New Eden [Need Female Partner]

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  1. So basically, here's the plot.

    A young man on a boat.

    He believes that he is the last human on Earth.

    The entire world has been flooded, and much life that haven't been able to adapt, including humans, are presumed to have gone extinct.

    The young man's boat floats to an island, devoid of civilisation. He looks around at his surroundings, and meets a fine human girl.

    This human wore nothing, and acted wild, as if she was one with nature. She appeared to speak in another language.

    The young man, Alfred, decides to name her Eve.

    He decides to follow her to explore the island.
  2. 100% Interested! :)
  3. Cool. Care to make a very short application here?

    The only things that are needed are appearance, age in human years, and personality. That's that.
  4. Sure thing! I shall tend to that in the morning x3. I do have a few questions about the island (is she a part of a tribe, is she acting wild due to being alone for a long time or just was never civilized in the first place ) or should i just leave it to however that plays out?
  5. Ah, I see.

    You see, this 'Eve' character is the only human on the island, and it has been this way since she was a baby. Whether she was sent here on a boat or whatever is up to you. She raised herself and survived with instincts.

    Everything else is flexible.
  6. [​IMG]


    A 5’5 women with tan skin, with a reddish overtone, a gift from years of the sun beating down onto her thin frame blessed with a perky, large chest which has only been nourished by fruits and various bugs. Black, semi-cruly hair cascades down to the middle of her back, with split ends that have yet to be cut by the island’s jagged rocks she uses. Her hair frames her high cheek bones, a few bangs settling over her naturally thick eyelashes. All of her darker physical characteristics work together to bring her eye to almost a green glow, eerie yet beautiful in all sorts of ways.


    22 years


    If any other humans had ever existed on the island, she’d be their nautral-born leader. All Eve has ever known was the island, to which she has civilized in her own, animal-like manners: She knows where food sources are, how to build comfortable home quarters strong enough to protect from the weather, how to obtain pure water, and has befriended the various animal herds/tribes among the forest island. Her most valuable attribute is her intelligence and social skills, however the tables may turn the first time she sights another human. Eve can prove to be a demanding, strong women through her gentle voice and charisma. Despite being 22, she has yet to figure out what being a human is truly about.​
  7. Very well. Accepted. I will create the thread ASAP.