New Face of the 20 Dollar Bill

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  1. Hey guys. So, most of us have heard about the proposed new faces for some denominations of USD.

    One of my friends on facebook asked what we would put if we had the say so, and so I made up a list:

    $1: Front: Young George Washington / Back: Young Marquis De Lafayette
    $2: Front: John Tyler / Back: Bald Eagle Over Rocky Mountains
    $5: Front: Calvin Coolidge / Back: Every Service Rifle from 1903 to 1957
    $10: Front: Middle Aged Fredrick Douglass / Back: Constitutional Congress
    $20: Front: Young Harriet Tubman / Back Every US Service Rifle from 1862 to 1895
    $50: Front: Young Thomas Jefferson / Back: Every US Service Rifle from 1776 to 1861
    $100: Front: Benjamin Franklin / Back: Turkey in a Forest Clearing

    Penny: Get rid of it!
    Nickle: Get rid of it!
    Dime: Front: John Adams / Back: Abigail Adams
    Quarter: Front: Thomas Paine / Back: Roger Sherman

    So, whadda y'all think?

    Who would you put on the currency?​
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  2. I don't care whose faces are on the money so long as it's legal tender. Albeit, as a Canadian, most of my change has animals on it. (Nickels have beavers, Dimes have the good ole Bluenose, quarters have moose, loonies have geese, and twonies have polar bears.) Followed up with the bills, which have various people on it. Except every single piece of legal tender has the queen's face on it, so at a minimum, 100% of our currency has a female face on it anyway.

    It doesn't really matter though, because if you stopped people on the streets and asked them to name every old white dude on our money, most people wouldn't know them all.

    Personally I think we should just put more animals on all the money for every country. Animal money is awesome, and who could get offended by beavers and moose on their money?

    (And yes, Canadian money is in a rainbow of colours. Blue is for 5's, purple it's for 10's, green is for 20's, bright reddish-pink is for 50's, and gold is for 100's. Our monopoly money is great mate, I can tell exactly how much money I have at a glance in my wallet. :ferret:)
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  3. I am totally on board for RAINBOW ANIMAL MONEY! 8D

    I think honoring people on our currency is pretty cool, though. But I wish they would change it up a little more often. It'd be fun for collectors and make it harder for counterfeiters so why not. 8D
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  4. I'm all for getting rid of the penny and nickel, as well as putting animals on money.
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  5. Animals on money! YES!...Also dragon money please. Cause...dragons.
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  6. Put dragons on the 100 dollar bills. Poor people are about as likely to have them as actual dragons anyway, so it's a nice, dark joke that you can tell your kids when they ask why you can't have something other than KD and soup every night.
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  7. I'm going to be that person who says.....

    Why the fuck can't a woman have an entire bill to herself? I mean seriously, the men have never had to share a bill. Why do women?

    But I am pretty happy that there's finally going to be a woman on a bill, and glad that they changed it from their original idea and put her on a more substantial/common bill. But I think they should change the 'In God We Trust' to 'This bill has most likely been in the G-String of some stripper, or used to snort cocaine at some point. Handle with care.'
  8. $1 Front- Chuck Norris
    $1 Back- Bob Ross

    $2 Front- Shibe
    $2 Back- Jim Carrey

    $5 Front- Flying Spaghetti Monster
    $5 Back- A rude sandstorm.

    $10 Front- Illuminati Triangle
    $10 Back- Keanu Reaves

    $20 Front- Fry [Futurama]
    $20 Back- Professor Farnsworth [Futurama]

    $50 Front- This Is Dog
    $50 Back- Pun Dog

    $100 Front- Rick Astley
    $100 Back- The Rarest Pepe

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  9. I don't care which face Americans want to put on their fucking bills

  10. Cuz' it's considered a bad thing when women have to pay the bill at dinners and movies. If men have to pay all the bills, then they should be on the bills.

    It actually probably has to do with the fact that there's a lot more legendary men in history than women because of systemic sexism that plagued humanity and stymied potential progress that half the population could have provided throughout most of human history. As a result, for every legendary woman you can put on a bill, there's like, 10-20 guys. And of those guys, at least 50% of them will be white people, all the other races have to fight over the other 50%. Can't change the way history rolled, can't change the flaws of the people who carved the future for us, but we can still respect the hard work they put in, flawed though they were. At the end of the day though, it wouldn't matter if every bill featured a lesbian 400 pound black woman who believed she was a unicorn, because the people who print the money still have all the power and like, 99% of them are old white assholes who are more than happy to split the masses with these petty identity struggles. In the end we're not actually resolving anything by putting women on the money, it doesn't help any single mother of two living in poverty, but it sure makes people feel better about themselves without having to do anything.

    This is why I think animals should be on the money. There's no confusion with animals. Pretty well every historical figure has something totally fucked up in their closet when you dig far enough, especially if you hold them to modern moral standards. But you know what animals do? They eat, shit, and die. Nothing complicated or controversial about that.

    Also, I would fucking love to call all our money by the names of animals.

    "I'll trade you four geese for two polar bears." <- See? This is fucking amazing.
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  11. I'd rather see pieces of American history instead of faces or animals.

    Soldiers at Iwo Jima. Liberty bell. White House. Etc etc.

    Or if we wanna go full 'we're stronger than you' let's just put tanks, planes, fighters, soldiers, military bases, carriers, submarines, and the like on all currency. A different gun for every piece.

    "Can I borrow an Abrams, man?"
    "Yeah sure, all I got is two Carriers and an A-10 though. Ask Rick, he just got back from the bank. Sure he'll spot ya an Colt or two."
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  12. I was tempted to put Locke and Smith up there, too, but replaced them with Coolidge and Abigail Adams.

    Oh, and, yeah; fuck y'all's monopoly money. We can count ours quickly enough without having it color coded. *disdainfully nods*
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. [​IMG]

    This picture should totally be used.

    Seeing Roosevelt laughing about your poor purchasing decisions before he goes San Juan Hill on your ass is a pretty powerful deterrent to be a bit more frugal with wily spending habits.
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  15. Or a great way to force a stripper or prostitute to question their profession. >_>
  16. But we don't even have to completely open up our wallet and WE KNOW how much is in there.

    "Three reds, two greens and a blue? 195$"
  17. The "benefits" of shaving two milliseconds off the time it takes to check how much is in one's wallet don't warrant changing over. We have numbers on the corners of the bills; it's not that much harder and takes only marginally longer.

    Not to mention green backs aren't a gaudy mess of monopoly money that screams "I am a fiat currency!!!"; at least we can pretend it's a gold or silver certificate... :(
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  18. See? The social shaming implications are endless!

    Thanks Teddy, you're a real American hero.

    Off the top of my head Sir Wilfred Laurier, Sir John A MacDonald, Queen Elizabeth II (should just replace II with the Eternal at this point), Sir Robert Borden, and I cannot remember who the hell's on the 100.

    Okay, looked it up. I mixed up the 50 and 100, Bordon is on the 100 and William Lyon MacKenzie King is on the 50. 4 out of 5 isn't bad, although I think I would have eventually remembered King. Dude was kind of a big deal, he just slipped my mind for a while.

    Also, I really like our currency; I always found it very attractive and the fact it usually has some big historical moment on the front is a nice way to immortalize and pay homage to big parts of our history, and they do change up every time we put a new set of bills in circulation. Right now, we have the discovery of Insulin, the Canadarm, the Trans Canada Railway, the Vimy Ridge War Memorial, and some arctic research vessel I'm entirely unfamiliar with on the currency. Last set, I can't remember everything that was on them, but they had the 5 commemorating hockey and the 10 commemorating our peacekeeping operations.

    Picture linked because it's way too big to directly post

    Eitherway, Canadough is best dough. Step up your game, 'Murika.
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  19. Teddy might be seen as encouraging though! "Oh gee. Teddy is enjoying this!"

    Also. As a none american. I will put stalin on all your bills while you sleep. Becouse, according to sone foxnews pundit, that is totally what Northern Europe is like.
  20. But you guys have the highest number of sales of Stalin Smut Fiction.

    I hear Northern Europeans even spend more money on the Hitler x Stalin Smut titled "Mein Kampfy Terror-Famine"
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