New Experiences, New People, New problems

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  1. College. The seven letter word is a choice everyone must make. It brings along new freedoms, new experiences...and new problems. Like when a student becomes attached to his teacher...

    My Character:
    Name- Jacob Rallen
    Age- 20 (A Sophomore)
    Description- Teen boy.jpg
  2. Name: Tiffany McCollum
    Age: 32
    Description: [​IMG]
  3. With his books clutched in his arms, Jacob rushed across the campus. It was early August, so he was able to walk in his flowing jacket, letting his slightly long blonde hair ripple in the breeze. He held his science, specially Biology, textbooks and notebook, making sure to take great care. He had taken great lengths to come to the college, and he desperately wanted to ensure he didn't screw anything up. He passed the main road in the U of L campus, speeding past the two overhanging glass buildings. When he got to the other side, he tapped the cardinal for good luck and then turned to his right. Down that road lay the labs, where calls was said to take place. These flattened buildings lay on the very edge of the campus, and they almost didn't appear to be apart of it at all. Yet he still went inside the classroom.
    (I've been there mutliple times, that is all true)
  4. It was an early class, Tiffany- Professor McCollum- could tell by looking over the class carefully. Some of them were already with their eyes closed, even though class had not started yet. The first day of school was always an unpleasant one for students. She knew; she was one of those kids with their heads down, trying to take a quick nap before she called for their attention. Standing up from her desk, she made her way to the middle of the floor as another person went rushing into the room. "Class wiill start now!" she announced, waking those who were already sleeping and alerting everyone to llok at her.
  5. The boy ran into the room, sitting down and taking a seat at the front. He sat up and Opened up his notebook, taking the time to review his material. He looked at the posters, noticing one wall was entirely glass. He started to look for the teacher, "who is our professor?" He asked to the professor.
  6. Tiffany had begun doing a slow paced stroll from one side of her small stage to another. Her eyes calmly assessing each student as they were preparing to get ready for the class, her arms crossed over her bosom as she slowly walked in her inch-high heels. One of the students spoke out, asking who exactly was their professor. "That's me," she replied with a point of the thumb to herself. "You can call me Professor McCollum, Ms. McCollum... Well, that's about it."
  7. Jacob turned and smiled at her. She was very pretty, was the first thing that came to mind. He smiled and looked at her. Gosh, she was very pretty. He held out his hand, "Hello Me.McCollum. My name is Jacob Rellen for your first period class."
  8. Tiffany surveyed the student in front of her with a measured gaze as he spoke. On first sight, she felt as if he was going to be a good student. It was advised by the students to introduce themselves to their professors and get a good rapport with them. Even though they were not going to be in their class for long and there was a lot of individual work to be done, a Professor was still a teacher. A small curve of the mouth at the first impression, and she shook Jacob's hand. "It's nice to meet you, Jacob. If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to stop by my office or email... whatever's good for you."
  9. Gosh she is so pretty, Jacob thought as he released contact with her. He smiled warmly and added, "I'll be looking forward to this class," He sat back down and readied himself in his typical fashion: two penicls, a pen, and his reading glasses. He looked back at her, "Can do Ms.McCollum. I am curious; most of my professors are married, yet your prefix doesn't show that. Are you married?"
  10. Tiffany was about to leave, satisfied with beginning class just then and there. However, Jacob's voice captured her attention once again, so she turned on her heel and looked to him. His question, however, made the small smile that she had turn into a small frown. "Questions like that is a little bit personal," she began, but she was sure that the students in the class had already taken an interest to her words. "But I am not at this point in time, no." Satisfied with her answer, she proceeded to walk back to her spot. "Okay, okay! First day of classes, I'm sure that everyone doesn't want to be here! In someways, I kind of don't want to be here either. I slept in a lot during the small break that I had. '

    The class broke out into a hushed fit of laughter before she continued, "Anyways, we'll just go over the syllabus, and then you're good for the rest of the class. Go back and sleep..." Tiffany shot a glance at one of the students that was laying back in his chair, one eye open. The student corrected himself quickly under said gaze. "... Or do whatever it is you need to do for the rest of your classes. Oh, and before you leave, leave me a slip of paper with your name, email address, class load, and one interesting thing about yourself. Understand, everyone?" With a resounding, but subdued 'yes', Tiffany went on with beginning the class.
  11. Jacob smiled and listened to her teach, something not hard to do since he thought she was pretty. He took the notes on the syllabus and did as he was told. He almost laughed at the remarks about sleeping, mainly because he couldn't fathom not getting at least 8 hours each night. It was a regular habit of his, and he had no intention of falling asleep in her classroom. If he did that, he might as well go and just insult her to her face. He almost wanted to smile when he heard she wasn't married, although he couldn't imagine why. He had never really dated fully, even though he was in college. He never really found the perfect someone yet. Instead he laid low and decided to bide his time until he could find that person.

    He took the notes down and made sure to pay the attention that was due. One thing he did was to place all his hard classes in the morning, so he would have the easiest ones in the afternoon when his energy was running low. This was a positive and negative, and thus he found himself trying to look at the board but continually having to tear his eyes off her. Then he heard her request and he wrote everything down she requested. For the interesting fact, he wrote 'I do much with writing novels and video editing software.'
  12. Without even asking them to, the pile of papers was put on the front table. It was one thing about college that did stand out. The students had the tendency to be a little bit more... perceptive, she guessed the phrase would have been. Class had been a success- well, it always seemed to be a success when the students are promised to get out early. Looking down at the stack of papers, she noticed the name of the person on top. A 'Jacob Rellen'. He had just introduced himself to her about a half an hour ago.

    Many of the students that she had gotten over the years had varied from athletes to music artists, math whiz kids to social butterflies. She had people who wrote down that they did not like anything, or that they liked more promiscuous hobbies. Seeing that he was a writer did pique her interest, however. She loved reading ever since she was young and was just finishing up a novella that she had picked out at the school's bookstore just a few days earlier. Him being a video editor was interesting as well, but she was not too familiar with it herself.

    "I got all your papers, it seems!" she announced with a passionate grin on her face. "You all can go now. I'll see you all in a couple of days and make sure that you try to do the readings!"
  13. Jacob stood up and finished writing the novel he was working on during the brief free time she gave. He loved writing, and he was in the process of one novel where the two characters were lovers doomed to spend an eternity apart due to a curse they had received years ago by their parents. He loved writing ,and he transferred this to his essays multiple times. When she dismissed them, he had just finished writing the climax and was already picturing the denouncment. Oh how much he loved to jsut spend countless hours writing. IT was a release for him.

    Jacob stood up, but decided to sit down longer so he could finish the paragraph. HE wanted to end this one off, mainly because it was key to the main characters. HE was writing it when he suddenly realized he was the last in the room.
  14. Tiffany was preparing to leave, gathering her teaching materials and the papers that her students had just given her to introduce themselves. She had not noticed that she was not the only person alone in the room until she glanced back around the room and noticed a person hovered over a desk. From her perspective, it looked as if he was sleeping, so she began to approach him quietly, preparing to scold him for even falling asleep during a shortened class period.

    As she approached, however, she noticed that he was not sleeping. No, he was writing something. "Struck with inspiration?" she asked, holding up the sheets of paper clutched with a death grip using her right hand. "Yours was the first on the stack, so I was able to read through it a little bit."
  15. Jacob jumped and his papers scattered across the floor, "I'm so sorry Ms.McCollum!" He cried, scrambling to get the papers up.
  16. She could not help but to give a small chuckle at his reaction. "It's fine," she replied as she helped him pick up his papers. "Class is over. Teachers have tried for years to find a way to keep their students in the classroom while keeping them engaged at the same time. You're so engaged that you've been staying here even longer than even I was expecting you to."
  17. Jacob scrambled to get the papers up and then he sat them all in a messy stack. He'd have to finish his chapter later, "I'm so sorry I didn't mean not to focus I just got an idea nad couldn't wait and and and and and..."
  18. Tiffany took a deep breath in and out, trying to prompt Jacob to do the same. "Breathe. Air to the body is important. Can help with that cranium of yours." She smiled gently at him. "Anyways, here's the rest of them." She places the rest of them onto the stack that he had already made.
  19. Jacob took a few long breaths, "I-I moved some classes so I have a fourty minute gap here...mainly for writing." He looked down, "And I just got...carried away."
  20. Tiffany gave him a knowing smile. "I understand. Its not me who might be upset about you being in here though," she answered. "This classroom is used for back-to-back periods. You're fine now because we ended early, but some of the early birds will be coming in soon."
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