New Comers: Evil or Helpful?

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  1. Its been three years since her Father, The Chief, died. Everyone in the clan still feel the grief heavy about the village. Ach-ham was her only relative living, now Zai is the Chief. The first girl to behold the position. Her brother, Izac and her mother, Mariah died during the hibernating seasion sickness epidemic. There is a rumor going around that the Northern tribe in the mountains are going to decare war against the Valley tribe to gain the rich land's soil. For years, these two tribes have gone at eachother, neither one winning, losing as many as 100 people per tribe. Zai thinks to herself " i have to stop this once and for all, these wars have gone on too long. My father almost succeeded but ended up being killed by the northerners. This won't happen again." she promises herself that she will revenge her father's death.

    " When will we ever reach land... if i cant find what im looking for, we came here for absoutly nothing!..." the Captain thought. His ship, the Castper, has been sailing for about 4 months from the home land of Salem. The crew about the ship did trust him though, but to faill this quest will be bad for his reputation. He must not upset the Queen. In another day of sailing, high into the afternoon, " Land Ho!" is called out from the crow's nest. " Finally!... maybe i can finish this quest!" the captain thinks as he calls out orders to the men to prepare to land on the beach, if there is one, over at the island.

    Extra Information:
    ~ the island has a tropical climate, dense greenery, and rainy during the night.
    ~ The valley and southern tribe is not hostile; very calm and friendly, can be hostile when neseccary. Northern tribe is hostile and very barbaric.

    Looking for: someone to be the captain. depending on how the roleplay goes, both of us may need to have more than one person for roles. I am very open for ideas if you don't like this one. Ready to play when you are!!!


    WARNING!!!: i always reply, but if i don't i will get back to you as soon as i can. I can get busy at times.