New but Old

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  1. The old veteran hobbles into the new area. She looks around and thinks she likes what she sees, but how can she be sure? As she explores she feels the rush of memories, a strong enough gust to nearly knock her over. Everything is so familiar, but this is not the place she is used to. And it's been so long since she's been to a place like this at all.

    She heard the call. She read the map. And here she is.

    Yes, here I am. I used to roleplay on proboards way back in the day. As a writer, the use of words always suited me more than tabletop roleplays. I've been missing roleplay a lot lately and even dreamed about it last night. So, here I am, completely lost, though everything seems so familiar.

    I'm Amanda, by the way.
  2. Well Hello there and welcome back to us. >:3
  3. Ah! A kindred spirit! Welcome, welcome. Take this complimentary balloon. *Balloon* Make yourself right at home. :)
  4. Thanks. I've never been to this particular site before. It's taking me a while to get my bearings, but I think what I see so far.
  5. *Takes the balloon* BALLOON!!!!
  6. Hello Amanda, welcome to Iwaku.
  7. H-Hello Amanda...
    *runs away*