New companion anmounced

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    Oh wait, not that Bill, Aw. :(

    Seriously though, I'd have to see more of a companion before making a judgement on them.
    First time I saw Donna for example I hated her, by the end though she ended up being one of my favourite Companions.
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  2. I like her energy so far. I can't wait to see how she portrays her character. :D
  3. -stares at title- ARE U DIANA IN DISGUISE?

    On topic though, I should really finish up the last season xD I have only watched one ep or so NEW COMPANION HYPE
  4. I'm so excited that Clara is no more!
  5. ..if I am then that means @Diana must be banned and I shall rul--*shot*

    And this last season was really good! Acting wise, Peter just killed it. 8D
  6. Seriously, this is what Doctor Who companions should be all about: showcasing new and upcoming British talent.
  7. *Makes a Petition for Captain Jack to return as a second companion*
  8. Yay! I was never a fan of Clara
  9. Clara was one of my favourites. ;A;

    Tied with Donna, beat by Captain Jack.
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