New But Not, A Start Is Sought.

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  1. Greetings Iwaku Users~

    I'd like to start by saying that I'm not new, as the title states, to role-playing, or even the site. I've been here before, but I wasn't really here to say the least.

    So, here's a few things about me:
    • Cel is short for Celeste, but it's not my real name.
    • My real name is Kat.
    • I'm twenty going on twenty-one next month.
    • I am happily married with an 8 month old boy and am expecting for early June, we don't know the gender yet.
    • Because of this, my schedule is quite varied.
    • I've been role-playing on and off for about eight years, between several different outlets, mainly Dungeons and Dragons(3.5e), and online.
    • I have no pets to speak of currently, but I love animals.
    • I am trying to get more into arts&crafts as a hobby, so if you know of any fun and cheap projects that can easily be put down and picked back up, let me know!
    • Lastly, I would like to get to know the community, so please don't hesitate to talk to me!
    Hope to hear from you all soon,
  2. Welcome, Cel! Congrats on your new little one! :D We're a lovely bunch here, really! Enjoy poking around the community and don't be afraid to ask if you have questions! <3
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  3. Thank you, Luxii!~ ^^
  4. Welcome back to Iwaku, Cel! If you ever need a role-playing buddy, I'm always open!
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