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  1. You've got big teeth... But I've got a knife.

    "Wolf" - Angelspit

    Let's try and make this perfectly short.

    Hey! I'm Red.
    And I want YOU to role-play with ME.

    My posting frequency varies.
    I play heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual, and asexual.
    I play male, female, trans, etc.
    The characters below are what I want to play.
    Threads or messages, no messenger.
    I play one main and any sides necessary.
    I consider myself very friendly. Talk to me!

    My Characters
    Should be chilling with your characters.

    Some characters are by default male or default female.
    I've been known to change their default sex chromosomes.
    My characters are pansexual.
    My characters can do romance or platonic.
    If my characters don't work for your plot, I'll make new ones.

    The Role-Play
    Some viewer discretion is advised.

    There will be violence.
    There will probably be cursing.
    There will be horror with some characters.
    There may be romance, but I won't force it on you.
    There will probably not be detailed sex scenes. Sorry.

    There are some suggested pairings or plots for most characters. They're not cemented and I'm always open for other peoples' ideas. Also... I DID THESE REALLY FAST SO IF THEY SUCK I'M REALLY SORRY.​

    The Characters
    And here they are!


    • Ryan Mikami
      Horror / Modern Fantasy / Supernatural / Other
      Tattoo Artist

      • Ryan Mikami [WIP] : A supernatural organization, Nocturna, swept him up when he was a young man and he's been stuck with them ever since. Inheriting the ability to bring life to ink, he's a formidable ally for anyone who deals with the Otherworldly. While most of the time he deals with careful paperwork and red tape, he makes the most money by binding the power of individuals to flesh with ink or ancient beings in pottery. Beyond the organization, he isn't very liked for this reason alone.
        • Plot bunny: An ancient creature he once bound in a piece of art is broken free and comes for him. Good paired with a character who seeks to stop this creature.
    • Kietsayl
      Horror / Multidimensional / Fantasy / Multiple Timeframes

      • Kietsayl (Cyrus Lox) : As vain as he is horrifying, Kietsayl (his native name) is an ancient, multidimensional creature. Some may think him mer or incubus, even kelpie, but Kietsayl is simply Kietsayl. He has no true niche or home as the water is his portal, and he may use it to dive to past and future, one world to the next. He fuels himself with the souls of humans and supernatural creatures that he devours, never staying in one place too long to avoid being caught.
        • Pairing?: May work best with a possible victim who is immune to his magic or has no soul.
        • Plot bunny/pairing?: Kietsayl does have a major flaw. To those who know his true name (Kietsayl), he can be summoned, and he cannot harm the summoner. This could work for a role-play that revels in tension between characters and where a big-hitter is required.
    • Gabriel Grimm
      Science-Fiction / Fantasy / Futuristic
      Violent Gun

      • Gabriel Grimm [WIP] : A cocky, cybernetic-infused assassin with a violence streak, Grimm is a unique asset to his employer, be it governmental agency or freelancing work, but an asset nonetheless. Despite being an easy flirt with a lax smile, blood is always on his hands.
        • Pairing: Easily, a partner of some type or handler.
        • Pairing: Though a little overdone, a victim as well. There would have to be a good reason for him not to kill, else that would break his character.


    • Kateri "Kate" White
      Horror / Modern Fantasy / Supernatural / Exorcism

      • Kateri "Kate" White: Kate works very loosely with a supernatural organization, designed to keep the Otherworld and this world in check. Their tedious relationship dances around her extraordinary ability to absorb wraiths - monstrous, otherworld creatures - into her body and use them to her own means. All the while, her steps are dogged by raving fanatics and a creature in a mirror.
        • Plot bunny: An easy one is that White needs a body guard. Her wraiths drain her of energy, having her sleep for near days. With zealots after her, she needs someone who's sole duty is to physically defend her.
        • Plot bunny: White could be hired to deal with a wraith/issue, either pulling the caller into it, or the opposing character is the wraith. The wraith could either be absorbed, and they go on from there, or is too powerful to be absorbed. Something to expand on.
    • Sandra Charneski
      Dystopia / Modern Fantasy / Supernatural / Other

      • Sandra Charneski : Moving fluidly from job to job, Sandra doesn't really know where she fits into life. She strives for normalcy, even though she knows she'll never get it. As a woman who barely controls the elemental abilities lurking within, she's a dangerous subject, but as long as she locks it all in, everything will be okay.
        • Pairing: Good pairing with someone who also has supernatural powers of some sort, but is opposite her in personality (i.e., likes their powers).
        • Plot bunny: Possibly taking place in a dystopian world, people like her are hunted. Perhaps a bounty hunter or soldier takes a liking to her and decides to help her hide instead of be taken away?
    • Nichola Ramsay
      Horror / Victorian Fantasy / Supernatural / Paranormal Investigation
      Detective Inspector

      • Detective Inspector Nichola Ramsay: Ramsay is an old werebeast, born in ancient Egyptian times when the Packs were still organized and felt no need to separate themselves from the human world. Ramsay abandoned such lifestyle and learned to adapt, coming to work with an organization that plays mediator between two worlds, tracking down dangerous murderers - human and Otherworld alike.
        • Pairing: Ramsay's partner has recently died, so a new partner would work well with her.
        • Plot bunny: Something to do with the rise of an ancient from the Otherworld, its claws deep within the upper echelons of the organization.
    • Kaiyou the Striking Serpent
      Fantasy / Other World / Gods and Beasts / Action&Adventure
      Soulless Avatar

      • Kaiyou the Striking Serpent: Kaiyou is an avatar of Emyril the Prevailing Sea. To the people of Theros, a country on the sea side, she is their protector and they'd defend her fiercely, but to all others of the world, she is cruelty-incarnate.
        • Pairing: Fantastic supporting character for most fantasy plots.
        • Plot bunny: Emyril may ask a favor of someone to gently torment/prank a neighboring god who has caused her trouble, sending Kaiyou to defend them. What they chance upon, however, is something sinister - a god has found a way to consume and absorb another divinity's powers.
    • Captain Ren Inali
      Steampunk / Other World / Aether Technology / Adventure
      Ruthless Captain

      • Captain Ren Inali: The Storm Reaver was once an abhorred and feared ship, her deadly corsair sails and lightening-fueled engines ripping through the skies. But the ferocious Mina Inali died and her daughter stepped to the plate, striking fear only into the hearts of slave ships and eager pirates. Captain Ren Inali is entirely indebted to the small government who chose not to imprison her and her crew, but to use her: as a courier.
        • Pairing: Works best with anyone needing to ship important cargo.
        • Plot bunny: Specific to the world, the islands are floating (but more on that later) and no one has seen the surface world in hundreds of years. This would work perfect with someone who wants to reach the below, but is being chased (making them very important cargo).
        • Pairing: Ren, just like her mother, has a penchant for raiding slave ships and freeing the slaves. She often invites them to her crew as they prove the most loyal of crewmates. A slave in need of a new home fits here.
        • Pairing: With the infamous designer of the aether engines aboard the Reaver on the run, a new aether engineer is definitely needed.
    • Rat
      Steampunk / Other World / Aether Technology / Adventure

      • "Rat" : Born a slave, captured by the Storm Reaver, and raised by a maniacal engineer, Rat would say she's lead a more exciting life than most. Though quiet and unnoticed, she compensates with her sharp understanding of chemicals and how to make them go boom. An excellent engineer and bomb maker, she is a perfect hired-hand.
        • Plot bunny?: Not restricted to the Reaver, Rat would work well with a fantasy plot that requires a bombmaker or steam engineer.
    • Seren Ath'Keli
      Fantasy / Other World / Dystopia / Adventure
      Zealous Hunter

      • Seren Ath'keli: Based loosely on Red Riding Hood, Seren learned the hard way that having monsters abound and living in the countryside defenseless is a big problem. Grown into a hardened, effective, albeit silent monster slayer, she hasn't let the fact that vicious beasts are encroaching on the cities go unnoticed. With a severe bias and a big gun, she is determined to blow apart every last nasty she finds - for a small price.
        • Plot bunny/pairing: For tension between characters, it might be interesting to pair Seren with a humanoid creature, whom she needs for whatever reason.
    • Kolda
      Fantasy / Other World / Extremely Adaptable

      • Kolda: Kolda is a young, human woman who enjoys her privacy. She has learned to value self-efficiency and for it, she has learned to make candles and whittles for a little income. She's an awful gardener, and a sub-par cook, but she's extraordinarily persistent, which fits, for she lives in an equally extraordinary word.
        • Plot bunny/pairing: Ask for a plot called 'The God on the Mountain'.
        • She is prime for romance and being worked into others' plots when in need of a simple human character who will not crumble under the slightest pressure.
        • I would like her paired with something inhuman. :3
    • Aia Belledonna
      Fantasy / Other World / Dystopia / Horror

      • Aia Belledonna: Aia Belledonna is based off of my characters in the game "The Secret World". While she is not tethered to that game, she is prime for anything where she can kill kill kill. Sensual and absolutely batshit insane, Aia loves post-apocalyptic settings where she can destroy without consequence. Having stared into the abyss of an elder creature's eyes, she slowly loses her grip with reality.
        • Notes: Probably best as a complement to your plot.
        • More Notes: Romance will her may be like the relationship between Harlequinn and the Joker - Aia being the Joker. No guarantees.
    • Vyrennia tal Kamunnon
      Fantasy / Other World / Horror / Adventure

      • Vyrennia tal Kamunnon: To begin simply, Vyrennia is a demon. What type of demon may change depending on the role-play, for she is a stand-in as succubus. However, in the desire to stray from the normal Christian mythology, I do not want her to be specifically from Hell, but perhaps a mythology of our creation. Normally, she is simply an attractive hellion with the ability to warp through reflective surfaces.
        • Notes: I've no plots for her yet, but I'd love to work her into your plots.
    • Kelsi Witchmeyer
      Fantasy / Science-Fiction / Futuristic / Other World
      Quantum Rule-Breaker

      • Kelsi Witchmeyer [WIP] : Found by a private organization delving into exploration of parallel worlds through one of their devices, Kelsi claims to be called Archon, a being who lives without rules of space and time. True enough, the young woman-looking thing can create small rifts, portals, balls of strange energy, and more. Despite being powerful, she's too stubborn and secretive to openly share her abilities, and too evasive to be properly detained and examined.
        • *We can, of course, discuss any rules with her to make sure she's not over-powered without permission.
        • Pairing: A handler or partner on a mission would be great.
        • Plot bunny: This is a slight timejump for her, but the facility that she's been lingering in suddenly locks down, without alerting their main base, with all communication cut. When discovered, all those within are slaughtered. Kelsi, being a sort of anomaly in our world, is detected within. Your character could be on a team sent in to handle her, but upon finding her, she warns the team that it isn't her doing this, and they're now trapped in a game of cat and mouse that even Kelsi feels she might lose.
        • (Potentially sappy) Plot bunny: Your character could be a scientist, soldier, or other present when Kelsi is discovered. For whatever reason, perhaps something she sees in your character or simply physical traits, the evasive Archon attaches herself to your character and through them works a semi-symbiotic relationship with the organization.
        • Pairing: Feel like playing someone inhuman or just want to play someone simple with a sappy plot? While Kelsi looks mostly human, she's anything but, and she loves other lifeforms. We could work out a small plot for our characters to revolve around - something lighthearted.
        • Levani
          Fantasy / Other World / Witchcraft / Adventure
          The Witch

          • Levani [WIP]: Extremely experimental, so I beg you to bear with me. Levani was a large cat, a fantastical creature that was queen of her world, but her life was turned around when two deities decided to pluck her up and make her their chosen. Given a human form and specific powers, it became Levani's job to combat other witches and forces of contempt that threaten to torment the world. The description is totally shaky, so message me for more information and bare with me while I flesh her out.
            • I was thinking a plot bunny of something to do with a hunter that needs Levani's help or something along those lines.

    Please indulge me.

    I want to play a big, sentient creature. Big dragon, big wolf, big phoenix, whatever. Can have a human form. Can be a protector or nuisance. Want a big beastie? Please send me a PM!

    OOHHHH OOHHH and I'm also having this huge craving for some sappy romance - best with Kolda, Witchmeyer, Rat, or Charneski. Grimm and Kietsayl could also produce similar romances, paired with the right characters and the right set up.


    (Just because the character isn't up
    here, doesn't mean I won't love
    to play them. Don't hesitate to
    request, please.)​

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  2. ^.^ I would like to try an RP with one of these characters.
  3. Hey, sweet. [: Just message me with the characters you're most interested in and we can get started with plotting.
  4. Post beautified!
  5. Gorgeous, compelling introduction! I'll have to message you some time! I adore Neil Gaiman; "American Gods" was so wonderfully weird.
  6. Thank you! American Gods is, and may always be, one of my favorite books. Anansi Boys was a fantastic follow-up too.
  7. Did a bit of editing. Still looking. Will probably fix up even more so later.
  8. Still would like a few more partners before I shut things down.
  9. I've been itching for something Victorian for a long while. Perhaps we could discuss what plots you had in mind for Archer?
  10. Perfect! Would you like to talk about this over a message or on a forum thread?
  11. Message, so we don't spam the forum, please. :D
  12. I'd love to work on something with Seren or Nichola
  13. Kietsayl sounds like fun. I'm sort of thinking of a character that is immune to magic and tags along?
  14. I would be interested in role playing with Seren Ath'keli, if she is of course still available.
  15. I would love to rp with Tal or Belladonna (:
  16. I would like to do a Victorian FxF with Nichola, please.
  17. I would very much like to RP with Kate White. The character I have in mind would be either a werewolf, or a wolfwere. I think the latter would be more fun, as he would still be learning how to act like a human.
  18. I seriously fell in love with Kietsayl. He is just perfect, like seriously. If you're interested in something then I can PM you. I have a character in mind and I'd love for you to meet her.
  19. Definitely PM me please. :] I'd love to meet this character of yours.
  20. I would love to roleplay with you :D I would especially love to do something with kietsayl if you are still looking for one with him or with Katie white, or Vyrennia if you want :D I think I have a character taht would work with Katie and Kietsayl and a setting for Vyrennia potentially :P
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