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  1. How often do you go shopping for new (or new to you, if you prefer consignment stores and the like) clothing?

    Do you have particular brands that you favor or choose whatever catches your fancy? What kind of clothes do you normally find yourself buying: seasonal necessities? A spring fashion update?
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  2. Rarely.
    #1: Does it look passable?
    #2: Is it cheap as fuck?
    #3: Can I buy it at a Walmart or Goodwill?

    About summarizes my fashion habits. I still cannot conceive of a universe in which I could be convinced to buy a pair of 300 dollar jeans. Leave alone if they have holes in them, or sparkle things. Also, women's fashion is dumb, because for some reason, some fuckwit somewhere decided that women don't need pockets.

    In fact, the more you look at fashion, the more clearly dumb it is. So go cheap and maybe up the spending if the quality of the product is something desirable. Like lingerie can be a little more expensive, or thick winter-usable jackets.
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  3. I will go shopping for clothing up to four times a year, but typically only twice. I almost always go to thrift stores, not even consignment stores.

    The only kind of brand loyalty I have is to Forever 21 (because it's cheap af) and Old Navy (they tend to have the styles that I like, and lots of choices for work clothes). Otherwise I typically just replace what has been worn down. The only time that I buy things for ~fashion~ is when I get a giftcard to a makeup store, if I pick up a side job like babysitting or private tutoring. That money first goes to the dog, then to backup bills money (in case a roommate doesn't cough up), and then to fun things.
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  4. I'm rather strange. I hate clothes shopping. However, I love buying Tee-shirts. I have over thirty tee shirts for all of my favorite shows, books, and movies. Pants I buy as needed, and shoes I tend to buy twice a year. I hate clothes. If it wasn't illegal I'd go naked.
  5. I'll quite happily spend £100 to £1000 on a jacket that looks like it's been through a shredder and mud.
  6. "Oh shit, my pants don't fit anymore. Better go buy 3 identical pairs of jeans. Crap, my work shirts have holes and chlorine stains all over them. Let's check out the bulk packages at Walmarx."

    Once in a while, if I see a sweater or t-shirt that catches my eye, I'll pick it up and wear the hell out of it. Other than that, entirely practical purchases. I still have clothes I like from over a decade ago that are in my usual rotation of shit to wear. I don't even own a lot of clothes (I regularly donate stuff I don't wear or will have use for), and I still feel like I own a little too much at times. I don't see the appeal of buying something if you're only going to wear it twice or whatever.

    Tl;dr, I am low maintenance as balls.
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  7. Daily, almost hourly these days.

    I make sure that I get the most expensive clothes so I look nice at all times. My favorite pair of Jeans for today have more holes than Bonnie and Clyde's car and have the word "JUICY" In big glowing LED lights. Fashion is amazing and I tell all my friends to go for the most expensive thing they can find to 'out-price' everyone else.

    I mean, just look at these amazing choices for men's fashion. I got a new man-bag and everything! ^^

    Just look how amazing these clothes are!
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    Pfft... Dargo, we ALL know that it's not a jacket unless it costs at LEAST a million. Fucking pleb.
  8. My only say is... if it does real good work, it makes sense and it beats a product that is cheaper... buy it.

    The most expensive things I buy are shoes and jacket. Vans, Adidas are my favorite for urban wear their shoes hold out and are cheaper than some other things.

    Vans are cheap urban wear that's easy to wear in the summer and stylish above all.

    Adidas are slightly more expensive but nonetheless very comfortable shoes to wear, I like their mid-top, high-tops because they offer nice comfort and protection from the outside world not to mention I wore them to many places, jogging, jumping, football, sports and they are still holding, not to mention bad weather and snow.

    For winter/autumn jackets I prefer snowboarding jackets... they do as they are marketed, they are not as cheap but again do as they are marketed and essentially look cool to wear. And the common misconception is that they make you very hot but in practice that's not true, they merely keep the heat from you stored and don't let outside cold get in because if they made you hot... you would die on a snowboard.
  9. I only go shopping for new clothes when the ones I have at the moment are falling apart. Even then I'll try to patch them up and make do. I just don't find the appeal in having a whole lot of clothes and shoes when I can use that money for other stuff.

    As for brands, I usually just get from Walmart lol, cheap and comfy and bulk. Yay. The only thing I'm fussy about is footwear because I'm clumsy and have had accidents due to slipping because of crappy shoe grip. If not from Walmart, then I get on sale material and get it sewn.

    All in all, I'm rather frugal when it comes to clothes.
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  10. One amendment I want to make to my post is I do not cheap out on good footwear. This is one area where quality absolutely matters because I basically own a set of loafers for quick in and out of the house stuff, a pair of running shoes for the gym and summer wear, cowboy boots for long pants days, waterproof steeltoed boots for work, and my army boots for paintball and camping. All of which cost more than 120 bucks.

    Thing is, I wear things until they start falling apart. My running shoes I bought twelve years ago and they have literally been doing everything from mountain hiking to whitewater rafting and they're STILL holding together without holes. Nike Airs, for those wondering.

    Cowboy boots are easily the most comfortable footwear I've ever owned and you don't have to fuck around with laces. Turbo win.
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  11. I buy cheap clothes, usually thrift or clearance. I like shopping for clothes, but only have the budget to do so when I need them.
  12. ^ This. I tend to go a little crazy with graphic tees, and I have a bit of a tendency to overspend on them. owo" That being said, they're the only article of clothing that I really enjoy shopping for. Other than that? I don't really care what I wear -- as long as it's comfortable and has decent pockets. >:/

    *whispers* It's a conspiracy intended to pressure us into buying purses. #StayWoke
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  13. I like shirts with stripes maybe that pocket for little things. Think Route 66 usually has what I like. Otherwise I try to stay under ten dollars.
  14. I will wear my clothes until they start to fall apart and then I will wear them some more. I recently replaced a tank-top only because it was more hole than fabric by this point. As for where I shop, sometimes Walmart, thrift stores - very rarely Old Navy because I like their hoodies. I usually do most of my shopping online now though, you can get some pretty cheap but durable things on Amazon that can qualify for free shipping.

    The one thing I won't skimp on is shoes though. Even though part of me is very reluctant to part with so much money at once, I don't really mind if it's for a good shoe that'll last me. I'll still go at sale time though if I can manage it, so that it won't hurt my wallet nearly as much.
  15. I tend to go clothes shopping once in a while... usually when I realize I'm lacking in a certain category (tshirts, dress shirts, pants, etc). I'm not brand conscious at all... but I am conscious of what the people in my life like and prefer on me, so they influence me a lot. I guess I'm a true pushover when it comes to fashion.

    Which is why I never go clothes shopping alone nowadays. I let "her", whoever that may be at the time, pick stuff out for me.
  16. I only buy clothes when my old clothes become more like a chewed up tablecloth then something wearable.

    I'm cheap as balls. Just buy in good old pennies. Wear them for a few years. And then I'll go shopping for clothes again.
  17. I don't got shopping often but when I do. . . I spend well over 100. I'm that kinda person who will keep clothes for years and years, only getting rid of them if they get ruined, or I finally realized how out of style and old they are. Sometimes there will be clothes I just stop wearing for some reason and I'll pick them out, but I have enough shirts I wouldn't have to do laundry for a month and most likely still have some because I just don't get rid of things. It most likely doesn't help that my size hasn't changed since grade ten (age 15/16 ) to now when I'm 23 >>

    Most styles I don't really care for right now. I adore Hot Topic and Stitches though! Those are my go too, I've found a store close to Stitches since they seem to be slowly disappearing called Fairweather, and Urban Plant.
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  18. I rarely go shopping and when I do...I only get one or two things that I need and that is it.

    Never bought socks in my life because my Grandparents think Socks and Flannel Shirts are good enough for my Birthday and Christmas. (They live up in Wisconsin). Then my other Grandparents always buy me pants, never any other type of clothing but pants. So I really just shop for tee-shirts, usually online because I want nerdy shit like right now I'm wearing this shirt.

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  19. I almost always go to thrift stores or this one outlet department store we have near my house that's extra cheap, too.
    Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not looking for well-made, quality clothing. It also doesn't mean the clothes aren't new. Half the time they have tags on. You just have to be patient and not feel the necessity to leave the store with something. That means I probably do my rounds once a month, but mostly to waste time looking around.

    I don't look for specific brands and I specifically avoid anything with a brand logo clearly visible on it. I just like everything anonymous.

    If the thing does work, I'm willing to spend money on a new one. Most of my hiking gear including the clothes are new. I know I'll get the use and that most of it I'd be miserable trying to compensate without.

    I'm a fiend for fixing old clothing and altering (though I'm no seamstress-wizard). I used to have such a hard time finding jeans that fit everywhere, but now I just make sure they fit the legs and are big in the waist and take it in later. So much better this way.
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