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I have a new male character I am trying to build. I'm not sure what kind of story I want for him. I'm open to pretty much anything. I only have two requirements romance and character growth. I have some plots that we can use. I thought I would put him here to see if he sparks interest. I don't like giving away everything about my characters. I like them to come out naturally. I want our character to get to know each other like they would in real life. So I'm only going to give you the brief bio I wrote. I hope its enough to spark some interest.

Being adopted was usually a good thing. It wasn't easy so those who went through the process usually truly wanted a child. That was not the case for the couple that adopted William. They adopted him for the publicity. They wanted to look good with those in their circle who had children. They put up a good facade for the outside world. No one would imagine the things the happened behind closed door and William would never talk about them. Mostly because he didn't talk anymore.
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I can do both but I tend to like plotting ahead to add in twists to make it not so predictable.
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(Oh this sounds really nice! I'll be interested to join this rp! I can see this being some good romance with twists. How old should our characters be around?)
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