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    Luther Pelagius
    Male | 26 | Pansexual

    Luther is a sassy, antisocial bar tender with a slight spirit affliction. They haunt and taunt him day in, and day out, though never really causing any harm, merely being an annoyance. He discovered very quickly that he, and only he, could see them, though they could affect the world around him. He has no idea where they came from, why they came to him, or how to get rid of them, only that they are there, causing him daily grief.

    • I am interested in having him in a meta-human type setting, or supernatural, with preference to the former.

    • The level of sexual content is negotiable, as well as any kinks and whatnot that would come with it.

    • I would be glad to do something fluffy, hardcore, plot-based, smut-centric, what ever makes you happy.

    • Male, female, non-binary, furry, alien, pretty much any sort of character you wanna play go ahead and ask! Chances are, I will say 'yes'.

    • Be sure to communicate with me! I will not know what you want unless you tell me. Not enjoying the role-play? Ask to spice things up, or let me know you're dropping it, I'll understand, and I will extend the same courtesy to you.

    • If you are interested, either post here, or shoot me a private message.​
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  2. I'd be interested in talking to you about plotting for this. It seems like that character could get into something interesting :) Let me know!
  3. I think it would be very gracious of yo to take him on~
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  4. Awesome! Should we plot in Pm? Or would you rather do that here?
  5. PM is fine.
  6. So he's like a witch in a way? Really interested in rping with you :)
  7. Are you still looking? If so I'm interested!
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