New Dimensions (a giant multiple-crossover RP)

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    We are in a forest in a dimension that is not our own. Characters can end up here from almost anywhere...a futuristic setting where technology rules, or a fantasy castle where magic reigns strong. Maybe you're just a normal teenager. Who knows, everyone is different, and this dimension does not care about your past. What it does care about is that it has sucked you up into it.

    Why you're here is a mystery. Maybe you have a task to complete. Perhaps there is something you need to discover about yourself.

    But maybe, just maybe, you got caught up in a ripple between our universes. The binding is weak in spots, and sometimes people end up stuck, if you will. You need to find your way out again, back home...but where is home? You don't know, and neither does anyone else.

    You will need to band together with your fellow survivors and find your way out of this place...or at least to safety. Can you make it? Or will this world consume you?

    -Please don't throw in characters that have the power to automagically escape into another dimension, because that's going to make this RP very short and no fun for anyone. The same goes for automagic healing of injuries/other things that may be considered godmoding. Or at least ask the group first.

    -Be nice to one another.

    -Try to use fully-fleshed posts, and if you're going to post back and forth for a while, take it to PMs and have one of you post it in a chunk. That'll keep the thread from becoming really long while people are asleep/working/etc. One-lines are occasionally okay, when their use is appropriate. Try not to be excessive with them.

    -Swearing is allowed. Your characters are allowed to develop relationships but this shouldn't be the main focus of this thread. Please don't smut all over the thread in public, no one likes that and it's icky to clean up for the mods. Take it to PMs if your characters for some reason need to show their nudie bits assuming everyone is of age (but don't post it here).

    -You are allowed to play multiple characters. Please do not make 8000 of them then lose track of the ones you don't like. Most people can successfully play with up to five. Some can only handle two or three. Some people may only WANT one, and that's fine! Whatever makes you happy.

    -If you want to sign up, head over to the signup thread. I just want character sheets posted to keep track. Unless I get a really obviously overpowered character, I'm not going to tell anyone to leave and you can just feel free to start posting. When I get two or three people I will post the first post and others can come after me.

  2. If this is still a thing I will sign up.
  3. if this is still a 5thing im in
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.