New Dice Roller Test.

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  1. (3d6) (3d6)[6][6][6](18)
    (3d6) [roll0]
    (1d6) [roll1]

    another, added roll: [rollv]1d6[/rollv]

    ** deleted the ']' of roll1
    ** restored it
    ** added a fake roll on top
  2. [roll0]

    We heartily endorse this Diana.

  3. [roll]1d20[/roll]


  4. [roll0]



    trying to edit post...

    [edit] looks like we can edit posts too without it messing up rolls. >:D

    adding another roll to the post.

    can't add NEW rolls though on edit. >>
  5. [roll0]
  6. [roll0]

    {EDIT} Previewing your post with a dice roll inside gives the above text, making the roll invalid and therefore useless.
  7. We could really do with a way to add multiple rolls to a post, while still preventing editing.

    Why can't you make everything better, Diana?
  8. Isn't that why we have a Dice Roller thread?
  9. They change every time you edit the post.
  10. [roll0]


  11. [roll0]


  12. [roll0]