New Feature: Button Fanciness!

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  1. This announcement is just to say that all of you have fancy butts.

    That is all, good day.

    *Gets shoved back to the podium stage by Diana and slapped in the face with the cue cards.*


    Good day Lovlies,

    Just your patron lust demon goddess thing here to let you know all of you have a nice fancy button to play with! We're still testing it so please be gentle. It's its first time. ;____;

    Anyway if you're creating a new thread in one of the roleplay section you might notice a cute little field. Only you've lit the tallow candles, drawn the runes and praised Kawai Desu four times you may add a link to that field.

    While treating an OOC thread the field name is In Character Thread: and if you're creating the IC then the field is called Signup: . It should be self explanatory but when added you will have a fancy fancy link to the corresponding thread!

    If you already have your thread posting don't worry! You can go Thread tools => Edit Thread to add the links!

    Now then my faithful flock, hot to it and make magic!

    iwaku Admin Team
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  2. FINALLY. I was so sick of people not linking between the threads!
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  3. Great feature! :D This will make things so much easier.
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  4. YAY!! :3
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  5. OOooh, this makes me happy :D Always having to stick my links between threads somewhere it makes sense, and it'll help get other people to do it too.
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  6. I have a fancy butt? D: -SQUEEE x3 -
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  7. You can't touch my butt!! Oh, okay. Much better.
  8. You better fucking believe my ass is fancy. >;[
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  9. At last I am free from the harrowing task of clicking my left mouse button twice and moving my eyes in a vertical fashion while simultaneously storing the memory of the previous thread title and looking for a similar arrangement of words.

    Now we just need bots to write our roleplay posts for us, and a choose-your-own comment list in the General section.

    And if the Cbox could be digitally displayed directly on the tip of my penis, I'd appreciate it.

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  10. Asmo hasn't seen out planned features list... and if he has he's just committed plagiarism.
  11. "Welcome to the 'Choose Your Own Comment' feature. Do you want to:

    A) Talk about something completely unrelated to the discussion at hand.
    B) Post something that no-one present will be able to understand.
    C) Inquire as to whether the OP's mother had intimate relations with a goat nine months before their birth."
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  13. I can't see it, can't understand well what this is about.
  14. .....yes?
  15. Speak of the devil.

    Also, apparently Vay is a succubus. owo
  16. One thing, naw let's make that three

    1: Thank you for noticing, my buns have been referred to as Harmonious at times.

    2: Yay! Less work! More Play!

    3: Can I get the digital penis thing mentioned earlier, for some reason it is the most alluring prospect I have been presented with all day.
  17. I know what Iwaku wants.

    Penis Boxes.

    For everyone.
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  18. Actually, you're wrong.

    Iwaku wants a sandwich.

    Also, whether you stepped down or not, Iwaku has not presented Asmo with clothes.

    Get back in the kitchen/AdminBox and get to work >.>