New Dimensions (basically a giant crossover RP)

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  1. Hello There!

    I'm new on this forum. I'm new here and decided to make this RP. Read through it and post a character sheet if you want to join up! --This RP has an element of GROUP PLOTTING involved, meaning we will ALL get to help make decisions as to what happens next and what happens to who!--


    We are in a forest in a dimension that is not our own. Characters can end up here from almost anywhere...a futuristic setting where technology rules, or a fantasy castle where magic reigns strong. Maybe you're just a normal teenager.

    Why you're here is a mystery. Maybe you have a task to complete. Perhaps there is something you need to discover about yourself.

    But maybe, just maybe, you got caught up in a ripple between our universes. The binding is weak in spots, and sometimes people end up stuck, if you will.

    You will need to band together with your fellow survivors and find your way out of this place...or at least to safety. Can you make it? Or will this world consume you?

    -Please don't throw in characters that have the power to automagically escape into another dimension, because that's going to make this RP very short and no fun for anyone. The same goes for automagic healing of injuries/other things that may be considered godmoding. Or at least ask the group first.

    -Be nice to one another.

    -Try to use fully-fleshed posts, and if you're going to post back and forth for a while, take it to PMs and have one of you post it in a chunk. That'll keep the thread from becoming really long while people are asleep/working/etc. One-lines are occasionally okay, when their use is appropriate. Try not to be excessive with them.

    -Swearing is allowed. Your characters are allowed to develop relationships but this shouldn't be the main focus of this thread. Please don't smut all over the thread in public, no one likes that and it's icky to clean up for the mods. Take it to PMs if your characters for some reason need to show their nudie bits assuming everyone is of age (but don't post it here).

    -You are allowed to play multiple characters. Please do not make 8000 of them then lose track of the ones you don't like. Most people can successfully play with up to five. Some can only handle two or three. Some people may only WANT one, and that's fine! Whatever makes you happy.



    You don't need to use this one, but please try to at least have this:



    Original Setting: (keep this brief)




    Any other details you think we should know:


    Have fun!
  2. Name: wren

    Age: nineteen

    Original Setting: a caravan in a desert world

    Appearance: Short and sort of willowy. Plain looking. Brown eyes and mousy brown hair. Wren wouldn't stick out in a crowd, and she likes it that way.

    Abilities: She has some skill with throwing knives. Zero practical experience. It was taught to her as an art form, and she was instructed never to use it as it is "unladylike".

    Personality: Sharp and ascerbic. Holds a grudge for a very long time. Wary of strangers, particularly men. Absurdly loyal to those she likes. Wren can be a terrible person to be on the wrong side of, but is wonderful as a friend. She can be suspicious of people she does not know at first, especially in a strange environment. After all, the caravan was filled with strange people, mostly men, who would have done her harm had she been caught alone. Once the ice wears off she's fairly easy to get to know, though. She has many ingrained ideas and beliefs from her original culture, but most of them bother her--such as the idea that women MUST be married in order to have any freedom. She will probably be surprised to find not everywhere is like this.

    Any other details you think we should know: Wren's mother has been pushing her for an arranged marriage, something she greatly resents. She lives in a culture where women are not highly valued and has zero practical experience in a fight, though she thinks she could hold her own. She might do all right for a little while by herself in a strange environment, but she's truly got to have help if she wants to survive because she really doesn't have the chops to make it in a forest on her own.
  3. Name: Augustus Dratus
    Age: 237
    Original setting: A barren wasteland bathed in blood and fire.
    Abilities: As a space marine he is extremely durable and strong. To put into perspective, he can take large caliber gun rounds to the chest and remain unscathed. As for strength, he can crush a titanium beam beneath his boot. He is also one of the Imperiums elite, with great skill in combat.
    Personality: Mean, narrow minded, loyal to a fault.
  4. Space Marine. Nice. :P

    Also, we are allowed to be characters from all sorts of sources?


    I got a few planned.
  5. *bucket of smut* /s
    I might make a CS for this. We can make completely original characters, right?
  6. You can play anything you want. Original, fandom, it doesn't matter. If I see something grossly overpowered it'll probably get vetoed but otherwise I am going to allow anyone who wants to play :)
  7. [​IMG]

    Name: Magali Beauvais

    Age: 16

    Original Setting: An old city, usually the place where travelers go from the Old Country to the New Country. Most of the people there were unable to make the long trip from the Old Country to the New Country, so they just settled here.

    Details on the city?
    It is named Valfort. The main attraction is the Bridge of Unity, which is how most people get from the OC to NC, and back.

    The Old Country is as the name says, an old-fashioned country. The New Country, however, is more advanced. The New Country was only found recently, and isn't developed very much, but most of the newfound tech in the OC was transferred to the NC.

    That may be all.

    Abilities: She was taught the ways of the sword, and how to lead her own army/regiment.

    Personality: As stated above, she can lead a group of people. She isn't as bossy as you might think she would be, as she listens to other people's suggestions before choosing either her own or someone in the group's.

    She does not know anything at all about technology, as she was born and lived in the Old Country for all of her life. So, she will ask questions about weapons or equipment she does not know about.

    She also can be strict while teaching a teammate about pretty much anything. She wants the student to perfectly understand her point, and will do the same thing over and over until the student understands what she is teaching.

    Any other details you think we should know: Cheese. Also, I could not find any good photos on the site I go to for them, so I can understand if it doesn't fit what Magali would be in your eyes. Credits to the artist, of course.
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