ever caused them to lose consciousness.

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  3. Flames licked the small boy's body as he scoured the castle for his master. It was the end of the world, yet Kyros wasn't by his master's side as he should be. Admittedly he couldn't help being separated by the slight issue of the castle crumbling to pieces as it was engulfed by the world-eating storm, but apocalypses tend to be the types of situations where even the most rational people lose such logic. So Kyros continued to despair at his incompetence as he stumbled his final steps...

    Seemingly out of nowhere a figure appeared. For a hopeful moment Kyros believed it might be his master; Kyros knew what his master looked like by heart though, and immediately realised that figure was not him. Normally this would lead one to question who the figure actually was, however Kyros was rather preoccupied with being stunned by what the figure was doing. Somehow this figure was controlling the tempest, ending its destructive dance, thus saving Kyros from certain death. Then, there was black.
    "Wakey Wakey Sleeping Babes!"

    An irritatingly joyful voice awoke Kyros from his unconscious state. Kyros smoothly rose to a sitting position, taking in his surroundings while waiting for his groggy feelings ease. In front of him was some strange grey humanoid, presumably the being who had just spoken. Being careful not to stare at the being for too long, Kyros did a quick survey of the alien being, concluding he was certainly not any species from Kyros' home world. Was the alien somehow linked to... to whatever it was that had happened before Kyros fell unconscious? Even if not, it confirmed Kyros was no longer on his home world. This fact was further exemplified by the shining winged being besides him. Then Kyros noticed the bear in the distance, armed with a pair of metallic claws Kyros rather fancied making his own. While Kyros was curious to find out more about his current predicament he decided it was probably better to take advantage of the fact the bear wasn't yet paying much attention to the group.

    "Greetings sir, my name is Kyros," Kyros introduced, looking up at the grey skinned man, "I hope you don't mind me requesting that we rush our introductions, since I'd prefer to take out that bear before it decides to pay more attention to us." Kyros pointed towards the beast with a slender finger.
    HP: 12/12
    AC: 10
    XP: 0
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  4. @Daz @Hermit.Js Here's the IC post I mentioned.


    January 1st, 0001
    1:10 PM (13:10)

    The bear like creature sniffed the air and tilted it's head. Screams of agony are going off in all directions except for where it's facing. It's been a long time since the bear had gotten a chance to eat, and it's stomach began to growl. It raised itself up to it's max height at 9'ft and began to stumble over towards the two awake beings. [BCOLOR=#000000]"Rrrrrrrggg" It growled as it drew ever closer. There is only a matter of minutes before it reaches the group and begins to try to attack.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]HP: 12[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]AC: 10[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]The bear's claws after bonuses can hit anyone with 12 ac or lower. They do 2 damage.[/BCOLOR]
  5. HP: 11/11;
    AC: 11;
    XP: 0;
    Nemid turned his head in the direction in time to see a large bear like creature begin approaching them. Without Hesitation three wooden bolts were pulled from the one for the being that remained unconscious, and two for their welcoming host. Slowly one was loaded onto the crossbow and prepped for launch.
    Nemid walked over to the first being, closed his eyes and fired in an attempt to wound or kill the armored being in order to make a quick escape.
    A grin in the form of a microaggression flashed across his face hidden before he turned to face Kyros and reopened his eyes,
    You see, being an intelligent man left Nemid in an awkward place when it came to situations such as these. His love of logic and exploration left him lacking when it came to emotion. Quick and hard decisions paired with battle were all he had been face with since inheriting his powers and being forced upon this road of fate intertwined with destiny.
    The bear had gotten even closer in the time he had taken to reply. Nemid fumbled with the second bolt placing it in in time and shot another round this time in the direction of their aggressor.
    Nemid scanned the surrounding area listening for an area that had recently filled with screams and fighting adjacent to an area that had recently became void of violence.
    Nemid took off, if the bear were coming from the 12 he would have been moving toward the seven, the breeze felt if it had came from heaven fresh and void of anger and blood. 'I really hope we don't have another fight on our hands, we really need to figure out what happened to our multiverse.'
  6. Buras' head hurt. By the gods it hurt. The last thing he could remember was a blinding light, and now this. But what exactly was this? Opening his eyes, he first sees a clear blue sky. "Hm?" he hummed questioningly. He could feel grass under his hands, and he could see a clear blue sky. So he was outside, alright then. But where outside? Sitting up, he finds out that he's on a hill. How strange, he didn't remember being on a hill when there was that light. Then his hand bumped into something. Looking down, he sees a massive two handed bronze axe. Well, two handed for an Ogier. It would take two of anything smaller then an Ogier to even lift it.

    Normally he wouldn't touch the weapon, Ogier's are peaceful beings after all. But he figured that being in a strange place and not remembering how he got here, it was probably a safe bet to take said axe with him. So with axe in hand, he stood up. He'd have to find an Ogier Grove, that would get his bearings straightened out. Where there was a Grove, there were Ogiers. And where there were Ogiers, he would probably find out where exactly he's at. And so, off he went. Down the hill in search of an Ogier grove that may or may not be close by.
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  7. Right, running away sounded wonderful, except it meant Kyros couldn't loot the bear's claws. It was probably for the best, even if it didn't exactly leave Kyros very pleased. What did he expect though- he'd just watched his world be destroyed and had awoken in an unknown location, why would things go his way? Completely ignoring the fact the winged man had just been shot, Kyros quickly grabbed the nearby bronze claws, putting them on as he ran after Nemid. He was managing to keep pace for the most part, although Nemid was slightly ahead.

    As the pair ran from the bear Kyros called out to Nemid, "Nemid, I'm not sure we can run from that beast for long..." Perhaps if they came up with a plan they could find a way to defeat the bear without taking too much damage.

    HP: 12/12
    AC: 10
    XP: 0
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  8. January 1st, 0001
    1:20 PM (13:20)

    The bear went and sniffed at the winged individual who had been shot. For all intensive purposes, the bear is unable to tell if the winged being is alive or not. It's not a scavenger though and would rather avoid carrion if at all possible. Seeing that a group of people started to run, it followed further up the hill. It saw a third, much larger individual on the hill where the two smaller ones were running to.

    The bear sank it's claws into the ground and began to push up as it forced itself to climb after the group. It was especially hungry now after running for so long. Being more used to this terrain, the bear ended up reaching the top of the hill at the same time as the two small beings and it swung it's left claw at the one with the claws similar to it's own. It's claws sank down into Kyros' arm, drawing a bit of blood and dealing 2 damage.


    Daz, did you forget that you started with a pair of bronze dual claws?

    Also sorry for the short GM posts. Until we get into NPC's and the such, there's not much to write about other than the bear chasing you.
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  9. Chasing after Nemid led Kyros atop a hill where they found a being who looked almost as beastly as the bear. Unlike the bear this being wasn't attacking Kyros though, which was always a plus. Seems there was no choice now, they had to fight the bear whether they liked it or not. A wound was never wanted, but the bleeding didn't seem too significant to Kyros- having vampire's feed on you daily rather changes one's perspective on losing blood. At least after being attacked Kyros was fairly close to the bear, so he could attack it in return. Without taking much notice of his injured arm Kyros lunged at the bear, swiping with one claw after the other. "Back me up, please!" Kyros requested as he prepared for his next attack.

    HP: 10/12
    AC: 10
    XP: 0

    NOTES: Have edited previous post to make sense in relation to claws.
    Have done a single attack against the bear using bronze claws. Damage done by claws is 4, dexterity to attack is 7.
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  10. HP: 11/11;
    AC: 11;
    XP: 0;
    C-Bow: 6xBolts;

    Nemid watched as the bears claws sank into Kyro's flesh while he readied the third bolt.
    Nemid pointed his crossbow at the bear aiming at it's neck and fired hoping he hit his mark. His eyes floated over to the Axe wielding giant, they looked to have an immense amount of strength dwarfing theirs.
    To increase the distance in between the bear and himself, Nemid slowly began to back peddle away from the group before pulling another bolt from the ammo pouch he carried at his waist and readying it.

  11. HP - (11/11)
    AC - (10/10)
    XP - 0

    Vel's very first conscious thought in this new world was of extreme pain. The sensation of having her limbs slowly torn apart from every conceivable angle. It was a pain that she had felt a few times before - the bane of light. She had woken up before any of the other unconscious forms in the area - her scream may have even lured the predators that now stalked them! Unlike the others, however, she was forced into hiding. There was a nearby bush whose shadow was large enough to hide in. Being 'blind', Vel did not actually know that it was a bush, but rather the darkness created by the shadow. Everything else looked like a blinding white to her eyes.

    'Always think three steps ahead of yourself. You can't plan enough as a tenerinpa, not when you're disadvantaged with your lack of vision.'

    The mental voice of her beloved tutor kicked in. The lanky-tall woman tried her best to survey her immediate surroundings, determining what it was. Nearby, she found several items of interest. Some form of metal staff and rations of food and water to be precise. Thinking fast, Vel took these items and dived for the sanctuary of the nearby shadow. Her body and everything on her person changed, growing two-dimensional as a living silhouette on the floor, resting atop the bush as if sitting on it. Here, Vel could move and properly pack away her new items,

    The tenerinpa thought back, trying to remember how she had arrived in this strange place. There were so few shadows in this grassy place, so she definitively wasn't in the Lurrin Mountains. Vel saw only the vague shadows of other figures nearby, though without getting closer there would be no way to tell what they were. For all the woman knew, she was entirely alone.

    'Don't worry, we will have many more tests for you to do pass with flying colors. You got past the hardest part, proving yourself capable of the responsibility tenerinpa uphold. Truly, though, you need to assume less before rushing to aid someone. You have aura sight now, Vel. I know you're trying to be brave, but we can't afford to be careless. Survey the environment with all of your senses, deliberately, at all times. Make mental notes what everything could be, get used to their sounds and the vibrations they make on the ground when you walk. Take it slowly at first, eventually you'll be a natural like me!'

    Vel remembered the lesson well. Many such lessons were twisting and turning in the woman's head as she thought desperately back to her memories directly preceding this terribly sunny field. ...

    She recalled an explosion.

    Almost immediately the woman found tears rolling from her eyes, her head lowering as she sobbed into her silvery hands. Vel remembered what happened very well, though she sincerely wished she hadn't. Strange magics tore apart their sky, raining destruction from the heavens for no apparent rhyme or reason. Vel was among hundreds of other tenerinpa who all tried to halt the advance of the meteors with their powers, to change the fate of their temple home of Silvia. Vel was among one of the first to fail in stopping the meteors. She would have surely died if her mentor, Kili, hadn't pushed Vel out of the way. The horrifying sound of Kili's death under all the fire and rock after that sacrifice was still fresh in her memory.

    Not a single tenerinpa could stop the catastrophe for more than a second. Not even the Firstborn. She lasted the longest, but even then she was overcome. All Vel could do was listen and imagine what was happening as all of her sisters fell quiet or panicked. Then... then. She somehow remembers the visage of a white light in the shape of a person. Even though she was blind, she very specifically remembers just... staring at it. They were controlling this dread magic, she was sure of it.

    Vel sobbed for a time, though when she heard the sound of another person waking, she grew deathly silent. Was... was she going to die next? The tenerinpa kept quiet and observed, trying to listen to what was going on around her. Anything to distract herself from accepting the reality of her memories. None of the people talking nearby seemed likely to be Kili's murderer, so Vel was at least able to calm down somewhat. Apparenty there was a "Mr.WeBetterRun" nearby. Judging by the pounding of a huge bear nearby, Vel deduced that must be the threat.

    As the others tried to run from it, the bear happened to run by the bush, its shadow brushing up against the bush. Deftly, Vel hopped onto the bear as it ran by, resting upon its shadow without any worry of falling off as it ran. If the bear were closer to her size her shadow would have 'replaced' it, though since it was bigger her shadow sat upon it much like she did on the bush.

    It, likewise, did not take her long to realize this bear was attacking them. She also realized these people, herself included, needed the meat or even the fur off this thing to survive. It wasn't much of a hunt, but not all catches were. Vel, as a shadow, reached over to swipe her hand across the head of the bear, meaning to inflict frost damage upon it. It was then she remembered that she was only a novice tenerinpa still! Her touch did nothing. Damn... Well. If they got into trouble, she could at least momentarily jump out of the shadows and attack it with them. For now, she hoped against hope that they would kill it before those other people got into serious danger.

    If something attacked her shadow, though, it would still hurt Vel. Hopefully nobody noticed...
  12. January 1st, 0001
    1:30 PM (13:30)

    * Bear: 6/12 AC:10
    ** Kyros cuts the bear for 4 damage.
    *** Nemid shoots the bear for 2 damage.
    **** Vel was out in sunlight at the beginning of her post. 1 light damage received.

    The bear's left foot backed up a bit after being attacked by the two meals in front of it. He was surprised that they had actually attacked him instead of allowing him to consume them. The bear also felt a slight touch on it's forehead, but quickly brushed it off as if nothing happened. In front of the bear are; A scary giant, a close piece of meat and a further away piece of meat that shot him.

    The bear lifted it's right paw and was going to swipe at the close piece of meat when it felt a slight burning on it's hand. It looked over at the paw and saw the reason why was a lot of fire. (2 Damage taken) "Rrrrrraaaaaaaar" The bear dropped onto the ground and began to try to put out the fire on it's paw.

    A short figure walked up behind the group fighting the bear, a fireball in hand. He was average height for his race, only 4'7. The man had a long white beard and was wearing a helmet with horns on the side. His skin had a pale yellow tint and he wore rather simple cotton clothes. "I know ye' lads could handle it on ye' own, but I decided to help a bit aye. Names Allun."

    Allun's eyes glowed a light blue for a second then he let out a slight laugh. "Aye missy, no reason to be hiding over there now. Is there?"

    *Bear: 4/12 HP. AC 10
    One hit from Kyros or two shots from Nemid will kill it.
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  13. Show Spoiler

    HP 13/13
    AC 8

    Buras saw something. Two people being chased by a bear. That wasn't right, bears weren't normally that aggressive. He better go help calm the bear before something bad happens. But something bad happens almost as soon as the thought crossed his mind. Why were they attacking it? They were not food for the bear, it was probably just protecting something. And soon enough it only got worse as yet another person appeared and set one of the poor bears paws on fire. His long gait turned into a frantic run. That bear had done nothing wrong, if anything it was probably the other's fault.

    His stride ate up ground, and soon he had closed the distance between him and the bear. He hurls himself between the three others and at the bear itself, facing it with arms outstretched. "Go!" he shouted at it, wanting to shoo it away from them all. He certainly wasn't near a Grove, nothing like this would have happened with Ogiers nearby. If anything, the bear would have been someones pet and decorated with flowers and ivy.
  14. [BCOLOR=transparent]It all happened so fast, the physical attacks paired with the magic rendering the bear temporarily immobilized.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The ground began to shake followed by the sounds of the earth cracking as something approached them. Suddenly the surrounding area around was filled with a light cloud of dust due to the intensity of the Giants sprint.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nemid strapped his crossbow along his back and joined the rest of the group engrossed in the actions of their Giant interloper, it’s kindness reminded him of a time when he was surrounded by compassion and love. A time when he was only Human attending College with his friends striped from him when the Dauun returned to reclaim their children for War. What now resided within the Half-Human, Half-Dauun hybrid was Madness.. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The beastly Giant bellowed drawing a smile across Nemids face.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]I wonder if I could leach a bit his strength, I could use the extra power… I should be able to absorb most of the energy behind his physical attacks as long as he doesn’t use a piercing or cutting tool, If not Allun’s fire will be a useful absorb’[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Cautiously he approached the Giant watching for any sudden movements, with each breathe growing getting heavier and heavier, longer and slower. Each step could lead to him being wiped away with a single blow if he lost his concentrated and neglected to maintain a constant state of absorption.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Out went his hand initiating a handshake,[/BCOLOR]
  15. Kyros was just preparing to land a finishing blow when the oaf suddenly leapt between Kyros and the bear. Steadying himself, Kyros took a few steps back for space, watching as Nemid declared they came in peace. "Ah, is this bear a friend? My apologies, we won't hurt them anymore," Kyros assured, "We had it in our heads that this being wanted to eat us, but it seems we were mistaken." Unable to offer a handshake or anything similar with his claws equipped, Kyros instead took a more relaxed stance and gave Buras an apologetic smile. Of course there was no way Kyros actually believed that the bear had any pacifistic intentions- he just wanted to see Buras have chunk taken out of him. Perhaps then the hippie would change his tune. Plus if Kyros attacked the bear now he'd look like the villain; if Kyros waited until after the bear had hurt Buras he could play the hero. Win-win scenario... at least for Kyros.

    HP: 10/12
    AC: 10
    XP: 0
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  16. HP - (10/11)
    AC - (10/10)
    XP - 0

    Vel patiently observed her surroundings to the best of her ability. The only things that the tenerinpa's eyes were able to catch were the fuzzy blurs of shadows other than the bear all near her. It wasn't possible to tell what their shape was or even how far away they were, only that there were other figures nearby that had shadows to hide in. Everything else was a 'blinding' white light, courtesy of the sun. Vel crossed her silhouetted arms across her chest - she hated waiting around like this. It was difficult to plan three steps ahead when you've been thrust into such a sudden and unexpected environment!

    Still... all the sounds, vibrations and smells around her were a good distraction from remembering what happened to Kili. Vel 'closed' her eyes and focused on these stimuli. In particular, the smells were all new to her, nothing like the forests of her homeland or even the places she visited helping other tenerinpa infiltrate various locales. It wasn't unpleasant... but it only made her miss home even more.

    Vel's heart dropped - that distraction failed miserably. Then, her heart nearly skipped a beat when fire blasted into her host, nearly singing her shadow as well! It was enough to make her yelp and flail in surprise, the sound specifically coming from her shadow resting atop the bear's shadow. Vel placed a hand over her mouth - nobody had heard her, right? It only took a moment for her to realize that her cover had been blown; a new voice called out for a 'missy' and the tenerinpa hadn't heard a woman since waking up in this grassy field. The shadow figured there was no true need to stay hidden for much longer, though! So, she spoke out, her voice soft yet high-toned, giving it a mature young vibe, her sigh following a similar tone.

    Sigh, "you nearly got me with that fire there, it was awfully hot! Oh. And, I'm not exactly hiding, y'know, I've just kept quiet. I even tried to help subdue the bear, but..."

    Vel trailed off as she heard and especially felt the rumble of something big. Very big. The woman immediately began to panic, flailing about as a shadow, "w-what is that? What's going on?!" She wailed. For all she knew it could be a nasty dragon coming to burn everyone alive with its fiery breath. At least, up until the source of the stomping spoke. There was less panic though no less confusion afterward! Vel just had to ask, "So, I'm... b. Blind," Vel hesitated, "Care to give me a rundown of what in Goddess' name is going on?"
  17. January 1st, 0001
    1:40 PM (13:40)

    Bear: 4/12 HP 10 AC

    The bear was confused as to why the giant was standing in front of it. The little meats were attacking the bear, but this scary thing was trying to protect it. The only thought going through the bear's mind was that the giant was actually a dumb cub and didn't realize the situation. If it's that easy, then it'll take advantage of the cub's niavety to get some food. The bear dropped onto all fours, opened it's mouth and munched down on the giant's leg. Buras takes 2 damage.

    Meanwhile, Allun was paying more attention to the other beings around him. "It's nice to meet you Nemid, Kyros. As for you lil' missy. It's a lil strange that you tried to help take out the bear while hiding in it's shadow. Each their own though. Basically, that bear started attacked these ye' lads. That big bugger is trying to protect him, oh... The big bugger just got a bite taken out of his leg. Nasty bite, I tell ya."

    Allun lit his hand on fire once more and struck the bear for an additional 2 damage while avoiding the area's where Vel was. Specifically he went and raised his hand to his head, breathed out into it and raised one leg for a second or two until he threw the fireball at the bear's gut, going through Buras' legs. "Should make it a wee bit easier on the boys. So how does a shadow missy that's blind move about anyhow?"

    Bear: 2/12 HP 10 AC
    An single attack from anyone but Vel will kill it.
    Buras received 2 damage from the bear.
    XP and a second GM post will be made once bear is dead.
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  18. "So, I'm... B-blind. Care to give me a rundown of what in Goddess' name is going on?"

    Buras' outlandish decision to protect the bear had distracted Kyros from Allun's remark about someone hiding "over there" for a sweet, short while. However the voice from the shadows brought it back to his attention, sadly, leading to an unwanted realization. Hiding in the shadows; blindness; mention of a Goddess: it all pointed to only one thing. Somehow in this world of unknown beings Kyros had ended up with a familiar enemy- a tenerinpa.

    "Maybe I can kill them under the pretense I thought they were part of the bear?" Kyros wondered, "They'll probably hide in someone else's shadow before I can finish them off though, or use their denial magic..."

    Unwilling to cause a scene in front of the group it seemed Kyros was stuck with the tenerinpa for now. Wonderful. He'd only been awake for five minutes and already Kyros wanted to go back to the flames of hell. Even watching Buras get nibbled on wasn't quite so appealing anymore now Kyros knew a tenerinpa was lurking about, watching their every move. May as well kill the bear- if he was lucky it might expose the tenerinpa to a bit of sunlight.

    "Ah, so the bear does want to eat us for breakfast. I'm left with no choice then..."

    Sidestepping Buras while he was occupied with his injury, Kyros launched himself into an attack on the bear. Kyros' claw's sunk into the bear's skin, relieving the bear of its mortal existence. At least now Kyros could take pleasure in looting the bear- hopefully its claws could be made into a weapon, if not equippable as they were.

    HP: 10/12
    AC: 10
    XP: 0

  19. HP - (10/11)
    AC - (10/10)
    XP - 0

    Vel crossed her arms across her chest and let out a light 'hmph' as she heard Allon critique her choices as a shadow. He received a reply shortly afterward, "It's only strange if you're... ignorant..." Vel snipped. It was obvious she was trying to defend her own decision, but the fact that she failed to use one of her own powers was all the more embarrassing. Foollish if she explained herself, foolish if she didn't.

    The tenerinpa was both glad and shocked to hear the subject change as the apparent fire mage explained the situation to the blind woman. She yelped out a response, "He got what?! Is he okay?! Ohh..." Vel sounded torn - these people were undoubtedly going to be very angry at her inability to help them. Still, she couldn't afford to leave the shadows and help directly. Not if she wanted to stay alive, at least. Besides, she had bigger things to worry about; people were still going to attack this bear. Considering how close the giant was to the bear and the size of the shadow that he cast, it was reasonable to assume that their shadows could be overlapping enough for the tenerinpa to reach for the injured ogier's shadow. Vel nimbly leaped from the bear's silhouette and onto the shoulders of the giant. Buras would not have felt anything particularly out of the ordinary, though if he focused he might have felt a light chill on his shoulders.

    Vel could suppress that chill that she gave people as she hid in their shadows, but that took effort. It wasn't like she was trying to hide anymore... hopefully he didn't mind. Now that she was in a position she deemed somewhat more safe, Vel relaxed and listened to her environment as she always did. While she saw the shadow of Kyros move, it did not give her an indication of how far that shadow was. Only once the shadow was close enough to touch would she realize where, exactly, the being casting that shadow was.

    Vel was completely capable of figuring out where everyone was whenever they moved, though. What's more, while she shared Buras' shadow, she could effectively see the vague shape of his form as a color. The color of every race was different, and Buras' was a soft green, a very calming and gentle type. There was something more pressing to ask, however, "Who is hurt? I can tell this guy here is hurt, but anyone else? I can help tend to wounds if you find a shady spot for me to work in, though I'll need supplies like bandages."
  20. XP and Potential Loot Post: (The people who have already posted can post again. This is not an 'official' GM post that advances in game time.)

    Bear LV 1 is dead. XP will be rewarded to those who attacked the bear and specific RP posts.

    Buras: 50
    Nemid: 150
    Kyros: 150
    Vel: 100

    Potential Loot:

    Bear bones: Bone weapons, ammunition, fertilizer, building materials, armor
    Bear Skull: Bowl, armor, fertilizer
    Aluminum Claws: Weapon, metal smithing. (Aluminum is a slight bit weaker than bronze, but can be used if desired, or melted down into something else in the future.)
    Meat: Left uncooked it will rot in 3 days. Once cooked it will count as 4 days worth of food.
    Fur: Can be used to make clothes, rugs, blankets, tents, or the fur can be removed and the skin can be turned into leather.

    "Now then young ones. Proper introduction's are due. I'm Allun DeMurta, I'll answer as many questions as I can. What do you wish to know?" The man exclaimed as he dropped onto the ground and closed his eyes while thinking.
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