New Dragon Ball Anime

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  1. You mean original Dragonball?
    Before super saiyan shenanigans became a thing?

    I remember this one actually being pretty good/decent.
    I'm up for another version assuming they stay loyal to the original.

    Edit: Wait, they're distinctly saying Dragonball Super.
    Which suggests they mean dragonball as a series name, not the original anime. :/

    This leaves me a bit more skeptical, but we'll see what happens.
  2. @Razilin

    I think people would be hyped anyways as long as it is Dragonball.
  3. As a HUMONGOUS Dragon Ball fan, I'm pretty hyped for this :D
  4. Nooooo! -Hides her husband's computer and disables the internet.-

    Seriously, do you have any idea what I've had to go through with Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT? The money I spent collecting videos and DVDs, the hours spent driving all over the state to get him an Japanese version of some Dragon Ball game.....

    Fuck! He'll get my kids started on it too, and I'll have to break up fights with them trying to do all kinds of moves they see.

    Just say no! @_@
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  5. On the plus side, your kids will get in some pretty awesome fist fights. ;D

    Last time I watched Dragonball was during the Cell Saga back in when I was like in grade 7-8, I think it was. I think the show's airtime changed when the Buu Saga came out, or I didn't have time to watch TV then or something, so I kind of fell off the boat and haven't really looked back. I think it's kind of great they're bringing some of the older stuff back, it's like how my girlfriend is totally happy about there being a Sailor Moon remake. Let's face it, most of this stuff is for us nostalgic old fuckers who grew up with it.

    Maybe I'll check it out, although I do hope this new series cuts out all the filler between actual events in each season. It felt like there was 3 episodes of just random shit like trash talking, powering up, training, or looking for something for every episode where something actually happened. It was maddening.
  6. Oh no. He watched it before they ever played it on TV, and when they started playing it on TV he started making me watch it with him. He'd pick me up after he got off work and make me sit in his room with him to watch it before he'd drop me off at work. It used to drive me insane.
  7. If Akira Toriyama is in on it, I am too.
  8. Akira Toriyama is totally involved. It's all his story, his characters and his ideas and he'll be overseeing the whole project.

    Let's hope this will erase that putrid mess that was GT.

    I am super (saiyan) excited.
  9. With Toriyama behind the wheel, shit might actually be good this time around.
  10. No SS4 :D, God, SS4 was a stupid idea. It looks stupid as well.
  11. Don't they like grow a turbo mullet?
  12. Pretty much...
    Show Spoiler

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  13. Very glam metal.
  14. The hair wasn't even the problem, it was the goddamn eyeliner and growing pink/red fur that was so terrible, and the tail coming back because of course why not?

    Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan are way cooler.
  15. Don't you mean Kaioken: Super Saiyan version & Cotton Candy Saiyan?
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  16. Also, SS3 was kind of stupid. Instead of just increasing in power like SS and SS2, they had to make it 'visible' or some shit.

  17. Haha, exactly.

    I was pretty against SS3 at first, but it really grew on me and now I think it's pretty cool.
  18. ehhhhhhh, if they make piccolo black, ehhhhhh... maybe
    black pickles exsist right?
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