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      Original Idea By: Edward
      Welcome to BLEACH - CROSSROADS!
      My name is Ali and together with 4 other lovely individuals, I run the Bleach RP.
      A couple of things to get out of the way before you scroll down to all that lovely stuff below. This Bleach RP is a continuance of another that never managed to get far, me and the other GM's are hoping to change this, so please help us by being an active roleplayer!
      Now, to the fun stuff!
      Below this welcome message is the positions board. It is updated daily as to keep the selection and listing of new and current RP'ers categorized and easy to access.
      Everything listed below is up to date, and if you see any errors, I urge you to alert a GM asap so they can fix it (or tell Ali to fix it, whichever floats their boats).
      If there are no positions to your liking open currently, please don't loose faith! This RP is constantly being updated with new positions, and sometimes members even drop, leaving open spots to those who want them. We plan to add three (3) new character tiers as this RP goes on, so look out for those if you are indeed interested!
      There is also an updates section underneath this first post, and will always have the updates as well as dates these updates occur to keep everyone on the same page.
      We hope to see you in the world of Bleach soon, and please, if you have any concerns, don't hesitate to contact @Ali, @Akashi, @Detective Zero, @The Jest, or @Zeroisdead for clarification! We're here to help!

      OPEN POSITIONS (open)

      Available in the Gotei 13
      Lieutenant of SQUAD THREE (3)
      Lieutenant of SQUAD SEVEN (7)
      Lieutenant of SQUAD EIGHT (8)
      Lieutenant of SQUAD NINE (9)
      Lieutenant of SQUAD TEN (10)
      Lieutenant of SQUAD TWO (2)
      Seats 3,4 and 5 of SQUAD ONE (1)
      Seats 3,4 and 5 of SQUAD TWO (2)
      Seats 3,4 and 5 of SQUAD THREE (3)
      Seats 3,4 and 5 of SQUAD FOUR (4)
      Seats 3,4 and 5 of SQUAD FIVE (5)
      Seats 3,4 and 5 of SQUAD SIX (6)
      Seats 3,4 and 5 of SQUAD SEVEN (7)
      Seats 3,4 and 5 of SQUAD EIGHT (8)
      Seats 3,4 and 5 of SQUAD NINE (9)
      Seats 3,4 and 5 of SQUAD TEN (10)
      Seats 3,4 and 5 of SQUAD ELEVEN (11)
      Seats 3,4 and 5 of SQUAD TWELVE (12)
      Seats 3,4 and 5 of SQUAD THIRTEEN (13)

      Available in the Espada

      Available in the Quincy
      Spots always available.

      Available in the Enhanced Humans
      Spots always available.

      Soul Reaper (open)

      Zanpakuto name:
      Zanpakuto sealed appearance:
      Zanpakuto Shikai apperance:
      Zanpakuto Bankai Appearance(Division Captains only):
      Zanpakuto sealed Abilities:
      Zanpakuto Shikai Abilities:
      Zanpakuto Bankai Abilities:
      Kido Spells(Name, Style, And Description is Required) (Styles are Bakudo, Barriers, Seals, and Hado) (Minimum of 5 spells and a maximum of 10 for Captains):
      Other Skills(High Speed, High Strength, High Defense, Flash Step, Any other special skills):

      Espada/Arrancar (open)

      Ranking: (Vasto Lorde, adjuchas, gillion)
      Aspect of Death:
      Animal Aspect:
      Tattoo(Where it is):
      Zanpakuto name/appearance:
      Resurrection Appearance:
      Sealed Abilities:
      Resurrection Abilities:
      Creation Story:

      Quincy (open)

      Bow Appearance:
      Bow Abilties:
      Vollständig Appearance:
      Quincy Items:
      Custom Items:
      Custom Quincy Techniques:
      Other Skills:

      Enhanced Human (open)



      Spiritual Abilities:
      Spiritual Traits:



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        This is Ali. Her main responsibilities are to make things look pretty, keep all you hooligans in order, and update the general RP populace on what is and isn't happening. Ali is chill and always willing to offer a helping hand, therefore is normally the one with cool composure. She controls the threads, group conversation, and daily workings of BLEACH - Crossroads. She can be contacted via PM anytime you need her, or through various other ways which can be found in her signature :)
        *Side Note: Ali does tend to get very busy with other RP's she is GM'ing so sometimes getting an immediate response from her is a challenge and a half, if you need assistance, there are 4 other GM's <_<
        Think of her as a lazier version of Diana who tends to have existential crisis' because she takes on to much.

      • [​IMG]
        Akashi is the GM who's bad side you definitely don't want to get on. He runs the behind the scenes show with keeping everyone in order, and shoving drama out the window. He can be contacted if there is a problem with another member or even something you may want to get off your chest about the other GM's. But be warned, the King does not stand for OOC drama and will boot you hard if you choose to start some. If you need a straight to the point and blunt opinion, Akashi is your man!
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        Mr. Sherlock here, otherwise known as Zero is one of the rule officiates of BLEACH - Crossroads. He's there to make sure shit stay's calm, regardless of being hyped up on 2 liter bottles of coke and Pepsi. He is the GM who can be contacted if you are in need of a secondary opinion. Zero here is also a pretty well informed dude, if you need assistance with your bio's or anything of the Bleach world (here on Iwaku) he'll be the one to know what's up and get you on track - unlike Ali, she's a hooligan.
      • [​IMG]
        [BCOLOR=#ffffff]That Clown Guy - otherwise known as The Jest, is your go to man for bio critique. He holds the power in accepting or declining certain bios and making sure they aren't too over (or under) powered. His eye for detail and vast knowledge of fantasy settings and skills give him the necessary skill and ability to rate and give the green or red light to peoples character biographies.[/BCOLOR]
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        We like to call this Zero (the second Zero), the finalist. DON'T GET THIS ZERO CONFUSED FOR THE OTHER ZERO. Oh no, this Zero, is the Queen of Cactus's and is to be addressed as such (lol). Zero here is responsible for tying the draws between the other GM's and keeping the general happiness of BLEACH...well...uh....HAPPY :D YAY QUEEN CACTUS!

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      General Rules:
      1. Follow all of iWaku's set out rules which can be found here
      2. No God-Modding, Meta-Gaming, or Power-playing
      3. OOC drama will not be tolerated
      4. Anything occurring in OOC is not to be mixed with IC
      5. A maximum of three (3) characters is allowed per player, however you may discuss different circumstances with a GM
      6. This is a GENERAL RATING rp, meaning there will be nothing libertine
      7. Any internal issues may be brought up to a GM over PM or GC
      8. This is an INTERMEDIATE RP - meaning all posts must rest at or exceed 10 sentences and contain proper punctuation, grammar, spelling, and tenses'.
      9. If you are going to be gone for more than five (5) days, please let one of five GM's know.
      10. HAVE FUN!!!!!!! ♥

      Character Rules:
      1. No character is to surpass their superiors power levels, that is God-Modding and will not be tolerated
      2. Twin characters are disliked by many - and are only to be made with a GM's permission
      3. Anyone apart of the Gotei 13 must have a captain in order to apply to be a lieutenant
      4. Characters must have a conducive backstory - "amnesia" will not be allowed and will be seen as laziness.
      5. Please put some thought into your character ;_; Please.
      6. Half human/half animal characters must be discussed in PM with a GM
      7. Different character sheets will be added on in the future of this RP, however for now, what is listed, is what is available to play
      8. You will not be allowed to post in the IC until your bio has been approved by @The Jest - if he is not available, you need to get one of the other GM's approvals.
      9. You cannot have any ability without a drawback - everybody (even anime-esque' characters) have weaknesses.
      10. If you see something in another bio that bugs you, point it out to us (GM's) in the group chat! Sometimes we miss things.
      11. Try to make your characters abilities unique!
      12. Characters with "hidden" powers in a low ranking that surpass those of higher ranked characters will NOT be allowed.​

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      ~ GOTEI 13 PLAYERS ~
      Squad One (open)

      Shin Kamukura
      Head Captain
      Played By: @The Jest

      Jayr Izushihama
      Lieutenant of Division One
      Played By: @Ali

      Seat 3 - OPEN
      Seat 4 - OPEN
      Seat 5 - OPEN

      Squad Two (open)

      Yue Xiang
      Captain of Division Two
      Played By: @Ganryu

      Lieutenant Position is OPEN

      Seat 3 - OPEN
      Seat 4 - OPEN
      Seat 5 - OPEN

      Squad Three (open)

      Axel Rover
      Captian of Division Three
      Played By: @Axel Rover

      Lieutenant Position is OPEN

      Seat 3 - OPEN
      Seat 4 - OPEN
      Seat 5 - OPEN

      Squad Four (open)

      Shizuka Kurenai
      Captain of Division Four
      Played By: @Detective Zero

      Sakihana Kuchiki
      Lieutenant of Division Four
      Played By: @N/A

      Seat 3 - OPEN
      Seat 4 - OPEN
      Seat 5 - OPEN

      Squad Five (open)

      Aki Kobayashi
      Captain of Division Five
      Played By: @WhiteWolf

      Makoto Fujisaki
      Lieutenant of Division Five
      Played By: @The Jest

      Seat 3 - OPEN
      Seat 4 - OPEN
      Seat 5 - OPEN

      Squad Six (open)

      Shisa Kuchiki
      Captain of Division Six
      Played By: @N/A

      Fubuki Eisei
      Lieutenant of Division Six
      Played By: @Wolfstar

      Seat 3 - OPEN
      Seat 4 - OPEN
      Seat 5 - OPEN

      Squad Seven (open)

      Fehsmerl Nemsi
      Captain of Division Seven
      Played By: @Windstormugly

      Lieutenant position is OPEN

      Seat 3 - OPEN
      Seat 4 - OPEN
      Seat 5 - OPEN

      Squad Eight (open)

      Anh Trang
      Captain of Division Eight
      Played By: @Saito Hajime

      Lieutenant position is OPEN

      Seat 3 - OPEN
      Seat 4 - OPEN
      Seat 5 - OPEN

      Squad Nine (open)

      Tetsuo Murakami
      Captain of Division Nine
      Played By: @Shoske

      Lieutenant Position is OPEN

      Seat 3 - OPEN
      Seat 4 - OPEN
      Seat 5 - OPEN

      Squad Ten (open)

      Nicias Xyl
      Captain of Division Ten
      Played By: @Nicias Askani

      Lieutenant position is OPEN

      Seat 3 - OPEN
      Seat 4 - OPEN
      Seat 5 - OPEN

      Squad Eleven (open)

      Ishida Kenpachi
      Captain of Division Eleven
      Played By: @Artorias

      Kairi Veritahl
      Lieutenant of Division Eleven
      Played By: @Detective Zero

      Seat 3 - OPEN
      Seat 4 - OPEN
      Seat 5 - OPEN

      Squad Twelve (open)

      Getsuga Shiba
      Captain of Division Twelve
      Played By: @SashaBliss

      Rosina Ootori
      Lieutenant of Division Twelve
      Played By: @N/A

      Seat 3 - OPEN
      Seat 4 - OPEN
      Seat 5 - OPEN

      Squad Thirteen (open)

      Hiyoko Yamagishi
      Captain of Division Thirteen
      Played By: @The Jest

      Lieutenant of Division Thirteen
      Played By: @Shadow Wolfgirl

      Seat 3 - OPEN
      Seat 4 - OPEN
      Seat 5 - OPEN

      ~ THE ESPADA ~
      Primera Espada (open)

      Kihimi Shinte
      The First Espada
      Played By: @Ali

      Segunda Espada (open)

      The Second Espada
      Played By: @Dakota K5

      Tres Espada (open)

      Aikuku Desro
      The Third Espada
      Played By: @Artorias

      Cuarto Espada (open)

      Kaito Shira
      The Fourth Espada
      Played By: @Blitzfang43

      Quinto Espada (open)

      Kurono Akitachi
      The Fifth Espada
      Played By: @Detective Zero

      Sexta Espada (open)

      Xenethis Straunnem
      The Sixth Espada
      Played By: @Akashi

      Séptima Espada (open)

      Kurai Homura
      The Seventh Espada
      Played By: @Zeroisdead

      Octava Espada (open)

      Akai Tori
      The Eighth Espada
      Played By: @Wolfstar

      Noveno Espada (open)

      The Ninth Espada
      Played By: @Axel Rover

      Decena Espada (open)

      Professor William Lososol
      The Tenth Espada
      Played By: @The Jest

      ~ THE QUINCY ~
      Mei Ling (open)

      Nichibotsu "Nichi" Gakuren (open)

      Click Here For Bio
      Played By: @Estrélla

      Yosuke "Sky" Tanaka (open)

      Satomi Awataro (open)

      Click Here For Bio
      Played By: Akashi

      Reikuhara Awataro (open)

      Hassan Nigma (open)

      Rei Shibua (open)

      Akira Yasuhi (open)

      Hanaru "Hana" Tatsuya (open)

      Click Here For Bio
      Played By: @Estrélla

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  3. TO EDIT SEPT 16 8:18 EST PM
    BANKAI ; Summon one large creature/core weakness ; not to big
    - 10 fire soldiers c:
    thanks to Jest/Akashi.

    Read bio.


    N O B I L I T Y
    (AGE PENDING) | Captain | 6th Division | Heavenly Flames

    Big image, couldn't resize it properly due to the fact that when i did you couldn't see the details perfectly.
    Credit goes to artist

    Red scarf: Rather than wearing the heirloom scarf which is a faint light green and handed down from generations to generations within the Kuchiki clan, Shisa wears the heirloom scarf in a special red coloring in particular. Although its slightly to the elder's dismay, they are somewhat fine with the change of color due to its redness symbolizing Shisa's deceased wife and how she often wore a red accessory herself. Be it a ribbon around her hair, or her obi being red. Shisa wanted to make the scarf red as a momento. His scarf is also considered to be the 'Red string of Fate' ironically.

    Kenseiken: He wears two of them on the right side of his head.

    Standard Captain's uniform: With his division embedded on the back. It has sleeves, and he wears it as a cloak. It has small loose collars which are folded and the scarf he wears over it keeps it on him securely to wear as a cloak--Even when fighting momentarily.

    Tekkous: The male wears 2 black fingerless Tekkos that only cover the back of his hands.

    Zanpakuto sealed appearance: wip description
    Zanpakuto Shikai apperance:
    Zanpakuto Bankai Appearance(Division Captains only):

    Zanpakuto sealed Abilities:
    - - -

    Zanpakuto Shikai Abilities:
    Its pretty much like Byakuya's Shikai in short--Just with black flames. Telling Amaterasu to incinerate, the blade scatters into ember-like things that are actually tiny blade fragments and leaves only the hilt. However it can be negated if the sword is covered before it scatters. With the hilt, Shisa can control the fragments that gather to look like black flames. He can burn his opponents at a distance and almost break through any defense. His shikai itself can be used as defensive purposes as well.

    Zanpakuto Bankai Abilities:
    Ten no Honō {Flames of Heaven}: Is a much more larger version of Shisa's shikai. His sword simply burns away and disappear as he releases it straight to the ground. While the fire engulfs his sword and goes out, His surroundings get dark--and within seconds, two rows of a thousand giant blades rise up from the ground. They turn a bright white color before dissipating. Then similar to his shikai only larger, he is able to control the movements of the black flames. But unlike his shikai, he can mentally control it and also use his hands--increasing its speed threefold.
    Senkei: *Taken from wiki due to the fact that I can't explain things any simpler than this*
    The true form of Amaterasu. This unites the scattered embers into complete glowing swords, numbering in the thousands, which form four rows. These rows float just above each other, and circle around Shisa and his opponent in a continuously moving, column-like array. It abandons defense in favor of a concentrated offense. Though visually menacing, this form is not meant for attack from all sides; rather, it concentrates his Bankai into fewer blades, thus increasing his attack power. While Shisa can mentally control these swords, he commonly calls them to his hands for actual melee combat. When in his hand, they lose their glow, and take the form of his sealed Zanpakutō. While they seem solid in this state, the swords can just as easily dissipate back into the multitude of tiny blades they are made up of. It seems to take fewer blows from a Senkei blade to gravely injure an opponent than the multiple cuts needed from the unfocused Bankai. Senkei seals Shisa in with his enemy, allowing neither combatant to move very far from each other, though the area is still large enough for maneuverability. The deadliest aspect of the Senkei form is that it allows for use of all the swords at the same attack level, making it a way to effectively defeat an enemy unaware of the danger of the situation. It is extremely rare for Shisa to use this ability, doing so only when he has sworn to cut down the opponent with his very own hands. This technique requires Shisa's blood to activate.
    Gōkei: {wiki} This form increases the number of tiny blades immensely. It creates a spherical formation of innumerable blade fragments, which swirl around the opponent like a cloud before flying into them from every possible angle, leaving no blind spots and no possibility of escape. It proceeds to collapse in on itself, obliterating the opponent.
    Shūkei: Hakuteiken: {wiki} This condenses each and every one of his blades into a single, potent sword, drastically increasing its cutting power. The spiritual energy and pressure released by this form is immense. The blade appears bright white this time, and its aura takes the form of a bird, earning it the name Hakuteiken(White Imperial Sword). Pure white wings form on Shisa's back, as well as a halo-like circle, made of concentrated spiritual energy. This form's blade can create aggravated injuries in a single blow. The wings can be used for flight.

    Bakudo #130; (name): An orb of light gathers from the fingers of Shisa, momentarily confusing his opponent. The light soon bursts, blinding them temporarily -for 3 seconds- before 1-15 canine/beast-like creatures will appear to pin his opponent down while doing some damage. Their appearance varies upon how tough and big his opponent is. They may come as a pack or as one large foo-dog. But usually this move is a last resort for binding/pinning down his opponent. Usually if they come in packs, they'll bite your vulnerable areas and will even hold your zanpakuto back, pinning you in place to not move (2 on each legs, 1 on each arms, 1 large one over your back, etc). It may do damage, however if a pack appears, thats when Shisa is weak in most cases. The pack can be used strategically as well, and require lots of energy if Shisa wants a certain amount of number or certain beastly canines participating. However after years of tampering with this newly made technique, he is used to it in particular. With this ability, It can be used for tracking (scent from a piece of cloth or by blood), binding, or even communication (Wolves are mentally linked to each other and the only person being the user ; They can also speak).

    Bakudo #100; unnamed: A defensive wall created to protect against an enemy's attack. Its rectangular and transcendent, protecting up to level 120 attacks. If the level is over 120, all it can merely do is take some of its power by half before breaking.

    Hado #4; Byakurai: Alternatively, the practitioner points at the intended target with their index finger and generates a concentrated bolt of lighting to use against the target.

    Hadō #33; Sōkatsui: Blue flames discharge from the palm. The practitioner aims the palm of their hand at their target and generates a torrent of blue energy before firing it at their target. The energy moves like a direct blast or a large wave of energy, depending on the amount of power which is placed into it. Depending on the user's proficiency with the technique, it can damage an opponent's Bankai. Kuchiki Clan members are well versed in this Hadō.

    Hado #73; Soren Sokatsui
    (Name, Style, And Description is Required)
    (Styles are Bakudo, Barriers, Seals, and Hado)
    (Minimum of 5 spells and a maximum of 10 for Captains)
    (These spells are fully customized by you, If you don't know what these should be please ask someone or review someone elses biography)

    Basic enhanced needs {Speed, durability, etc}
    Flash Step
    Strategizing is is stronger points ; But his pride can take him away.

    Shisa acts in an aristocratic manner, being serene and apathetic towards others even when deeply conflicted himself -- Mannerisms to be expected from the 28th head of the Kuchiki Clan. He generally acts indifferent -- bordering on arrogance -- to most situations he is face with, as shown from how he rarely views his opponent as being worth his time. Aloof he is and there are times where he will follow his pride and show it. The male is rather perceptive--However it has been noted that when he was younger he was known to have a hot temper by his grandfather and older captains (Some marked him as a brat, others marked him as a baby). So as he aged more--He surely matured in some ways.
    The male strongly believes in law and order; as the head of one of the great noble families and as a Gotei 13 captain, he works hard for a peaceful society. He feels that if someone in his position does not follow the rules as a good example, no one else will. He also believes that to maintain the order, all law-breakers must be punished, even if it goes against his own wishes. Shisa feels that "part of a captain's responsibilities are to make sure the lieutenant's responsibilities are taken care of" and you will find him doing small errands for his lieutenant depending on the work.
    But in spite of his icy and regal manner, Shisa cares for and protects those important to him. One can say, that he's surely kuudere. In short, he's the nice guy hidden under a gruff exterior. A jerk with a hidden heart of gold, he will indirectly drop hints that he actually cares.


    Shisa Kuchiki was born -obviously- in the Kuchiki clan. One of the noble clans known amongst the Soul Society. He didn't necessarily have a spoiled childhood -The one where you were free to have fun- or one of savagery, rather he spent countless hours training and working very hard in order to be well prepared and become the next Kuchiki head. The only time he didn't train would be if another captain forced the 'Kuchiki Brat' to interact. Be it a game of tag -which they tricked him into a 'challenge'- or hide and seek. To put it simply, he was the youngest at the time really. While everyone was slightly older or just older than him.
    Eventually, Shisa met the expectations of being the next head and thus became a captain as well when he fit the needs and exceeded them. Things went well until Shisa tainted his reputation as a Kuchiki--And how? Well, he took in a commoner from the Rukongai and she wasn't just any plain commoner--She was from one of the top 3 poorest districts. The 78th district called Howling Dog. And at the time, as the current head of the Kuchiki-- he broke the rule of accepting her into his noble clan.
    Within the five years of being married however, Although Shisa had an undying love for her and expressed it--She simply couldn't express it back properly due to the fact that she was always searching for someone much more dear--Someone of her blood. This never bothered Shisa, he understood the situation and accepted it but that didn't mean she never loved him altogether. She did, she was just concerned about her (baby sibling/child/whatever) and wanted her sibling to live a perfect lifestyle here and now since she was living in a life of luxury basically. His wife had ever since felt guilty that she left her sibling in the streets of Howling Dog, and day in and day out would come back to the district in search of (sibling/child/etc), even when she fell terribly ill.
    Now near death, Shisa's wife asked the male to search for her sibling and take (sibling/child/etc) in as his own. The male promised her that, and when she passed away kept that promise.


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    “ … Rosina ⚜ Ootori. ”
    Appears to be 22+ | Sound / Music
    XL I E U T E N A N T
    O F XX T H E

    XX 1 2 XT H XX D I V I S I O NX


    A C C E S S O R Y
    But replace the blue with white ; and no bandages or neckwear either.
    Hakama: Rosina wears the standard black uniform of Shinigami. But her outfit doesn't seem still, rather it has a more flowy appearance.
    Ruffles: You will find that Rosina adds her own flare to the uniform, wearing a ruffled wrapping around her waist.

    Green Ribbon: -Like Rojuro-, Rosina loosely ties her golden locks of hair back with a green ribbon, representing the squad she's in as well. (Olive Green being the color of squad 12). It was originally red to symbolize her name, however was changed due to Shisa's symbolism of Red.

    P L A Y,

    K I N S H A R A
    "My techniques are indeed tricks. However, it is always trickery that captures the hearts of the public. I'll tell you what my Zanpakutō controls - 'music'. Its deceptive melodies resound in your ears and give me power over your very heart. If my deceptions capture your heart, they can burn your body, and even stop your breath. Now. Let us finish with a dance I'm sure will suit you wonderfully."

    Zanpakuto sealed appearance:
    In its sealed form, the hilt-guard of Rosina's Zanpakutō is shaped like a diamond, with curved concave edges, and has an orange handle.


    Zanpakuto Shikai apperance:
    Rosina's zanpakuto takes the form of a Golden whip, with a flower-like blade at the end. The hilt remains the same though, and she is able to perfectly control the movement of the whip at ease--Changing its direction fluidly and such. When she uses the whip, it makes a sound similar to the light playing of piano keys. The whip's tip can be used to impale, and can effortlessly rip a living being apart with a simple flick.
    Zanpakuto Shikai Abilities:
    Arpeggio: Rose levitates her Zanpakutō and scabbard in a cross shape in front of her. She moves her fingers as if playing a piano, which is accompanied by the sound of piano keys being played. A wire appears, and wraps around her intended target. Her hand glows with a yellow light, and with simple hand movements she plays different notes, causing the target to become further constricted by the wire until it is eviscerated by the wire's crushing force.

    Shikai: Rosina's release command is Play (Upon release, Kinshara's blade becomes a gold whip, tipped off with a flower from its namesake, while the hilt stays the same. The whip is extendable, and can also be used as a long-range weapon.

    Kinshara Sōkyoku Dai Jūichiban: When the flower at the end of Rose's whip attaches itself to the enemy, Rose taps on the whip with her fingers, causing it to glow and make the sound of a strummed guitar string. This sound travels up the length of the whip to the flower tip, and creates a vortex of reverberating sound that acts as a shockwave, destroying everything within a considerable area of the blast.

    Kido Spells:
    Bakudo #130 (Unnamed/original Kido spell by Shisa)
    Hado #33; Sokatsui
    - Kyosei Nemuri (Forced Slumber): A kido spell in which the practitioner holds their hand in front of their victim's face, the victim's pupils dilate several times before they fall unconscious.

    Other Skills:
    - One of the Kido masters, Rosina can perform Kido spells usually without chants.
    - Master swordswoman: She views herself as a capable swordswoman and is confident in this area.
    - Whip Mastery: Rosina is quite masterful with a whip-like weapon. She is able to move Kinshara's Shikai form with little effort, and able to control the direction of the attack with great ease to better confuse the enemy.
    - Ambidexterity: She is capable of wielding the released Kinshara in both her right and left hands.

    Rosina appears to be a woman with an air of disinterest. She looks rather foppish at first glance, but in actuality is also one of the laid back members of the soul society. She is quite the people-person and holds a benevolent nature. No matter what, she's always with someone and is rarely seen hanging around the soul society alone. She's simply likable in a way and thats mainly because of how she speaks. She doesn't change her behavior or mannerisms at all, the woman simply just knows how to talk to people in a certain way and understand them in order to get in the same level as them and thus, earn their trust and respect. Besides being a person who is in the crowd talking with others, Rosina can also be frequently seen tuning her guitar, singing, or even lazing cattily around the barracks of squad 12 or even 11 where she bothers another close acquaintance of hers, Ishida Kenpachi depending on business taking place.

    The blonde also holds a shameless and romantic behavior, and she's pretty down to earth in general. So expect her wearing her heart on her sleeves. Hell, If she noticed you're avoiding her, she'll serenade you. In public. LOUD. But thats just part of her personality/silly side, You can't necessarily stay mad at her for long when she does such 'shamefully embarrassing things'.
    She can be somewhat humorous due to her love for art, music, and literature--But such things just make her whimsical and maybe even quirky at times.

    It is not laziness she shows, but rather disinterest. Despite the aura of disinterest she shows, a sort of deep and caring behavior towards those she is surrounded by. And if a task is given to her? She will fulfill it to the best of her ability. You'll notice that she will pay close attention to dramatic effect during a battle as well. Normally she strives to please others, and if a duty is given she strives to please that particular person, But it doesn't mean this is something she always does really. Its nothing to serious. She simply feels at peace when others are satisfied in some way. So less than credited for, she is quite the skillful and capable woman.

    Ren Ichimoku ; Deceased father

    But he was the blonde one ._ .


    Misaki ; Deceased Mother

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  5. Guerra for 2nd espada. I could put the original CS for him if ya want.
  6. Yeah, you'll have to do that.
  7. Name: Getsuga Shiba
    Age: appears 22 is really 178
    Position: Head of the department of research and development
    Division: Squad 12 Captain
    Element: Reishi attacks

    With Lab Coat (open)

    Accessory: Obviously the twelth division captains cloak
    Zanpakuto name: Mugetsu
    Zanpakuto Spirit:
    sealed appearance:
    Abilities: when sealed it looks like any other zanpakuto. But unlike the others it's much lighter yet at the same time stronger than one let him swing it much faster.
    shikai appearance:
    Abilities: The blade lets him use his signature move the Getsuga Tensho which he created when he and his brother Ishinn Shiba became soul reapers.​

    bankai appearance:
    Abilities: His bankai looks much like the final getsuga tensho, however it does not make him loose his soul reaper powers anyone in the shiba clan can use the final getsuga tensho cause he granted it to them if they were a soul reaper and had bankai at the cost of losing their soul reaper powers the abilities are much more dense since it's a blade made completley of reishi. When he use the getsuga technique everything turns black and white and no noises can be heard and it's then called Saigo no getsuga tensho and ends with his zanpakuto's name, mugetsu. What it means to become 'Getsuga.'​

    Kido spells: Hado #120 oktensan a clear bubble is hurled into someone and uses there own reishi making their reishi implode on themselves the catch it's only as strong as the person it's used on yet also using up much of the users as well,
    #140 Saitaisho is a combination of his getsuga tensho and the hado spell #120,
    #123 morikontasha is used on the zanpakuto and you point the tip at the enemy causing them to go blind for a few short seconds burning their eyes.
    bakudo spells: #200 seikibudo if the enemy is on the ground you cast on the ground making what seems to be a spider web catching them tightly to the ground.
    #201 serinkoto while close up cast the spell at the enemy causing them to collapse unable to move for ten seconds or more.

    Personality: Getsuga is confident, headstong, and caring. If the mission is to dangerous he wont put his squad members in harms way. He is fearless but gets to confident at times.
    Background: When getsuga ws born into the clan he was weak because there was so much dense reishi pushed into his body when born. As he grew so did his reishi. He grew up usually laying in a bed on occasion he'd get let out to watch fireworks on special occasions. He always loved the bright colors he always got see. One day when he was 13 a soul reaper had found him and said he had a strong spiritual pressure. It was the head captain himself that had found him and took him to the soul society. Thus he learned how to control his spiritual pressure making his body stronger. He was a smart kid overall he like science a lot and tried new things others wouldn't even consider. He gained a zanpakuto and started as a 4th seat for squad 5. Slowly he got stronger and stronger and learned his zanpakuto's name. He was so confident in himself that he wanted to go straight for bankai, but the head captain wouldn't want him to since he was full of it. For years he trained and go stronger and was soon ready to learn bankai by that time he went from a fourth seat of squad 5 to the lieutenant of squad 3. He left to train for a few years and when he came back he had learned bankai. He was then promoted by the head captain to captain of squad 12.
    Theme song:
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  8. Name: Kaito Shira
    Age: Unknown but looks to be 25
    Number(1-10): 4
    Ranking: Vasto Lorde
    Aspect of death: Solitude
    Animal Aspect:


    Tattoo(Where it is): On his left cheek
    Mask: Kaito's mask is located on the right side of his face.
    Zanpakuto name/appearance:
    Yasei No Tora

    Abilities (Sealed)

    Expert Sonido- Kaito relies mainly on his speed when in a fight which leads him to practice upon his sonido more so than his other Espada comrades.

    Cero- Just like the others he can use the basic Cero, but his is actually a bright yellow instead of the usual crimson.

    Grand Rey Cero- Another technique that is known to all the Espada and has the same color scheme of his regular Cero.

    Bala- This is Kaito's main way of attack since its easy and quick enough to use which fits his style perfectly.

    High spiritual pressure- Being the 4th Espada he is counted amoung the number of having an immense spiritual pressure, but he knows full well that he is not the strongest and takes pleasure in that fact.

    Hierro- Like the other Espada Kaito's skin is tougher than most other hollows, but his is also weaker which leads him to rely upon his speed to avoid more often.

    Novice Swordsman: While he can use his blade well enough to use it in a fight Kaito prefers other means of attack rather than basic swordsplay.


    The only boost Kaito gets from this form is anincrease speed and power towards his physical abilites and cero abilities. Although the mouths on his shins are not just for show since they can also be used to launch a cero at close range which he takes pleasure in using to throw off his opponents even more.


    Kaito is the very definition of lazy as he shall always be searching for a way to gain power with minimal effort. He is rather kind to most people that come to meet him although he won't be the first person to strike up a conversation unless he needed to find said person to speak upon an important matter.Kaito is possibly the least aggressive member out of all of the Espada since he finds getting angry over simple things too much work. And the biggest shocker to most people is the fact that he is loyal to a fault, but earning his trust isn't all that easy to accomplish as one might think. The main thing that gets him into trouble with most people is the fact of him being extremely blunt and holds back for no one.

    Creation Story:

    Years before all this happened Kaito would never had even dared dream something like this could even be thought of let alone exist. For years he had wandered the deserted waste land known as hueco mundo always searching for new places to live inpeace since most times he was attacked by hungry hollows wishing to expand their strength. While he was strong in his own right his sloth like personalitiy made dealing with multiple fights boring and not worth his time. So like any other slacker he searched for an easy way to gain power that didn't requiremuch work...sadly he didn't search very actively. Soon however said power came to him as he was chosen as the next in line to join the espada ranks. Now with power and authority within his grasp one would hope that he would shape up and begin taking life more seriously...well all of your hopes are misplaced.
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  9. [​IMG]
    December 1st
    Primera Espada
    • Vasto Lorde •

    † † †


    Kihimi is a very cold, callous, and dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both her comrades and enemies should they get in her way. She refers to anyone she does not find interesting as "trash", and treats them as expendable. Despite this, like most of the other Espada, she is not particularly violent, and will only fight when provoked.

    Gigai Form and Espada Outfit (open)


    ♦Minus the black breast band in the center - Kihimi's jack zips and she prefers to keep it halfway undone.
    ♦Larger collar that seems to frame the Primera's face

    Animal Aspect (open)

    ♦ Bat ♦

    Aspect Of Death:

    Zanpakuto name:
    Meaning: Bat


    Abilities †

    Most of Kihimi's basic abilities double in strength and power once in her release form.

    Master Swordswoman
    Though she rarely engages in it, Kihimi is highly skilled in swordsmanship. She possesses flawless precision, and uses her speed to inflict lethal attacks without much effort. Kihimi prefers to wield her sword with her left hand, leaving the other hand free, though it usually remains in her pocket.

    Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant
    Kihimi mostly relies on hand-to-hand combat, rarely drawing her sword at all. Kihimi prefers an off-the-ground method of combat, often attacking opponents from aerial standpoints. Her trademark attack towards prey she likes is to impale them in the upper torso, gouging a hole in them in the same place her hole is located.

    Keen Intellect
    In addition to her remarkable combat prowess, Kihimi is gifted with great insight and understanding of situations at hand. With her calm and collected nature, Kihimi is highly perceptive and analytical, deducing the basic idea of her opponent's skills to figure out their strengths and weaknesses.

    Enhanced Strength
    Kihimi is deceptively mighty for her slim build. She can upturn huge portions of rock floor with a single strike at the ground with her sword. With a single kick, Kihimi is able to send opponents flying and do physical damage to those who seem quite larger than the female herself.

    Immense Spiritual Power
    Kihimi's spiritual power is incredibly strong, being said to suffocate those around her and anyone else in the general vicinity or even at a far off distance. Her spiritual pressure is represented by the many different shades of blue, particularly, baby blue.
    † † †

    Sonido Master
    One of Kihimi's more noticeable traits is her tremendously skillful speed. She can move at incredibly fast speeds, rarely finding challenge when it comes to catching up to any one such person. She is able to quite easily catch up to those who would rather escape her suffocating presence.

    Kihimi can fire Cero from her fingers with excessively destructive power. Her Cero can be charged and fired relatively fast, and is blue instead of the typical red, which is the most common color of a Cero. The force of the blast can send an opponent hurtling long distances, effectively destroying any obstacle in its path at great range. She can fire it from either hand.

    This technique hardens Kihimi's spiritual pressure and fires it like a bullet from her fist. Kihimi's Bala is dark blue, and is powerful enough to blast a huge hole into four or more unseated Shinigami.

    Enhanced Hierro
    The hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. Kihimi's skin is highly durable, even by Arrancar standards. She can deflect attacks of similar power to hers, barehanded. She can defeat typical soul reapers without unsheathing her sword, rendering them defenseless and not sustaining injuries of any kind.

    Enhanced Pesquisa
    The Arrancar ability to sense spiritual energy. While any Arrancar can learn it, Kihimi possesses impressive skill with it. From a single glance at her opponent, Kihimi can immediately determine how powerful her opponent is. She can comprehend the flow and concentration of the person's energy with ease.

    High-Speed Regeneration
    Despite having great speed, durability, and attack power, Kihimi's greatest strength lies in her regenerative power. Kihimi states it is her greatest power, one which most Arrancar give up in return for greater strength. She can quickly regenerate any part of her body except for her brain and internal organs.

    Solita Vista
    This ability allows Kihimi to replay events she has seen to others by removing and crushing an eye, which turns into dust and flows around those she intends to use it on. The dust relays her sight and feelings.

    Gran-Ray Cero
    This ability is a secondary attack, drastically more powerful than Kihimi's previous cero and mildly less stronger than Kihimi's ladder cero oscuras. She is able to fire the Gran-ray Cero at will, which has twice the destructive power to it. Kihimi is able to fire a Cero, Gran-Ray Cero, and her Cero Oscuras without a fighting gesture, creating the element of surprise, however she prefers to use the tips of her fingers.

    A technique used by Espada-level Arrancar, and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the Human World and Hueco Mundo. This opening can also be used to travel to different areas, though it is most known for it's use connecting the hollow/arrancar to the humans and Soul Reapers.

    Resurrection †

    Resurrección Form (open)


    Upon Kihimi's transformation, she is showered in a liquid that seems to be light blue and black rain. Her spiritual pressure is able to shake the earth around her, tremendously altering any fragile structures. She gains massive amounts of height, large black bat wings, and the regular tear streaks coming from her eyes grow in width and length. Her hollow hole also gets quite a bit larger, but is mostly covered by the newly apparent fur lining her breasts and torso, as well as her entire lower half. She appears to be wearing no solidified clothes to speak of, but the new fur on her body covers anything that could be considered indecent. A long black, and pointed tail now resides from her back, and her hollow mask has transformed into two large and up-right horns from either side of her head. Her arms are black and clawed, much like a vicious carnal animals and her feet also become rather animalistic and clawed, giving her the appearance of something more in-human than human.

    † † †

    Luz De La Luna
    She can generate light-blue energy javelins, and can use them as ranged weapons, throwing them at an opponent, and as a melee weapon.

    Cero Oscuras
    Kihimi possesses the ability to shoot a secondary-type Cero called "Cero Oscuras", a much more deadly and powerful Cero that is able to obliterate practically anything in it's path. It's main body is black with a dark, to light-blue outline.

    She can use her very long and agile tail as a whip to lift, strike, or strangle a victim.

    Lanza del Relámpago
    Kihimi creates a javelin-like weapon using her spiritual power. It is quite like her energy javelins, with the only, if quite noticeable, difference being the energy flowing off of each end in a fashion similar to blue flames, making it look more arrow-shaped. She can use this weapon as a projectile or as a melee weapon. When thrown, it produces an incredibly destructive explosion on impact, which dwarfs the fortress of Las Noches in height. Kihimi prefers to not use the attack at close range, most likely because the resulting blast would damage herself as well as Las Noches. While she can use these spears in rapid succession, she has difficulty controlling their trajectory.

    † † †

    Segunda' Etapa †
    >> Among the Espada, Kihimi is the only one who has achieved a secondary release. In this form, Kihimi's basic abilities exceed a astounding level of power <<

    Segunda Etapa Form (open)


    "Diminish the light..."
    Upon Kihimi's secondary transformation, she takes on a much more masculine and in-human appearance. Retaining wings and horns from her previous release, as well as claws, most everything else about the woman has changed. Her feet have become thick shadowy tendrils that course and pulse like a humans heartbeat, while her entire body has also seemed to take on this form (albeit a slight feminine quality to it). Kihimi's face shifts to what can only be described as a "beasts" - the bat qualities gone, she no possesses a jaw of razor sharp teeth, and light blue flames (that are actually a different shade of shadow) where her eyes once were. Her hands have grown in size and length, immense enough to contort the limbs into a freakish play on marionette strings. Her body is encompassed by clouding shadows that move with life on each step she takes. In this form, Kihimi retains no ability for verbal communication and her hollow hole has simultaneously disappeared as well. She is still able to control her different abilities through thought process, making this transformation much more deadly in the aspect of surprise.
    † † †
    Manipulación Miedo
    Kihimi can sense and manipulate the dread, fear, horror and terror, of herself, people, animals and other creatures, whether by increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise channeling fear, even manifesting the emotional energy to physical level. She can cause others fear even the most harmless of things to the point of becoming catatonic.

    • Fear Absorption
    • Fear Aura
    • Fear Constructs
    • Fear Detection
    • Fear Empowerment
    • Fear Form
    •Fear Perception
    • Fearlessness

    Manipulatio Oscuridad
    In her secondary release state, Kihimi can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: one can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there, create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create constructs and weapons, teleport one's self through massive distances via shadows, etc.

    • Blanketing (to cover something in complete darkness)
    • Darkness "Mist"
    • Shadow Camouflage/Cloaking
    • Darkness Adaptation
    • Darkness Attacks
    • Darkness Solidification via controlling darkness/shadow
    • Animating/manipulate darkness/shadow, whether users own or cast by anything else.
    • Tentacles/tendrils, chains and/or threads to attack or bind.
    •Umbrakinetic Constructs, including weapons, walls, armor or allies/servants.

    Though Kihimi does not remember much of her past aside from darkness and loneliness, she does remember being born from the black world beyond Las Noches. The day she became the Primera Espada gave her new life and purpose towards the goals of the arrancar.
    Currently, her goals lie unfinished and unsettled, allowing the arrancar copious amounts of time to do utterly nothing, reminding her much of the darkness she was born into. She channels this loneliness into discovering more about the human world, concealing her lustful hatred towards the Shinigami and their leader.


    Age: 190 | Appears 20
    Lieutenant of the First Division

    Jayr reflects a loyal subject bound to the leash of their leader. He possesses amicable loyalty and perseverance towards those he admires and feels strongly for the need to better himself in life. Jayr truly knows no bounds when it comes to accepting a responsibility from those directly above him. He is a kind hearted soul, quite gentle in nature, though he will constantly push himself to become better in a fighting atmosphere. He enjoys training and pushing himself to the limit, though will easily cave in on himself if the object or person presented before him holds any kindling to that of something adorable.
    ❇ ❇ ❇

    Meaning: Twin Daggers of the Moon and Stars

    Sealed Appearance (open)


    Shikai Appearance (open)


    Master Dagger User
    Jayr is skilled in the field of dagger usage. He sports a set of twin daggers as his 'singular' form zanpakuto that he has developed the skill to use as a practically simple and singular sword. He finds it easy to wield the double blades and engages in regular skill-sharpening practices to heighten his already excellent skills. Due to the nature of Jayr's daggers being of twin origin, the man has adapted to a life of being ambidextrous; and is able to brandish either dagger in one hand or the other.
    Shunpo Expert
    As a lieutenant, Jayr possesses the speed and dexterity to be a expert in the art of shunpo. His speed is a result from years of practice and constant practice.
    Extensive Spiritual Pressure
    Jayr possesses extensive spiritual pressure, that of a lieutenants. His spiritual pressure is represented by the colours green and red.
    Expert Strategist & Tactician
    Though he doesn't look like much of a 'thinker', Jayr is highly skilled in the art of Strategy and Tactical advances, especially on the battle field. He holds a crown to most other lieutenants in this category and considers it his greatest strength.
    Enhanced Duribility
    Jayr possess a secondary strength he considers to be a matched set when it comes to strategy and tactician. His enhanced durability allows him to take many hits and still continue regardless of greater injury to his body.

    Shikai Abilities
    ✥Retención de Sangre
    In Shikai form, Jayr's zanpakuto gives him the ability to control his own blood, the blood of animals, and any exposes blood on anothers body. With this ability, Jayr is able to move and attack with his own blood in many different forms.
    Sangre Curativa

    Jayr is able to cauterize his wounds using his zanpakuto's ability of blood control. This allows him to recover from most wounds, keeping the precious liquid inside his body.

    Kaidō (回道, Turn Way)
    This ability has no designated number or incantation. It allows the user to heal their reiatsu by restoring what was lost. This ability is best used on others rather then ones self.
    Futtōshitaoyu (沸騰したお湯, Boiling Waters)

    This seal allows Jayr to take control of the water inside anothers body and heighten the temperature to immobilizing standards. The incantation and amount of spiritual pressure needed to cast this certain Kido seal is immense, and Jayr rarely uses it, though practices it's use from time to time.
    Sen Katto (千カット, A thousand Cuts)

    This hadō is cast by placing both pinky fingers together in a downwards triangle facing whatever lays below you, the users other fingers are scrunched together atop the outward facing pinkies. Sen Katto is the ability to inflict multiple incisions of non-lethal origin on anothers body, related to paper cuts.
    Shino Nagare (死の流れ, Death Stream)


    This Hadō forms a blast from the casters fingertips (in Jayr's case, it's a stream of water) that can be shot off in a straight line from where the users index finger is pointing. This Hadō can be cast multiple times and with quick re-fires. It is mostly used to stun, but not fatally injure an opponent.
    Ketsueki Kanmon (血液関門, Blood Barrier)


    Ketsueki Kanmon is Jayr's strongest (and favourite) Kidō ability. Upon casting this, Jayr's body takes in any and all blood currently undetained by his body itself, wrapping it around his flesh, much like a coat. It's density hardens to a near unbreakable point, giving the man an armor of his own blood.

    Jayr's human life forever reminds him of failure. He had no ambitions, goals, or purpose in his life and greeted death as an old friend. Though his passing was a tragic one, at the age of 19, the young boy merely saw his timely death as one of greater purpose. Upon awakening in the Soul Society, Jayr had immediately fixated himself on the ever vivacious ranks and titles of the seated Shinigami, especially admiring the captains and lieutenants that protected the Soul Society and all it's inhabitants.
    For many years, Jayr trained, pushing himself in Shin'ō Academy to be the best he could where it came to fighting, defense and Kidō usage. His hard work and vigor payed off in the end, as he was granted an unseated position under the Head Captain of the Soul Society.. His enthusiasm, trustworthy ethics and loyalty quickly proved he was an admirable and morally sound individual, capable of holding a higher seat, and after many years of training and proving himself - Jayr was promoted to Lieutenant of the First Division of the Gotei 13.

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  10. Name:
    Aki Kobayashi

    Fingerless Forearm gloves and two Kanzashi (Pointy Japanese hairpins) and of course the 5th division's captain's cloak
    Zanpakuto name:
    Kizoku Ha (Noble Leaf)
    Zanpakuto sealed appearance:
    A bigger double handed sword that she carries on her back, yet still a bit slim and elegant
    Zanpakuto Shikai Appearance:
    Like a regular katana except for a leaf shaped hand guard that is actually sharp as well as a small chain.

    Zanpakuto Bankai Appearance:
    Slide 1
    Slide 2

    Zanpakuto sealed Abilities:
    Her speed keeps her from having to fully unsheath her sword, a formidable opponent even without having to use her zanpakuto, and it's lightness despite being dual handed helps her move swiftly and not get too much in the way of close combat.

    Zanpakuto Shikai Abilities:
    Since Noble Leaf get in the shape of a katana, she can still move swiftly, and with it's sharp hand guard she can even use that in combat as well.

    Zanpakuto Bankai Abilities:
    Much like Byakuya Kuchiki's Bankai, Aki's zanpakuto scatters into autumn leaves sharp as blades. When needed, some of the leaves reform to make a strong yet shorter sword for her to use in combat, and the remaining leaves shield her or attack her opponent.

    Kido Spells:
    Bakudo #83, Tsuru kōsoku - Thick and thorny vines surround and restrain the target, tightening when they move.
    Bakudo #68, Tsuiseki-wa - A small feather of light is released into the wind and tracks and follows a target. The target has to be in sight when the spell is made and it cannot continue to track unless the user is not too far away.
    Bakudo, Barrier #71, Hikari tojikome - Four walls of light confine a target and trap it inside. The light can be blinding depending on the amount of power the user puts into the spell.
    Hado #123, Hikari no ha - Red lights shaped like blades pierce the target from multiple directions and blow up on command. Uses a great amount of power on the user to make them blow up, so the command is only used when extremely necessary.
    Hado #104, Hinotama - A ball of light and fire is blasted from the users palm to the target, which explodes into other balls of fire when making contact. Works well when facing a large amount of enemies as it can take out multiple - yet only weaker - opponents.
    Hado #37, Heddopanchi - A weaker spell mainly used when a weaker target needs to be knocked out. It is quite literally a punch to the head.

    Other Skills:
    Amazing Speed, Flash Step - Among one of the fastest in the Gotei 13
    High Strength - Her size and build can deceive many but she is a very strong woman, with a very high tolerance for pain.
    Master in close combat- She is very skilled in close combat, combined with her strength this skill is very useful to her, though she mainly uses that skill to deal with what seem to be less formidable opponents for some reason.

    On the outside, Aki is a polite and thoughtful woman who always ponders on what to say and what is being said instead of outright joining into a conversation, speaking her mind when need be. She does have a temper which she is famous for. Out of politeness, she prefers not to show her anger in loud displays but through pursed lips, sharp quiet words that are scarier than an angry rant, and simmering body language, though in her division and among other divisions other than the captains, she is seen as an angry dragon lady as she is more tough on those who are in her division and so on despite her efforts to keep her angry displays to a minimum(as best she can), though she does accept being "annoyed" or "bothered" (as they believe her to be) by her division members than mostly any other shinigami. She is a formidable and serious opponent in battle. Though she does have a temper, she cares for her division members like a family and keeps everyone in line and out of any trouble as best she can, like a mother duck.
    Aki was born in Junrinan(District 1) of the Rukon District. She grew up with her grandfather, who was a peaceful yet strong man who owned a small shop of trinkets and jewelry he liked to make out of the randomest of things. He taught her of his craft as well as small lessons in simple close combat skills in case she would need them. Though she loved her grandfather greatly, Aki felt she needed more in life and knew she had potential for something greater, feeling her heart tugging for a better purpose. She would realize later on that this tugging was her Zanpakuto spirit, Kizoku Ha. Her grandfather felt proud of her decision yet sad to see her go. He gave her the two Kanzashi she always wears in her hair before enrolling in the Soul Reaper Academy. She graduated with exceptional skills, soon rising to become the strong captain of division 5 and has been ever since. Soon after becoming captain, her division members found a stray dog wandering in their barracks. Not knowing what to do, they went to her for help, and so she took the dog in and he has been her most loyal furry friend ever since, going everywhere with her when he could keep up.

    She has a small dog, a Basenji, named Tadao whom she loves dearly.
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  11. Shizuka KurenaiName: Shizuka Kurenai
    Age: Looks to be in her early 20s, keeps her actual age living in the Soul Society unknown
    Position: Captain
    Division: 4
    Element: "Soul drain"
    Appearance: Listed to the right
    Accessory: Aside from trying to wear what she wants to (such as in the appearance, usually in the case of a Gigai where it's more lenient to accept) she wears the standard shihakusho and Captain's hoari

    Zanpakuto name: Kaiyuri
    Zanpakuto Spirit (open)

    Zanpakuto sealed appearance (open)
    An 80cm long katana from hilt to the tip of the blade, the hilt ornately designed; copper inlaid upon the guard, black rayskin and white braiding.

    Zanpakuto Shikai apperance (open)
    The sealed blade remains while another appears; a dual-blade zanpakuto (second blade below)

    Bankai name: Kaiyuri-Hana
    Zanpakuto Bankai Appearance (open)

    Zanpakuto sealed Abilities: N/A; Acts as an ordinary blade

    "Surrender your will, Kaiyuri"
    Zanpakuto Shikai Abilities: In Shikai form, Kaiyuri transforms into a pair of 90cm katanas, the original still retaining its form but a longer blade, where another of a particular color scheme comes into play with the hilt ornately designed; gold inlaid upon the guard, red rayskin and traditionally black braiding. In this form, its power resides in an ability to send out slashed 'waves' of energy that are black with a white outline to their color. Physical contact with them would cause moderate lacerations, not as bad as getting cut by the weapon itself but they are focused. This technique is named 'Munashii Setsudanki'

    "Succumb to your desires, Kaiyuri-Hana"
    Zanpakuto Bankai Abilities: In Bankai form, Kaiyuri transforms into a different weapon entirely as she becomes Kaiyuri-Hana. The twin katanas morph even longer and combine, taking the form of a giant scythe. The abilities in shikai still remain and strengthen in this form, a robe donning over Shizuka's attire with a torn hood. Atop of being a different weapon type entirely and larger, her reach is immense in close-combat and if struck by this deadly blade, a blackened 'scar' appears upon the slash, leaving a lingering burning feeling that eventually feels as though their soul is being drained of their being. In reality, it is sapping away the victim's spirit energy into the air around them, some of it leeching to Shizuka's weapon itself. The stronger the opponent in willpower and other factors, the slower this will take effect. The only way the effect will disappear is either through defeating her, her bankai goes away, or she removes it by decision. Munashii Setsudanki can also leave this mark upon physical contact, but only direct contact of the blade leaves more fuller, efficient 'scars' to take effect on the opponent. As well to add for said ability, its power, size and range does increase in her bankai form.

    Kido Spells:
    Hado #4 Byakurai
    Hado #33 Sokatsui
    Hado #73 Soren Sokatsui
    Hado #90 Kurohitsugi (Not mastered, continued research/training)
    Bakudo #81 Danku
    Bakudo #77 Tenteikura
    Bakudo #62 Hyapporankan
    Bakudo - Shibireyubi
    Barrier - El Escudo

    Other Skills: Flash Step, High Reiatsu, High Defense, Kaido - Forms of healing kido (didn't know if this belonged here or among the kido spells)

    Personality: Usually calm, lively. Smiles often and cheery, though she can be rather invasive of 'personal' info and light perversions for humor. However, when her guard's down, she can usually fall victim to prudish behavior on her part, mostly to blame on her own zanpakuto's behavior. When serious, her smile drops as her brows terse, tone usually getting a little deeper as she focuses at the task at hand. When she's like this, her emotions usually wash away, leaving only determination, a cold, calculating look and to some, intimidation upon her visage.
    Background: Growing up in one of the wealthier districts of the Rukon area, she was found by a few shinigami that were scouting for people to join, and she, among others showed the common traits of such to become academy students, such as the hunger. Progressing decently enough, she showed a knack towards learning and controlling kido, proving to be a prominent choice towards kido-type shinigami.

    It was around the time she graduated that she discovered her shikai and the name of her zanpakuto. At best, when she first visited her Inner World, she was taken aback by the appearance of her sword. It was a woman, no younger or older than she in appearance, but was definitely more.. Provocative.. After she graduated, Shizuka was picked for a position within Division 4 for her kido control and impressive understanding of kaido, or healing kido. Over a long period of time, through experience, training and dedication, Shizuka was given the position of 4th Division Captain.

    Theme Song:

    Kairi VeritahlName: Kairi Veritahl
    Age: Looks to be in her early 20s
    Position: Lieutenant
    Division: 11
    Element: Indomitable Spirit
    Appearance: Listed to the right
    Accessory: Wears the standard shihakusho but often takes it off when she knows she'll be releasing her zanpakuto. Otherwise will be seen in this:

    Zanpakuto name: Keito
    Zanpakuto Spirit (open)

    Zanpakuto sealed appearance (open)

    Zanpakuto Shikai apperance (open)

    [BCOLOR=#800000]NOTE: This is for the sake of putting the details of it up. This does not mean she has access to Bankai (Unless allowed or gained in the RP)[/BCOLOR]
    Bankai name: Keito Kuraiga
    Zanpakuto Bankai Appearance (open)
    (Minus the glowing palm that the spirit form's picture has, think of it just armored)

    Zanpakuto sealed Abilities: It is longer than an ordinary katana, closer to that or beyond a nodachi/okatana. With each differing stage of the zanpakuto, they each change the host's capabilities both physically, mentally and spiritually. In a way, the essence of the zanpakuto and host become one in balance.

    "Force unto submission all who oppose.."
    Zanpakuto Shikai Abilities: Upon release, the blade itself vanishes as two gauntlets form around Kairi's hands and shin-plates of similar design appear on her legs. This is where she spends most of her time fighting. The zanpakuto itself essentially bonds with her this way, increasing her strength and durability. In its Shikai state, Kairi can temporarily double or triple her power for a short time with a boosting move she calls Kyouka-Ni/Mi (2/3). As well, besides the boost, the attacks themselves have unique effects to the opponent should they connect. She can either add an intense increase to kinetic force to add a hell of a punch, or a lingering effect that will eventually numb the areas she attacks. The numbing is differential depending on how many times and where the opponent is hit, as well as their resilience. There is a visual difference between the two, as if she goes straight for the powerhouse, her fists would spark with an aura that looks like its crackling with lightning. With the numbing effect, they'd see a fire-like aura.

    [BCOLOR=#800000]NOTE: Same as above, not obtained unless allowed, etc.[/BCOLOR]
    "Shatter their will into nightmares.."
    Zanpakuto Bankai Abilities: This is where things get intense. When Bankai is released, a red glow emanates brightly from her right eye and her entire right arm morphs to a giant, monstrous-like gauntlet/claw. Her attire also changes along with it, in which it is said in this release her zanpakuto's true form shows itself most as she nearly takes his entire shape in appearance and attire. With greater power and speed, her previous abilities are obviously increased while gaining much more destructive capabilities. The sword returns to the fray in the shape of a giant blade, much like a zweihander which she seems to swing around with ease. Despite gaining the blade back, she still retains most of her fighting through her body. As destructive and overpowering this bankai may be, it's dangerous to stay in it for too long.

    Depending on form, the longer the battle goes, the more straining it can be on her body in all aspects that it increased. Pushing too far can damage herself and even render her unconscious, and if much greater, lead to drastic injury or even death.

    Kido Spells:
    Hado #31 Shakkaho
    Bakudo #8 Seki

    Other Skills: High Offense, High Speed, High Reiatsu
    Personality: Unpredictable at best, loyal and kind to friends and family, serious to her duty, lax socially, enjoys her battles a bit too much
    Background: Kairi never remembered much of her past in the world of the living, but in the Soul Society, she grew up from the beginnings of her teens in the worse-off districts of the Rukongai. Often having to do menial chores or thievery to those who denied her to get food, it was common of her to get into some fights. Most, she'd win, some she didn't. However those scraps of food were becoming more and more of a burden to her than a haven. She needed to eat more without feeling hungry in shorter spans of time, and that itself caused more issues, more fights.

    She wasn't happy with any of it, despite getting a kick out of the fighting she had done. Most girls avoided her for that, both for causing trouble and in slight fear. Boys wanted to pick fights to show who was boss, only to find their tails tucked between their legs and kept their distance from her. She grew lonely rather quickly.

    Eventually however, these particular reasons were what revealed her to some scoutings that the Shinigami from the Seireitei had undertaken. She was offered to join on more than one occasion, but refused twice albeit reluctantly of her own pride. On the third, she finally gave in, convinced that her life would be better to join them, atop of still retaining who she was.

    The academy was rough for her to take on, often finding trouble with Kido. Despite that, she more than made up for it from her resilience and immense willpower to keep fighting. She wasn't satisfied to be seen as someone weaker than somebody else, unless it was something understandable in the difference of power, like a Captain. Her rugged attitude often got her into fights both in the academy and afterwards in other squads, but she never let the consequences get her down. She loved fighting, albeit half of them were caused by stupid reasons from the opposite party.

    It was likely her attitude, along with her fighting style and habits that got her into the 11th division in the end. A perfect fit for her. There were always others ready to fight, to get stronger or to just show off. She loved to knock people like that down a peg to get them more 'grounded' to reality. Seeming to have a goal in mind to drive her forward, it was just knowing the fact about the stories of Kenpachis always meant that they were the strongest of the shinigami, something that always thrilled her when she'd hear it. Ever since, she's always had it in her to someday be able to fight on par with her captain, wanting to find the fight of her life, and she knew full well that if she ever grew strong enough, people like her Captain would be able to grant her wish.

    Theme Song:

    The appearance will eventually change to better fit the details but it will be some time.
    Kurono AkitachiName: Kurono Akitachi
    Age: Looks in her late 20s
    Number(1-10): 5
    Ranking: Adjuchas - Arrancar
    Aspect of Death: Sacrifice
    Animal Aspect: Shark

    Appearance: Kurono has pale skin, sapphire eyes, thick eyelashes, and short pink hair; which she usually keeps messy with three braided locks. She wears a variation of the Arrancar jacket with a high collar, which covers the lower part of her face downward, while baring a good portion of the lower half of her large breasts. The jacket has a zipper running along its entire length, which is opened from the bottom upwards. It has a beige air filter on either side just below the trim. The jacket's sleeves completely envelop her arms, terminating in black glove-like extensions at her extremities, resembling the appearance of a cat's paw.

    Tattoo(Where it is): Her Espada tattoo is placed on the left side of her right breast.

    Mask: The remnants of her Hollow mask consist of the sides of her face, her mouth, and an extensive area below and around her neck extending down to, and also covering the upper and middle half of her breasts. She usually hides these remnants from view with her jacket. The mask on her face is removable, able to be regenerated by natural abilities as a hollow.

    - Cero
    Able to concentrate and fire a wide-arced cero by swinging her sword.
    Also capable of firing them from her hands, although it is strongest by her blade.
    - Cero Cornea
    Although weaker than an ordinary cero, it is faster and much harder to detect
    - Descorrer
    - Sonído Master
    - Master Swordswoman
    - Immense Spiritual Power

    Zanpakuto Name: Tiburón
    Zanpakuto Appearance (open)

    Resurrección Appearance (open)
    Holding her Zanpakutō in front of her with the blade pointing down, Kurono, declaring the release command, is completely enveloped by a heart-shaped surge of water which closes around her to form a cocoon-like cyclone, which Kurono cuts herself out of. In this form, her clothes and Espada tattoo are gone. Her mask remnants become a collar, with extensions covering her breasts. She gains spaulders on her shoulders, which bear a resemblance to shark fins, and two ribbon-like protrusions on her back. A thin, spine-like structure forms on her stomach, spanning from her waist to the underside of her breasts. Kurono wears a mini-skirt consisting of bones surrounding a dark undergarment. She wears a pair of knee-length boots and elbow-length gloves. Her weapon takes the form of a broad pata, which resembles an elongated shark tooth, featuring an unusual hilt with a hand guard which completely covers her hand. The sword possesses gill markings along either side of the blade. Kurono loses her three braids, causing her hair to become messy, and gains two blue lightning bolt markings on both sides of her face.


    Sealed Abilities:
    - Ola Azul
    Pulling her sword back as it gathers hot-pink energy within the hollow portion of the blade, Kurono launches it towards her opponent in the form of an energy blade projectile. She can keep the energy concentrated within the hollow portion of the blade, and unleash it in the shape of a ribbon when attacking.

    "Hunt, Tiburón"
    Resurrección Abilities:
    - Natural abilities are enhanced
    - Water Manipulation
    The gills marked on her blade in this form is where the water is generated used for her attacks and techniques

    - Trident
    Kurono infuses her sword with spirit energy, causing it to glow, and fires a high-force slash from her sword in a series of three shots. Upon contact, it can cause severe damage, cutting an opponent in half with ease.
    - Hirviendo
    Pointing her blade out, Kurono boils any form of water which comes close to it, including ice, and deflects it around her.
    - La Gota
    Kurono can condense large amounts of water around her blade before firing it as a blast which resembles a shark tooth. She can fire multiple blasts in rapid succession with relative ease. The blasts strike with enough force to demolish houses.
    - Cascada
    Kurono launches a rushing surge of water at her enemy. The torrent of water is large enough to cover several town blocks.

    Kurono is calm, taciturn, level-headed, and analytical, preferring to not engage in combat: she is content with silently observing both parties until the fighting reaches its conclusion. She strongly opposes the notion of killing others, especially if done to gain power but will not hesitate to draw that line to those she deems an irreversible threat. Get her to shift from this calmness and you'll have an entirely new beast to deal with. Sharks are notoriously unpredictable after all...

    Creation Story:
    Like most of her kind, not much is remembered of her past as her mind cleared enough for rational thought once she became an Adjuchas. Once that happened, she found a goal among all the devouring, to gain more power with a purpose. She spent several years below within the Menos Forest, watching how the circle of life for hollows had gone. It was a vicious cycle, where those that were weak were destroyed and those that were strong thrived. It was no different to the circle of life we all know, but as it went on between sentient and not-so-sentient hollows, it only fueled an anger within. She was a victim of it as a predator to her prey but deep within she strives to fix that cycle.

    Before becoming a part of the Espada, Kurono had long left the Menos Forest for what lie above. She sought out those that were both weak and strong. She observed those she found interest in, to know their motives and how they acted. To those who showed a genuine form of malice, she fought them to see their resolve. If they failed her test, she killed them if they showed no signs of stopping, only to have seen them become true monsters, once again mindless. To those who were weak, she protected those that simply wanted to find a purpose, rather than being someone's meal, tired of being cowardly. If they were not able to survive alone, then working together as a group would fair better.

    What it all entailed described many things. Perhaps this is what brought the attention of the Espada to her. Whatever the case, she was one of them eventually.

    Theme song:

    Reikuhara Awataro
    Name: Reikuhara Awataro
    Age: 22
    Race: Human - Quincy
    Her Quincy Cross/necklace
    Bow Appearance (open)
    Having reached the state of Heilig Bogen she adopted the weapon form used often by her brother, that being a dual-pair of reishi pistols.

    Bow Abilties:
    - Repel and React
    Similar to her brother, she can focus her collection of reishi to allow her weapons to fire in a spray - Repel, or of concentrated, selective fire - React. Where Repel's power is basic with a high rate of fire, React is of greater caliber in strength, slower, more accurate and poses a larger threat. In most cases, either one could be used offensively or defensively.

    Vollständig Appearance: Four angelic-like looking wings of reishi appear, two up by her shoulder blades and two just above her mid-section. Her indigo-colored eyes take a light-blue glow to them as her silver hair has a gentle glow as well.

    Quincy Items:
    - Seele Schneider | Always keeps a minimum of 2 on hand to NOT fire
    - Gintō | carries atleast 2
    Custom Items:
    - Promise and Judgement
    The pistols that her 'Quincy Bow' entails, a twin pair of pistols she aptly named akin to her brother's but of meanings of her own.
    - 2 custom-designed Seele Schneiders
    Functions are all the same but the solid handle used to fire it as an arrow or hold it as a weapon has specific changes to it to benefit other uses.
    Custom Quincy Techniques:
    - Modifiable Weaponry
    Depending on her situation, she has learned to adopt an interesting style of fighting a times when she feels the need to do so. The use of her guns alongside her custom Seele Schneiders, she has come up with a unique variation of combat by attaching the Seele Schneiders to her pistols like bayonets.
    -Judgement's Reach
    While using Judgement with her custom seele schneiders attached, any wound that the seele schneiders can exploit with their reishi absorption can become a link (Or a few, limit of 3) that can be used to help lead her attacks to her foe. As long as she keeps her target and her trajectory straight with margin of error, the bullets chance of making their mark increase dramatically. Foes that stay on the move erratically can throw off her focus and otherwise drastically lower the chances. Think of it like a Lock-On.
    [BCOLOR=#999999]Note: Ways of figuring this technique out is if the opponent can notice that her shots often target close to the same wounds if she uses this technique[/BCOLOR]

    -Eternal Promise
    Using Promise, Reikuhara can infuse her reishi with a special property that allows her attacks to cause a burning kind of pain that lingers. A noticeable change of this would that the reishi expelled would be a reddish color, also affecting the Seele Schneider that is attached to the gun if it is at the time of use. Using this ability in tandem with Judgement's Reach can be devastating to the opponent mentally if not physically due to the strain it would put on the body as a whole.
    - Master Reishi Manipulation
    - Master Hirenkyaku
    - Advanced-user Vollständig (Below mastered)
    - Master Ransotengai

    Other Skills:
    - She often actually fights in close quarters, making use of Seele Schneiders if she deems a bow is not needed; Knowledgeable CQC
    - Hawk-like vision, she simply has strong eyes and good perception, that is all.
    - A good cook
    - Very acrobatic, from her dedication towards situations involving melee, becoming more limber and agile was necessary as much as it would benefit her archery as well.
    - Strategic Thinker
    - Changes her form of attacks often, going from ranged to melee, to even a mix as the use of 'guns' over bows would allow more diverse movement.
    - While still fully capable of utilizing a Reishi bow as a Quincy, her true strength lies in the use of Promise and Judgement.
    Personality: Calm, collected and kind-hearted. Holds a serious demeanor and an almost mother-like charm about her. Has a tendency to be coy and mischievous at times.

    Younger sister to Satomi Awataro by two years, she grew up with the same luxuries as he did, starting her training when she was 7, insistent that she started to be like her brother, even if it was only learning by words and study for the first couple years to allow her to develop better.

    Following her older brother's shadow, she used that as a guide to help improve herself, her brother proving to be a good role model in his perseverance. Things gradually changed when their parents were then gone, with only the two of them left of the family.

    While in Japan, she continued to train alongside Satomi until she too found her desired skillset. Learning swordplay from her brother, she was influenced with curiosity on her brother's choice of weaponry. Finding her own niche to fit as a proud Quincy, she too eventually donned the choice of guns. The development lead to interesting rumors for their family name seeing both siblings had similar options to etch out their duty as Quincy.

    Despite her brother becoming more distant and cold from events left untold to others, she herself had not changed from the way she was. It did not change anything on how she looked up to her brother however, often trying to pry out his old self here and there with unpredictability.

    Theme Song:
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  13. [​IMG]

    Name: Xenethis Straunnem
    Gender: Male

    Appearance Age: 24-26
    Actual Age: 667

    Aspect of Death: Despair
    Animal Aspect: Sandara
    This Wild Beast is very similar to a Sabertooth or a White Tiger. However, the fire is different than in the picture. It is more like the reiatsu that's flowing around the body, inside and out. It is a mixture of dark red, or crimson and gold. It is pulsing and emanating throughout the body constantly. In other words, the reiatsu is flowing gradually.
    (Black/Crimson Beast)

    Height: 5''10
    Weight: 175 LBS

    Number: Sexta (6th)
    Rank: Adjuchas

    Tattoo: Left Pectoral Muscle
    Mask: It usually covers the right side of his face, but Xenethis is able to remove it completely.

    Zanpakutō Name: Fiera (Wild Beast)​

    Zanpakutō Appearance:


    Pre-Resurrección Appearance:

    Xenethis is a unique Espada, capable enough to materialize the full state of his mask. He can use this state at free will, along with the black crimson flames erupting around his Zanpakutō. He rarely does materialize his own mask to its complete state, he'd rather not. A Shinigami may even consider him a Visored, as his mask is pretty much similar or even identical to theirs.


    General Abilities:

    His general abilities doubles in strength in his Resurrección form,

    Blademaster - Xenethis is exceptionally good with a blade. He is left-handed, and usually has the blade strapped down from his right hip.

    Close Combat Expert - He is able to fight without his blade as well, he may be really good or in other words, an expert at it, but its not something he excels in, but he can still be force to be reckoned with.

    Sonido Master - With his extreme speed, it was only natural that he'd become exceptional when it came to Sonido. He is able to use it to its full extent.

    Enhanced Hierro - Xenethis has been through plentiful hardships in Hueco Mundo. He has been through decades of battles against other creatures such as him. Taking a beating. Never giving up. Having a smile on his face. This allowed him to harden is skin to such a level, that he could tolerate almost every basic or above normal or average attack.

    Enhanced Pesquisa - This is an ability Xenethis has used his time perfecting, despite being the Séptima. Over the course of his time, he has been able to detect various of spiritual pressures/energies throughout Hueco Mundo. He is also able to detect the type of energy he's noticed, whether its a threat/worthy, or not. He was a hunter before, devouring any Hollow's in his path, searching for stronger enemies, hence his natural affinity to perfect this easily.

    Descorrer - A technique used by Espada-level Arrancar, and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo.

    Gran Rey Cero - This ability is given to all Espada. Xenethis is able to use this ability, though the color of this particular cero is pure black with a small hint of the color gold and crimson. Once it hits its destination, it erupts immensely, showing three different colors scattering about. That would essentially be black in its wholeness, along with gold and crimson, which will be similar to small particles flowing about but eventually dissolving.

    Cero - Like any other Espada. Xenethis is able to shoot off a regular cero, which is quite normal, and is not black, but dark red.

    Bala - This should not come as a surprise. Like most of the Espada out there, Xenethis is also able to use Bala in succession however he sees fit. Shooting them out like condensed bullets in quite the speed. May it be burst or not. However, the color of his Bala is unique only to him, being pure black with a hint of the color gold and crimson, just like his Gran Rey Cero.

    Unique Abilities:

    His unique abilities doubles in strength in his Resurrección form,

    Enhanced Strength - Xenethis has been one for his strength, honing it throughout his life as an Hollow and before he even became an Arrancar, let alone a Vasto Lorde. It is exceptional and this also goes to show that his brute strength is also quite devastating.

    Extreme Speed - This is Xenethis' forte. He was a beast, and a rare breed at that, being a mix of a Sabertooth and something else, even in Hueco Mundo. He was unique, and had a natural talent in being extremely fast, along with his reflexes that grew gradually with time. If anything, his speed is said to be unique only to him, and how he utilizes it.

    Sombra Abrasador (Scorching Darkness) - Unique only to Xenethis. As the Pre-Resurrección picture shows. His blade can be engulfed in dark and red energy, which will flow around his entire blade, and extend even further from his Zanpakutō's length, as it is shown in the picture above. It can be used to deal burning or frost damage to his target or opponent. The burning feeling will last for a while. This energy has almost a mind of its own, wrapping the energy extending from the hilt even around his arm, like a chain. If anything, it would almost seem as if the darkness around the Zanpakutō has a mind of its own, looking for the right moment to lash out fiercely.

    Cero Bóveda (Arching Cero) - Unique only to Xenethis. He is able to charge a cero before his chest, at the center of it. It requires slightly more time than a normal Cero before the energy can be released. Once it is released, it will gradually, but quickly, as it approaches its target, it will start arching and widening itself in length. You could say its similar to the Getsuga Tenshou in that regard. However, the color of this particular Cero is unique unlike the others. Its color is pure dark golden, with the outlines being black instead.

    Muriendo Empuje (Dying Thrust) - Unique only to Xenethis. He can point a finger at an enemy or a target, showing a small black sparkle right before his fingertip, before releasing the energy. It is extremely fast and quite thin. Once it hits its target, it will create a small hole, but the penetrating power behind this is devastating. If anything, it could even be seen as a beam.

    Focused Healing Regeneration - Xenethis is able to heal his wounds to some extent. Though it takes time for his wounds to heal back normally, unfortunately its nothing like High-Speed Regeneration. Xenethis is also able to focus his healing ability in a certain area to amp the healing factor increasingly, quickening the healing process. If he does this, he can only focus on one part.

    Terrifying Spiritual Pressure - Xenethis is able to release his spiritual energy to such extent that one would feel some sort of hopelessness and definetely his bloodlust.It can even be able to make weaker opponent freeze wherever they stand, or fall down on their knees. His spiritual energy represents fear and despair. It may even make his targets shake or sweat almost immediately. However his spiritual energy is on par with some of his own kind, the Espada.

    Esconder (Conceal) - Unique only to Xenethis. In his life as a beast or an animal, hunting his prey or stronger opponents allowed him to experiment with his own Spiritual Energy. He is able to decrease his reiatsu to such extent that it would be undetectable by his enemies, may they be his own kind or not. This is mostly used to toy with weaker enemies. Startle them, or to be as stealthy as possible. Hiding in plain sight, perhaps.

    Rasgando Arroyos (Ripping Streams) - He has the ability to shake the foundation of the surface, or in other words, the ground, without using any gestures, or rather without motioning his hands or anything in that regard. He essentially manipulates the spiritual energy in his surroundings, especially beneath the surface, which allows him to make the latter into something dangerous. The spiritual energy rips itself away from beneath the ground and erupts, like a beacon, shattering the surface, almost as if an earthquake destroyed the ground. He has the ability to create upto six Rasgando Arroyos, ripping themselves out from wherever he wants them to come out from. This ability can be dodged, but if one is caught, they'll be shredded and the impact is way worse than a Bala, Cero or anything of that standard. The spiritual energy must charge before its unleashed. Eventually, the area above the energy will start to shake.

    Resurrección Appearance:

    As you can see, his entire body changes. His hair extends, is spikey and longer. His eyes are however, still gold, and not red like in the picture. The mask here is actually the perfect and the original state it always was in. His Zanpakutō changes drastically, and is a mixture between a glaive, scimitar and a katana. He also has claws extending from his fingertips, just like a Sabertooth, or a general beast. He also has a black spikey tail, which is not shown in the picture. Other than that, he has two blade like wings, sharp extending from his back, with them pointing to the left, as it can be seen in the picture above. He is half naked from his hips to his face. His skin is black and hardened extremely. His knuckles show a hint of the color crimson. His chest has a black spikey metal like armor which is a part of the body. The picture should give you a general idea.

    Resurrección Release Command:
    Torment, Fiera!

    Resurrección Abilities:

    Solicitantes Feroz (Wild Seekers) - This ability can only be used in Xenethis' Resurrección form. Two blade-like wings appear on his back facing left. He can retract them at free will and they are extremely sturdy and hard. Xenethis can release the silver blades sealed within them if he so wishes for. They are quite heavy and bomb-like. Once they are released they are extremely fast and can track their target to a certain degree. They seek what they want to destroy. They are usually covered in black/red reiatsu. However, wherever they end up, a small, but devastating explosion will occur, creating a big crater on the surface. The black energy will not immediately dissipate, it will stay and swirl for a while before dispersing. These Seekers will be generated by his blade-like wings, and can be used again.

    Lagrimeo Raudal (Tearing Torrent) - This ability can only be used in his Resurrección form. Xenetish is able to tear the spiritual energy in his area, whether its in Hueco Mundo, Soul Society or the Human World. His hand will be in a claw-like form, as shown in his Resurrección picture. He can use his hand to rip inside the spiritual energy right next to him, only a very small fragment, before he scratches forward, towards his said destination. His own reiatsu , which is dark/red will mingle and blend with the spiritual energy he rips forth, which will create a devastating torrent, or in other words, a fang shaped tornado. It will blow everything in its path away, and rip through buildings. It can damage his target or opponents as well. One can clearly see it coming, but one would not know the extent of damage or destruction this can create. It will also gradually become wider by sucking in the air/wind around it. The color of this ability is a mix of the normal blue spiritual energy found everywhere, which Xenethis rips forth, along with his own dark and red energy. His own energy will eventually take over.

    Mentira (Deception) - As seen in his Resurrección form picture. Xenethis' blade drastically changes, becoming a mix of a glaive, scimitar and obviously a katana. Mentira will allow him to, if he misses, or if his attack is blocked, after a brief moment, another, invisible attack, in the same way as his last one wil occur. Mentira wil basically imitate the way Xenethis swung his blade, towards his opponent. However, the damage from Mentira is there, but it is weaker than his original. One may not be able to see it coming, but it is something his target or opponent can predict, if they've experienced it before.

    Sombra Mordaz (Eating Darkness) - This is the next version of his other ability, Sombra Abrasador, which can only be activated in his Resurrección form. His entire blade, unlike shown in the Pre-Resurrección picture, will be wrapped in pure but black energy, and not a mix of red and dark. If an attack with this ability active is a success, it will allow Xenethis' Zanpakutō and its energy to suck the spiritual energy away from any spiritual being, or spiritual aware people. It can only suck a small portion of his target or opponents energy, but if his attacks are keep on succeeding, more will be drawn out. It is almost as if the energy around the Zanpakutō is in a frenzy. Xenethis can activate this ability at free will, but only if he's standing still, to allow his reiatsu to extend to his Zanpakutō.

    Xenethis is cunning, playful, manipulative, smart and a patient man. He can also be cocky. However, he is also the type to toy with weaker enemies, or enjoys being amused by them until he gets bored. Xenethis is fearless as well, meaning, he takes crap from no one, even if they are his own kind or not. He usually does as he pleases, and is pretty much careless. He can easily get bored, and quite blunt with words no matter who he talks to. His bloodlust is immense, and fighting an opponent who is a threat or on par with him, would only create a smile, or an evil grin on his face.

    Creation Story:
    Like most of the Arrancar's out there, he knows very little of his human life, let alone how he came to be a Hollow. All he knew was that he craved blood and had this immense hunger deep inside of him. This created some sort of lust inside him to devour other of his own kind over the course of his very long life as a Hollow. His strength grew exceptionally with time, until he became something more. An Arrancar, an Espada to be exact. Xenethis is much different than he was before.

    Theme Songs:

    Note: His eyes are not glowing like in the picture, nor are the three items on his clothes. He has green/emerald eyes originally.

    Name: Satomi Awataro
    Age: 24

    Height: 5''11
    Weight: 175 LBS

    Race: Quincy
    Quincy Necklace/Cross

    Bow Appearance:


    Bow Abilities:

    Rasend Fessel Schuss (Burning Chain Shot) - This ability allows the user to shoot an arrow that expands on hit. Once it pierces its target, string-like chains will erupt from the arrow, which will spread around the target like a snake. It will tighten itself in order to render the target useless. It gives of a burning and agonizing pain. In other words, this arrow will look like an ordinary arrow until it hits its target. This techinque also makes the arrow much faster and lighter.

    Zweibett List (Tricky Shot) - Once the user shoots a single arrow at the target, once it gets close enough, it divides into two, making it actually two arrows instead of one. Both will aim for a different parts on the target.

    Achteck Blast (Pentagon Blast) - This is a techinque that requires time. The user must shoot five arrows with invisible strings attached to them. Only the user can see them. It is also something that requires Gintō. All the strings are connected to the bow, and once they are used however the user wants them to, he can use Gintō to allow the sealed reiryoku to flow from the strings to the arrows. Once the reiryoku reaches the latter, a tremendous explosion will occur. This technique is very similar to Sprenger, but is much more difficult to use, even if, unlike Sprenger, you can use it through long range, thanks to the strings.

    Vollständig Appearance:


    Quincy Items:

    Seele Schneider

    Custom Items:

    Name: Geist Bombs

    Just as the name implies. It's a small bomb with spiritual power condensed in it. A small round lid is keeping it sealed, once its popped open, the flow of the spiritual energy slowly escapes the round capsule it inhabited. Once its thrown, a spiritual explosion will destroy anything around it. It is way more powerful than anything ordinary, and can even be used to disrupt the spiritual energy around an area.

    Name: Sanrei Ring

    Just like the Sanrei Glove artifact. This artifact is unique and is activated once its worn by the user. Giving the latter exeptional power and growth for a certain amount of time, however it drastically exhausts the user as well. It can scatter the reishi in the user's surrounding, making it difficult to manifest a weapon, such as a bow and or a sword. The Sanrei Ring can also be removed whenever the user wants to, which will deactivate the power it brings.

    Name: Dual Blades
    Just like in the appearance picture. The two swords he wields are the ones he keeps strapped behind his back, horizontally.

    Name: Pandora & Mithral

    Well forged with unique and rare materials, and with reishi. Unique revolvers used instead of a bow. Gives the user the ability to shoot reishi-made bullets. They are very similar to a Hollow using Bala or even a Cero. It has two modes. One is where they can be used excessively; like a burst of spirit bullets oozing out from both Pandora and Mithral. The second mode, is much more similar to how a sniper is used, however only two bullets from each revolver can come out. They would be faster, wider and have penetrating power which can be extreme, especially on point blank.

    Custom Quincy Techniques:

    Hohl Spatz (Hollow Sparrow) - In other words, Hollow Sparrow. One exceptional way to condense and manipulate the reishi from the surroundings or anything that lets out the former. Giving the user the ability to manifest black sparrows to heed their Master's words. Extremely fast and can even pierce like a sniper bullet. The Hohl Spatz can also be used in many other variations as well. For example, being a messenger, in an old tradional way.

    Sklaverei (Holy Slave) - This technique uses the most basic ability to gather reishi in the most powerful way, by enslaving it. It can literally tear away the components that make up spiritual based objects such as those that make up Hueco Mundo and Soul Society as well as the bodies of spiritual beings. When the body of a spiritual being is affected by this power, the user can literally assume the characteristics and associated capabilities of their victim. It can only be used in Vollständig mode.

    Fata Morgana (Mirage) - This technique allows the user to manipulate the reishi in his surroundings to create a mirror shaped mirage, albeit transparent in front of the user or wherever he manipulates the reishi towards. It has the ability to suck in attacks such as a Cero, Bala and even Kido only to reflect it back towards the one who used one of the latters. The only difference is that once similar techniques to the ones mentioned gets trapped by the mirage. It literally manipulates the energy from the techniques only to make it more suitable and similar to Quincy Arrows. The said techniques are also enhanced and truly becomes a slave for the Quincy.


    Extreme Reishi Manipulation
    Master Hirenkyaku
    Master Ransōtengai
    High Blut User (All Variations)
    Master Vollständig

    Other Skills:

    Master Archer
    Close-Combat Master
    Dual Blademaster
    Dual Gunmaster
    Great Strategist
    High Intellect

    Satomi can be seen as a cold person. He rarely shows any emotion unless its neccessary. He is quite straightforward and blunt. He is quite loyal and faithful to their cause. He has extremely well-develeoped senses. He tends to stick to things until they are done. There is more to him then what meets the eyes.

    Echt Quincy. Those are the words of someone born with a noble status. Satomi was born into a European family, a well known at that. He was a pure Quincy, with both his loving parents being Quincies themselves. He was a pampered little boy during his younger days. Living in a big estate, with plenty of friends, toys and what not, he had the perfect life. His parents had quite the reputation, and they often visited other families of the same status or similar. It was more or less an elegant party here or there. He was nurtured quite well. As time went by and he became older, around the age of eight, he was trained by his father, who told him about what the purpose of a Quincy really is, and the fact that there are unknown and mysterious entity all around the different realms. Back then it was more or less something Satomi understood to some level, but the most important part of his sessions with his father was his training to become a Quincy worthy of the family.

    By the time Satomi became a teenager, he had a great understanding on the aspect of being a Quincy and what it entaled. Along with many other teenagers like him, who were also Quincies, they were taught more regarding their fighting style, how they usually use a bow and arrow as their signature weapon and so on. Eventually, Elam found his own fighting style beside the typical one. He ended up with dual swords. The family eventually moved from Europe to another country, on the other side of the world, or more specifically Japan. That's where they ended up.

    Well received in another country, their reputation was exceptional even there. Despite being european, there was some japanese blood running through his vein. It was more specifically his great grandfathers, hence Satomi's father actually being Japanese. As per his Father's wish, his name was also japanese like. Hence Satomi Awataro

    Much time passed and his parents were no more. He was alone, an eye patch covering his right eye. His personality quite cold and different than what it was back in his younger days. The only thing he remembers from the horrific day that took away his family, was that to a certain someone, who was part of something, that eventually burned down one of their many houses, and especially where he was staying with both his parents.

    He inherited the status, the reputation of his parents, and his personality was quite strict. Some would even call it bad. He eventually showed unique talents as a Quincy and even destroyed countless of Hollows.​
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  14. I'll make modifications when they are posted
  15. Name:
    Ishida Kenpachi

    350 Years old | Appears 27.



    Ishida doesn't wear the standard shinigami outfit, instead he just wears the bottom half, with his upper body exposed. He wears the standard 11th Division Captain Haori over his body, but you can still see some of his chest as the Haori does not close.

    Zanpakuto Name:
    Dual Snakes

    Zanpakuto Sealed Appearance:
    The sealed appearance of of Zanpakuto in sealed state is two Tantos strapped two his arms. Each Tanto has a red hilt with a red scabbard. Within sealed state, the only purpose his Tantos serve are distractions and confusion. Main reason is that no one would expect a Captain to be walking around with two small blades and not an actual sword. His own physical strength and toughness is enough to fight without the use of his weapon.

    Zanpakuto Shikai Appearance:
    When Dual Snakes is released into Shikai form, it is almost unnoticeable until you look at his hands. The Tanto's are no longer attached to his arms and instead are now two metallic gloves/gauntlets that encase his hands and wind up to his elbow. The entire design and length of these two resemble and appear to be like a snake on the back of his hand were the body wraps around the forearm to elbow. Each snake has its own ability, and when the ability is activated the eyes glow on the back of his hand, and he can only have one active at a time. On Ishida's right hand, the snake grants him the ability to add a multiplier on his strength. This multiplier has reached up to x4 but he is normally forbidden from using it due to his already powerful strength he possesses. On Ishida's left hand, the snake grants him 'Acidic Touch'. 'Acidic Touch' is an ability that requires Ishida to strike his opponent in the same area four times, once the fourth strike lands on the same spot, it leaves a strong burning acid on his enemy that begins to eat away at them for several seconds, up to a painful, agonizing minute.

    Zanpakuto Bankai Appearance:
    Once Ishida's Bankai is used, the two gauntlets he wears disappears once more and returns into the shape of a Two Large Snakes. The Snakes vary on size, depending on how much Energy Ishida pours into the Bankai. He can pour in a small amount to make them normal size, perfect for scouting and attacking enemies without being noticed. Or he can pour in more energy and make them the size of buildings, and larger. The more energy, the harder they hit, faster they move, and harder to kill.

    Kido Spells:
    Ishida refuses to use Kido, as he sees it as a 'weakling' choice.

    Other Skills:
    Monstrous Strength - Ishida's strength is like any other, only a few beings in the universe can rival his raw natural strength. He can destroy boulders with the flick of a finger, but his strength is locked away by a seal, thanks to the Gotei 13, afraid that if they let him be at full power then he would accidentally or purposely kill anyone and everyone if he could.

    Enhanced Defense: Ishida's defense is strong enough that a sealed Zanpakuto and SOME Shikai can't even cut through him. Almost like an Arrancar's Hierro, and Ishida creates this defense from his Spiritual Pressure just like an Arrancar. He doesn't know how he does it, his body does.

    Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Hand to Hand combat is the only form of combat Ishida uses, so he is rather excelled in the art as it is all he will ever do.

    Flash Step - Shunpo: Ishida focuses on strength, but how can he pummel his enemy if they can outrun him? He learned and taught himself to be able to use Flash Step to make sure that doesn't happen.

    Monstrous Spiritual Power: Ishida either has the highest or close to the highest Spiritual Power in the Gotei 13 at the moment. He can make enemies tremble when he fully unleashes it but that will never happen. He has a seal placed on his back, it required his entire back to suppress his spiritual pressure until it was around the range of other Captains. (Down to Immense). Just like his Strength that was sealed, the Gotei 13 feared that Ishida may grow bored of sitting around with no one to fight and may try to kill and attack those within the Seireitei.

    While Ishida is an intimidating man, he has a softer and kinder side to him when his rage is settled down. He is fairly easy to get along with but he needs to fight from time to time to get it out of his system, almost like the only reason he was born was to fight. Once he becomes one with his inner-fighter, he becomes close to a maniac. Being wound causes him to laugh, enemies that flee only get him more battle-crazed and anything that involves fighting almost has a reverse effect on him. Instead of losing morale in a losing battle, he gains morale because he wants more of a challenge. He truly is the perfect candidate to take the name Kenpachi like his predecessors.

    Ishida doesn't remember his Human life, if he even had one. He just remembers his younger years, living on the street and going to underground fights on the outer edges of the Rukongai, where life was harder. The closer in you got to the Seireitei within the Rukongai, the better life was. His area was hardly patrolled or even looked at by Shinigami, except for the stray wanderer looking for a fighter to pass through to the Academy. He was noticed by such a Shinigami and was sent to the Academy were he graduated and was placed in the 11th Division. Not long after, he killed the 11th Division Captain and took up the mantle as Kenpachi and Captain. That was how one became Captain of the 11th after all was through combat and killing the Captain. After the previous Captain was killed, this is when the Gotei 13 decided to seal away Ishida's power to make him less of a possible threat in the future.




    Name: Aikuku Desro

    Age: Appears 29 | 465 Years Old

    Number: 3rd Espada

    Ranking: Vasto Lorde

    Aspect of Death: Humility

    Animal Aspect: Dragon

    Tattoo: Right Shoulder Blade

    Mask: Two white pieces of bone connected to his jaw, leading up to his temples

    Zanpakuto Name: Frozen Heavens - Frozen Heaven's has a crystal blue hilt, with a round and white/blue guard. The blade is unique and special as it almost seems an ice blue over a steel/white type like most swords/blades. The scabbard is the same crystal blue as the hilt, and it wasn't for the guard, you wouldn't be able to see where the hilt was at all because of the flowing colors.

    Hollow Abilities/Abilites

    Cero - The Typical Hollow Cero, but the color of the cero is an ice blue with a black outline.

    Frozen Cero - This cero is encased with the Arrancar's signature Element/Ability, ice, not only is this cero the standard cero, it leaves a burning/frozen affect if it lands and causes the surrounding temperature to drop.

    Gran Ray Cero - Any Espada of high rank or strength would be able to use Gran Ray Cero, and Aikuku is no exception to that fact.

    Sonido - The Arrancar version of Shunpo

    Enhanced Strength - This is obvious.

    Enhanced Hierro - Skin is tougher to cut thanks to his Hollow Power

    Immense Spiritual Pressure - Being the 3rd Espada, he has one of the highest spiritual pressures, but he isn't the strongest as it is clear thanks to his number.

    Descorrer - The ability to create a 'rift' to travel between several different worlds.

    Regeneration - He doesn't have the ability of High Speed Regen, only normal as it takes a few minutes before a body part will return. He cannot regenerate organs and his brain.

    Master Swordsman/Weapon - Can use and master a variety of weapons, including his own.

    Expert Hand-To-Hand - Is not a Master, but can hold his own in a fight.

    Resurreccion and Abilities
    His abilities are mainly ice based.

    Frozen Tundra - This ability is an area of effect that allows Aikuku to fight on his own 'turf' and his own playing field. To even use any of his other abilities, this one has to be used first as it allows him to use the others without worry or problem of backfire. When this ability is activated, a large radius, around a 500-600 yard radius.The land becomes frozen and, and not much else.

    Frozen Barrier - This ability is self-explanatory. It creates a thick ice barrier around the desired target or destination Aikuku so chooses.

    A Thousand Frozen Dreams - This ability uses the Frozen Tundra, and from the Frozen Tundra, spikes are formed. They are deadly sharp and increased thanks to his reiatsu. He gains the advantage if the enemy target is within his Frozen Tundra. They fire from the Tundra and up towards the target, they lose range and power if they go out of the Tundra's own radius.

    Chains of the Humiliated - This particular ability is what allows his 'Thousand Frozen Dreams' ability really do damage and take affect. Aikuku must be making contact with the Tundra at all time when this ability is activated, with foot or hand or anything. Once the enemy touches the Tundra as well, frozen chains and shackles are manifested and locked around the target. This is the ideal time to use 'Frozen Dreams' for maximum effect.

    Dragon of Humility - This is Aikuku's strongest move, and requires his entire Frozen Tundra. Once this ability is activated, the Frozen Tundra begins to form and shape into a large ice dragon. The Dragon is controlled by Aikuku, by mind, and it has its own abilities. The Dragon's abilities are almost copies of Aikukus, such as. Frozen Spears, Frozen Cero, etc.



    Personality: Aikuku has a cold, calm demeanor. He is very calculating and almost seems lazy because if he thinks one isn't worth the time, he will ignore them and leave. If they pursue, he will continue to ignore, not giving them the satisfaction of his acknowledgment. He treats the other Espada with respect and goofs off, making jokes with or at them. He doesn't take anyone below him seriously though.

    Background: Not much about him besides rising through the transformations before ripping off his mask at Vasto Lorde rank. Soon he found the other Espada and joined along with them, gaining the 3rd rank of the Espada and so on and so forth.
  16. [BCOLOR=#000000]Name: Guerra[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Age: 36[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Number: 2[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Appearance: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Guerra is massive in frame with his height topping out at 7'2" most of his human appearance stayed with him after he ripped his mask off hiding the remnants of which under his beard. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Tattoo: Left shoulder blade[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Mask: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]His mask is small and nearly unnoticeable when he is first encountered, the remnants are hidden by his hair and are small tear shaped fragments under his beard and extend to his upper torso. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Zanpakuto name: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]lanza endurecido: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000](Hardened spear)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Sealed appearance:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]His sword is but a simple Bokken when it is sealed though this has not stopped it from being just as deadly as a normal blade.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]released appearance:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Takes the form of a spear rather than a sword like most others. Height 7' and is used as a weapon for battle with it's power being that of lightning being able to fire a stream of electricity at an opponent to stun of kill them.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Rise the fallen[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]His former mask's remnants start to spread, the ones under his beard expanding upwards forming his helm and red tassel, the face is lupine in nature giving a clue to what he once looked like. The fragments on his torso expand and form his chest, arm and leg armor, his final appearance is reminiscent of a western style knight at a expanded height of 11' 0" his spear also gets larger growing to an impressive 12', Along with this all of his powers are strengthened by this.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Cero[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]: His Cero is a normal color but oddly enough makes no sound until it impacts something, it is launched from his spear and in his Resurrección it is tented with a pale yellow light and gains more power.[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=#000000]High spiritual pressure[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]: Like the other top four espada he is not allowed to release his power unless in combat[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Speed[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]: Despite his large frame he is a fighter who mostly relies on speed and as such has gotten his base speed to that of a novice flashstep or sonido user,[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Sparks:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] Guerra's element is lightning and can use it with both his weapon and with his hands, it can chain to other opponents but he rarely uses it to kill but if he does all that remains is the chard corpse.[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Spear master[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]: Since his main weapon is not a sword like many of the opponents he encounters he has mastered the use of a few key kido that work in tandem with his spear making him a force of destruction on the battle field but he is still more than capable with his Bokken.[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Iron skin[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]: The iron skin that many of his hallow and espada allies have is shared by him and has nothing truly unique about it for him[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=#000000]regeneration[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]: Guerra has a healing factor but unlike the first espada his is slower but it not only heals but enhances his body to make his bone and muscle more resistance to damage in future battles.[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Kido Spells: Style Barrier[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]He has learned and mastered one Kido spell called [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]Aegis[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] which forms a mobile barrier that he uses as a shield in tandem with his spear and speed when in battle, when he is using both lanza endurecido and [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]Aegis [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]he is said to be unstoppable. [/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Other Skills[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]: High speed Sonido as well as the ability of "Flight" by standing on solid forms of his energy.[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Intimidating presence: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]His power will cause unease to opponents that are not of equal or greater power to him[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Guerra is both kind and pleasant to anyone he meets even his enemies and he tries to be friends to his fellow espada as he sees them as family and is willing to die for this new family of his, in battle though he...changes into something else...something darker and more violent he turns into a monster that has only the goal of destroying what has threatened him of his allies this has lead to an infamous battle in which Guerra ripped a shinigami apart with his hands[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]. [/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Guerra was a human who's life was only war and death but he was a compassionate person who many saw going to some form of paradise after death but that was not the case and when he died he would be filled with rage and hate for being forced to watch his wife and child die in his human life, when he was made a hollow it was that of a wolf like creature that roamed the great sands of Hueco mundo killing his fellow hollow with little care for what happened after. As he evolved so did his hate and anger, he eventually started to carve marks into his bone mask how many he had killed these would later be the remnants of his mask after he removed it. One day he was attacked by many other hallows and being outnumbered he saw his death upon him once again but...he would not die, the beast inside would not quit and would see these walking corpses that dared attack him broken and scattered across the sands for this trespass! He reached up and tugged at his mask slowly pulling it away and in an explosion of light his true form was released, but with this form came back long forgotten emotions and feelings from his human years of compassion and kindness so when the hollows that had surrounded him were on the ground from his massive power increase he merely walked away. He took the name Guerra meaning war after he caught flashed of battles and conflict he could not remember but seemed to have fought in. Now he stays in the company of his fellow espada specifically the Primera Espada, many question why he would interact with such a cold individual they receive one of two answers, for those that he does not know his simple response is. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]"Power begets power." [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]But for those he trusts his response is much odder for a hollow. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]"She reminds me of...someone from my life before this, I may not remember my life before this one but I get flashes of mostly war and death but every once in awhile I see a woman who's features resemble that of our leader, a woman who's name I cannot recall but I do recall the smell of lavender and the sight of her shedding tears. I hope our leader may be able to help me find the answers I seek." [/BCOLOR]
  17. Done, besides 8 missing Kido Spells that I will add later today most likely.

    Character Info
    Axel Rover

    Appears to be in his 60s



    Fire (Explosions)


    The standard Shinigami Shihakusho and a Captain's Haori

    Zanpakuto name:
    Bakuhatsu no ōji (Prince of Explosions)

    Zanpakuto Bankai Name:
    Bakuhatsu no ō (King of Explosions)

    Zanpakuto Spirit (open)

    Zanpakuto Bankai Spirit (open)

    Zanpakuto sealed appearance (open)

    Zanpakuto Shikai appearance (open)

    Zanpakuto Bankai Appearance (open)

    Zanpakuto sealed Abilities:
    Bakuhatsu no ōji, when in sealed form, has no abilities.

    Zanpakuto Shikai Abilities:
    "Level the skies, Bakuhatsu no ōji!"
    Once this phrase is said, and if Axel has his hand on the hilt of his zanpakuto, his reiatsu levels will rise. It will grow and spiral around him like a tornado, but after just a few seconds a large explosion of intense flames with a 5 meter radius will occur with him in the center, created by his own spiritual power. Anybody with a power-level equal to a non-seated shinigami or lower will most likely receive fatal injuries, as the heat will be too intense for their reiatsu to defend against it, thus burning off their skin and possibly incinerating their bones as well. If it doesn't do this, then they will at least be heavily injured and in need of medical attention. Once the smoke generated from the explosion clears, Axel will be in the middle of the explosion, not harmed from it at all, with a great sword in his hand, which is his zanpakuto in shikai form.

    Explosive Touch
    Axel's Zanpakuto isn't just a regular great sword in this form. His reiatsu, which is the color red, surrounds it, flowing wildly. Anything that touches any part of the blade will cause and outward explosion in that location, the size of the explosion and power of it depending on the pressure that was applied to it by whatever touched the blade as well as the size of it. For instance, if someone threw a pebble at the sword, it would cause a very small outer explosion the size of the pebble since it probably couldn't get any smaller, and at the lowest explosive power possible, destroying the pebble. If an average human came at him with everything they had, hitting him with an aluminum baseball bat, the outer explosion would most likely be half the size of the human, being able to burn off the flesh of wherever the area of the sword that the bat hit was facing, possibly killing the human. If a shinigami used most of their reiatsu into one sword strike, the explosion would most likely prove fatal, however Axel has to watch out for this, since if someone much stronger than him in strength and reiatsu put their all into a strike, it would cause his strongest explosion to take effect, thus possibly causing his spiritual powers to drain significantly, putting him at a bad position, and the attack would possibly be enough to break his zanpakuto and slash through him as well, and on top of that if the enemy has a higher reiatsu defense, the explosion wouldn't even kill them, but just cause major injuries. This is why he has mastered the ability to increase and decrease the size of the explosion right before it happens if he needs to. The mastery in increase was to deal with someone of power just below him quickly if he didn't have the time to keep the fight going. Note that the force of explosion is also determined for when Axel decides to attack with the sword. The more force he puts into his attack, the bigger the explosion.

    Explosive Orb
    Axel can focus his spiritual power on the tip of the great sword, which will quickly cause an orb to form in that location, floating above the great sword. The size of the orb always stays the same, being 1 foot in diameter. With a great and fast swing of the sword towards the target, the orb will be thrown at speeds rivaling that of an average captain's, exploding on contact with something heavier than 10 pounds. Or while it is shooting in the direction it was hurled, Axel can cause it to explode at will. The radius of the explosion can be from 1 meter to even 30 meters. The power of the explosion is determined by the color of the orb before it explodes. If it is the lightest red can get, then the explosion probably wouldn't even be able to kill an average human with it, but just cause mild injuries. Going up to the regular color red, it will be the power of Axel's initial explosion-release which was followed by his shikai transformation, meaning that it would prove fatal for most people who are at the level of a non-seated shinigami, as well as cause mild injuries to those higher. A mildly dark red would be able to cause major injuries to a person of lieutenant level, and something close to that if used on a captain-level person with a weak reiatsu defense. Then going further along, at the darkest of reds, the explosion would be able to prove fatal for anyone below captain level, and leave major injuries towards those at captain level and slightly above. If Axel were to release anything higher than average explosions, he would begin to pant heavily and lose some speed, as well as drain his spiritual power reserves a ton. The larger the explosive radius will also do this, so attempting to launch an orb with the highest explosive power, and having the explosive radius be 30 meters would possibly cause him to faint and require at least an hour of sleep. He could fight this, but further exertion when he is supposed to be getting rest could possibly result in his death.

    Reign of Explosives
    Axel puts whichever hand is hold his great sword straight up into the air, with the sword pointing in that direction as well. An orb is created at the tip, just like with his previous ability. The size is 1 foot in diameter just like the previous ability as well. When Axel fires it off at will into the sky however, once it is about 40 meters above, it expands to the point of being 10 meters in diameter. After a few seconds, dozens of orbs 1 foot in diameter will be shot from the larger orb, going in all directions. All of the explosions are average explosions, the same as Axel's initial explosion release that was follow by his shikai transformation, as well as being 2 meters in radius. Explosions will occur almost everywhere within an 80 meter radius. By the time it is done, everyone within that radius would have at least had to defend themselves against two of these explosions, even more if they moved around a lot during this time. Lasts 20 seconds in real time. Also, Axel will nearly be out of enough spiritual power to keep up his shikai if he uses this, so he can't use it more than once each time he transforms.

    Zanpakuto Bankai Abilities:
    If he has either of his hands on the hilt of the zanpakuto, and by will allows his bankai to activate, Axel's reiatsu levels will rise. It will grow and spiral around him like a tornado, but after just a few seconds a large explosion of intense flames with a 10 meter radius will occur with him in the center, created by his own spiritual power. Anybody with a power-level equal to a lieutenant(with a spiritual pressure lower than average) or lower will most likely receive fatal injuries, as the heat will be too intense for their reiatsu to defend against it, thus burning off their skin and possibly incinerating their bones as well. If it doesn't do this, then they will at least be heavily injured and in need of medical attention. Once the smoke generated from the explosion clears, Axel will be in the middle of the explosion, not harmed from it at all, in the form of his bankai. Yes, he is wearing the bankai since it is a suit of armor, and though it looks like an old model that was used in medieval times, the power emanating from it is very deadly.

    Enhanced Explosive Touch
    Axel's bankai isn't just a regular suit of armor. His reiatsu, which is the color red, surrounds it, flowing wildly. Anything that touches any part of his armor will cause and outward explosion in that location, the size of the explosion and power of it depending on the pressure that was applied to it by whatever touched the armor as well as the size of it. For instance, if someone threw a pebble at the armor, it would cause a very small outer explosion the size of the pebble since it probably couldn't get any smaller, and at the lowest explosive power possible, destroying the pebble. If an average human came at him with everything they had, hitting him with an aluminum baseball bat, the outer explosion would most likely be half the size of the human, being able to burn off the flesh of wherever the area of the armor that the bat hit was facing, possibly killing the human. If a shinigami used most of their reiatsu into one sword strike, the explosion would most likely prove fatal, however Axel has to watch out for this, since if someone much stronger than him in strength and reiatsu put their all into a strike, it would cause his strongest explosion to take effect, thus possibly causing his spiritual powers to drain significantly, putting him at a bad position, and the attack would possibly be enough to break through his armor and slash at him as well, and on top of that if the enemy has a higher reiatsu defense, the explosion wouldn't even kill them, but just cause major injuries. This is why he has mastered the ability to increase and decrease the size of the explosion right before it happens if he needs to. The mastery in increase was to deal with someone of power just below him quickly if he didn't have the time to keep the fight going. Note that the force of explosion is also determined for when Axel decides to attack. The more force he puts into his attack, the bigger the explosion. Also, mini explosions even occur when Axel moves his feet.

    Enhanced Explosive Orb
    Axel can focus his spiritual power on the tip of the great sword, which will quickly cause an orb to form in that location, floating above the great sword. The size of the orb always stays the same, being 1 foot in diameter. With a great and fast swing of the sword towards the target, the orb will be thrown at speeds rivaling that of an average captain's, exploding on contact with something heavier than 10 pounds. Or while it is shooting in the direction it was hurled, Axel can cause it to explode at will. The radius of the explosion can be from 1 meter to even 60 meters. The power of the explosion is determined by the color of the orb before it explodes. If it is the lightest red can get, then the explosion probably would only be able to kill an average human as well as basic hollow with it. Going up to the regular color red, it will be the power of Axel's initial explosion-release which was followed by his bankai transformation, meaning that it would prove fatal for most people who are at the level of a lieutenant(with a spiritual pressure lower than average) or lower, as well as cause mild-to-major injuries to those higher. A mildly dark red would be able to cause major injuries to a person of captain level, and something close to that if used on a person above captain level with an average reiatsu defense that would be equal to an average captain's reiatsu. Then going further along, at the darkest of reds, the explosion would be able to prove fatal for anyone captain level and below, and leave major injuries towards those above captain level. If Axel were to release anything higher than average explosions, he would begin to pant heavily and all of his skills would be decreased greatly, as well as drain his spiritual power reserves a ton. The larger the explosive radius will also do this, so attempting to launch an orb with the highest explosive power, and having the explosive radius be 60 meters would absolutely cause him to faint and require at least an 8 hours of sleep.

    Enhanced Reign of Explosives
    Axel puts whichever hand is hold his great sword straight up into the air, with the sword pointing in that direction as well. An orb is created at the tip, just like with his previous ability. The size is 1 foot in diameter just like the previous ability as well. When Axel fires it off at will into the sky however, once it is about 60 meters above, it expands to the point of being 20 meters in diameter. After a few seconds, dozens of orbs 1 foot in diameter will be shot from the larger orb, going in all directions. All of the explosions are average explosions for his bankai's power, the same as Axel's initial explosion release that was follow by his bankai transformation, as well as being 4 meters in radius. Explosions will occur almost everywhere within an 120 meter radius. By the time it is done, everyone within that radius would have at least had to defend themselves against two of these explosions, even more if they moved around a lot during this time. Lasts 20 seconds in real time. Also, Axel's zanpakuto will revert back to it's sealed state, and when his zanpakuto is forcibly reverted back, he won't be able to use it again for several hours.

    Kido and Other Skills
    Kido Spells:
    Hado: Gaki Rekko(Raging Light Fang):
    Axel creates a circle of energy before firing off multiple arrows of green light from it's center in a cage-like formation. Each arrow moves at intense speeds, able to pierce enemies, which can prove fatal if many of these arrows pierce the target. Usually Axel likes to form the circle is formed at the tip of the user's zanpakuto.

    Bakudo: Rokkuon(Lock-on):
    by focusing on the target and only the target, Axel is able to leaves a large trace of his reiatsu on him/her, commanding every kido-based attack he launches to attach itself to the enemy. It isn't easy however, as Axel first needs to look at the target, and then release his reiatsu in their direction, and they initially must be no longer than 15 meters away. The lock-on takes 5 seconds, so if the target gets more than 15 meters away from Axel, he loses it. He is allowed to chase after them however, but his focus must not leave the person he is using the kido on, which means that having to dodge any obstacle or focus on someone else would stop it. He can also talk while locking on, but if it isn't towards the person he is locking onto, then it will be much harder. Once the 5 seconds are up, Axel still has to maintain focus on the person, except now he can use his other abilities, which will most likely be long-range projectiles in order to get his enemy. The range also extends to 50 meters. Loss of concentration means loss of the lock-on, like when preparing it.

    Other Skills:
    Very High Spiritual Power:
    Seeing as his zanpakuto relies mainly on the constant use of his spiritual power, Axel has made it a very crucial job to train it every day so that it may grow and allow his zanpakuto to be much more useful than it is already. That being said, he can definitely go toe to toe in a spiritual power battle with most captain-level enemies. He won't say he has one of the strongest reserves of it in the gotei 13, but he thinks he is pretty close to that level.

    Very High Spiritual Pressure:
    Just like his spiritual power, Axel's spiritual pressure has been trained to the point of mastery, and because of this he has to suppress it like most captains to make sure that those around him don't get the wind knocked out of them. With this comes the power to even stun those around him if they aren't as strong as an average seated shinigami is in willpower. Axel's spiritual pressure color is red.

    Kido Master
    Even though he didn't seriously start to master it until he got the most common fighting style used by captains mastered, Kido is Axel's current first focus, always training it first during his daily training session. Throughout his lifetime Axel has seen Kido being used in almost every situation, something that the other fighting styles fail to do. He takes a liking to it because of this, and for years and years it hasn't failed him yet. His spiritual power is high enough for him to be able to cast multiple Kido spells in succession with each other without getting too tired out, but he makes sure to never over-use his Kido since the reserves of spiritual power it draws from is the same as his zanpakuto, which he will need in order to fight enemies that match him in power, or those who are stronger than him. The most useful thing that came from his mastery is the fact that he doesn't even need to call out the name of his kido spells or incantations to launch them at an enemy. It would make them powerful, but some of them are already potentially fatal without the added boosts. Axel's skill in Kido is above an average captain-level enemy who has kept his kido up to par with the captain rank.

    Zanjutsu Master
    As it is very common that shinigami aiming for captain at least master Zanjutsu, which is the fighting style used with a person's zanpakuto, if it is a blade, naturally it was in Axel's mind for it to be the very first skill he truly mastered. Even though he uses his kido a lot more, his close-combat capabilities with his sword is invaluable, as it is his go-to skill when attacking enemies who are too weak for him to even bother using kido. He even uses it against opponents that match him when range doesn't work. Especially in conjunction with his shikai, which completely gives him the upper-hand in close combat. His Zanjutsu skills are of average captain level.

    Hohō Master:
    Even though it is his third focus, Axel still hasn't forgotten about the advantages of Hohō, the art of footwork. It has saved him many times, and each time it has he goes straight to training to to ensure that he doesn't get rusty. Because he doesn't hold it to a very, very high importance like his top two focuses however, he isn't one of the fastest captains around. Still, he has mastered it enough to use a few average flash steps in succession with each other, something that is very useful. If you had to give it a rank, Axel's skill in Hohō would be of average captain level.

    Hakuda Expert:
    Out of the four main fighting styles, Axel uses Hakuda the least. Even though his bankai leaves him without a zanpakuto for close combat, he doesn't like to rely on it much, since having a blade or a destructive force always seems like the safest choices. That doesn't mean he sucks at it however, being able to combat the strongest lieutenant-level enemies, though against a captain-level enemy who has kept his Hakuda experience up to par with the captain rank, he wouldn't be able to keep up much.

    High Offense:
    Axel is able to deal some pretty impressive blows since he can add in his spiritual pressure to his punches, kicks and sword strikes. If your spiritual pressure isn't at captain level, then your defense probably doesn't have a chance against Axel's attacks. Of course with a mastery in Zanjutsu, one could use this to it's fullest benefits, but unfortunately Axel is only an expert in the area.

    High Defense:
    Axel has kept a large athletic build for years and years, and thus his resistance towards damage is big, especially with the addition of his large spiritual pressure. Because of this, he isn't easy to beat down unless your spiritual pressure is a much stronger than his spiritual pressure is a strong defense.

    More Character Info
    No matter how much he has changed his former personality, there is still some cockiness and arrogance left inside Axel's body. Being a captain of the Gotei 13 gives him the right to brag however. Most of the time Axel is calm and laid back, adding in a remark about his power every now and then, unless the person he is talking about seems extremely annoyed. As a captain he is usually asked to be more serious about his work, but when you have been doing the same routine for 50 years, no way can you get someone to sit down and do loads of paperwork as well as positioning his own division constantly. It is because of this that the captain's work of the 3rd division is often divided between the 20 seats, though Axel always has the main amount, since he isn't that lazy. Despite his personality, his division calls him a great leader, always doing the right thing when it counted the most, and even finding time to spend individual time with a lot of them, sometimes in groups since there are so many members.

    Being dedicated to shinigami work for almost 200 years would make anyone develop a short attention span, or at least that is what Axel thought, perhaps to give himself an excuse. You will never see him do the same thing longer than 30 minutes at best, besides training, and even then sometimes he would rather walk around or sleep under a tree than make sure his skills don't get rusty.

    During Combat, Axel will mainly use his kido, the pride of his skills. This way he wasn't wasting time with using something not destructive enough to face his enemies like Hakuda or Zanjutsu, though sometimes he would use either of those if the enemies he faced were too waist for him to waste any of his spiritual power on them. Usually he would only activate his zanpakto's powers when nothing else works.

    Show Spoiler
    Axel woke up in the middle of the grand canyon, confused about almost everything that happened before then. His past was getting hazy with every minute that he was awake, being able to only remember key details like growing up in a wealthy family, meeting a woman who he would soon marry, having four children and a happy life to follow, and a ton of other things in the middle that gave him great joy in his life. No matter what, the man wasn't able to remember what caused him to be in the middle of such a deep ravine, just near the Colorado river. After a few minutes of looking around, he finally looked towards the ground near the place he woke up and found a body of an old man who seemed to be in his late 50s. Upon lifting up the flattened thing to see the face of the man who met such a fate, the male was scared to death at the fact that it was him. It was then that he realized his there was a chain coming out of his chest.

    Axel didn't even want to think anymore about the fact that he saw his own body, laying dead on the floor, as well as the chain attached to his chest that seemed to be causing him mild pains. All he wanted now was to get out of the grand canyon, but he found it hard to find a way to get up it and back to the cliff. After hours of attempting this but failing, Axel ran into a bit of trouble. Three hollows appeared in front of him in the ravine, but him being clueless about what they were, only thought of one thing; run as fast as he could back the way he came. After just a few seconds, he felt hopeless as the hollows were able to cover so much ground, reaching him very quickly even though there was already a distance of a few dozen meters between them when he began to run. When he was close to what seemed like another death, two men in black shihakushos came towards him, flying straight towards the hollow, making quick work of them. Axel was amazed as he stopped to look at what they did, which was save him. After that was over with, one of the shinigami came towards him as the other one flew off, told the dead man that everything was going to be alright, then pressed the bottom of his katana's hilt to Axel's forehead. After that, everything began to fade away.

    Axel woke up again, but this time he was standing in a long line inside of a huge building. The man had no idea what this was for, but he played along with it, trying to remember what he still had of his memories while waiting. After about an hour he got to the front desk where the worker gave him a ticket with what seemed to be the time of his death along with a direction and district number, as well as a house address. He finally had to accept that he was dead, but the old man didn't seem that shocked. Another thing he remembered about his time on earth is how he kept reassuring himself that living more than 50 years was enough for him to be happy with.

    He was now told to go to the house that he was assigned to live in. If this was heaven, it didn't look or seem like what he expected. After arriving at the run-down house that was in district 65 of West Rukongai, Axel met his family, who weren't too happy to be getting another member. Apparently mixed families was how they did it in these parts, so Axel wouldn't complain, if only he was paired with decent human beings. He had two 'brothers' who were triplets lucky enough to have gotten their numbers at the same time, and looked to be in their late 20s, though there was no telling how old they really were, as Axel heard while he was waiting in line about the whole age thing going on. He also had a tough 'mom' who he looked way older than. All four of them seemed to fit in with the dangerous environment around the district however, fighting which seemed to be a way of deciding territory around here. Even Axel was brought into the mix, as he had to learn how to fight to protect himself from dying again, which seemed like a thing you could do, except no one told him what happened when you died. His brothers were happy enough to teach him basic combat, though they only did it since they didn't want any weak siblings.

    After about 6 years, Axel had grown into one battle-lusty grandpa. It took him the first year to accept his fate, spending the rest of his time in district 6 beating down enemies that attempted to mess with his family. He even got new siblings that he watched out for. No matter what his personality was like before his death, now it was filled with cockiness and arrogance. All of this changed however when he figured out that even someone like him could become a soldier apart of the organization that helped save him from those monsters, years ago. At the time of registering for Shin'o Academy, it was only about being able to get some better competition to him. For those 6 years that it took Axel to graduate, it was quite easy for him, as training to kill seemed like a natural talent for the man, as if in his previous life he had some kind of job in that field. It was from there that he was assigned to the 11th Division for his violent tendencies.

    Ever since Axel got his zanpakuto, which was when he began learning to become a shinigami, he always felt that the spirit dwelling within it was perfect for him, since it shared his personality. Whenever he trained, he would always go into the meditative state with his zanpakuto in his lap to talk with the spirit, as well as fight so that he would be able to soon achieve his shikai. Meanwhile, he also did his regular shinigami duties, which included fighting against the enemies of Soul Society, which were mainly Hollow. After about 40 years however, Axel saw a lot of things during combat, like everyone in his dispatch team for certain missions wiped out but him due to his impressive powers, his best friend's death, and much more. He began questioning if he really was making the right choice of living by a pure fighting code. Once he finally achieved his shikai, which was 10 years after that, he found out that he had a kido type zanpakuto, which was the final straw for him, especially since 11th Division members could only have melee-type zanpakuto. He did secretly train his kido, so it seemed as if the 11th Division never really was the place for him.

    After transferring to the 3rd Division, Axel decided to turn his life around, deciding not to act cocky and arrogant all of the time. That would usually strain the relationship with your zanpakuto if you started to change all of the sudden, but as long as Axel was able to remain the dominant one in their fights still, anything was ok with Bakuhatsu no oji, as he was one of those simple types. For 60 years Axel worked hard in his new squad, making sure he turned over a new leaf before requesting to become the lieutenant of the division, as the previous one died just a few months before he asked. The captain allowed him the seat, and so he was on his way to a happier life. During his time in the 3rd Division, Axel was able to learn his bankai as well, and 30 years after becoming lieutenant when his captain was ready to retire, he took her position. 50 years later, he is now about to attend a big meeting that includes all of the captains and lieutenants. All of these years alive however has made Axel ponder how much longer he could take of being a shinigami. It was good and all, but he was getting a little bored. Almost 200 years and you have seen it all.

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  18. Kurai Homura
    Age: Appears 28, his real age is unknown but assumed to be over 700 years old.
    Number: Séptima 7th
    Ranking: Adjuchas
    Aspect of Death: Betrayal
    Animal Aspect: Crow
    Tattoo: Back of his Left Hand, usually covered by his black gloves

    Hollow Mask (2).jpg
    Located on the left side of his face

    Llamativa Sombra (Striking Shadow)
    Duel Blades

    Resurrection Appearance
    “I rise from the shadows… el mal más oscuro.”
    *He is Black not Grey and has a face more like his non-Resurrección form
    (Oh man u creepy >_>)

    Sealed Abilities

    Skilled at Close-Quarters Combat - Although Kurai can fight from afar and very much prefers being at an arm’s length to his opponent, he has become very skilled at dodging incoming attack and delivering fast, powerful attacks of his own.

    Master Short-Swordsman - Kurai never wields a large blade, preferring ones that are no longer than his own arm. He has mastered striking and blocking with his sword, hitting his enemies with deadly precision and accuracy.

    Agility - Having weaker defenses, Kurai has finely tuned agility and quick reflexes, making him a difficult target to get a hit on at any distance. This combined with his speed makes him capable of also dodging wide ranged attacks as well as any possible unexpected ones.

    Observation - Patience is key when it comes to Kurai’s attacks, he usually won’t immediately engage an opponent without gaining knowledge on how powerful they are and any possible weaknesses that his target may have. He can gather information on his opponent while fighting, carefully analyzing ways to kill them quickly and efficiently. He isn’t one to fight with pride and has no problem with taking down someone who is off guard or wounded; in fact, he is known to target one especially when they are weakest, no matter what is making them weak at the moment. This is his way of taking out enemies who are stronger than him with ease, it is also how he can tell if he is out matched and stands no chance against someone.

    Spiritual Pressure Masking – Kurai can make his Spiritual Pressure appear to be very low, allowing him to become more unnoticeable.

    Descorrer - Like other Espada, Kurai can use Descorrer to travel between the Human World and Hueco Mundo.

    Sonído Master - Although not having as much power as most of the other Espada, Kurai makes up part of it with his speed, being able to attack, dodge, and escape at extreme speeds.

    High-Speed Regeneration - His other asset in fights is high speed regeneration, especially since he fights mostly in close quarters and is not quite as fast as he could be. While focusing, his regeneration is very energy consuming, but is nearly instantaneous.

    Hierro - Kurai’s Hierro is not that powerful, his power mostly put into his speed and regeneration, but he can block weaker attacks easily.

    Pesquisa - Kurai can sense positions of Reiatsu sources with extreme accuracy and track them for unusually long distances, however, he has a difficult time clearly sensing how strong someone is, having accuracy for that would require more time and greater concentration.

    Cero - He is able to fire off a regular cero, he does not do this often, preferring his own version of the technique, but in the event that he does, it has a black appearance with a slight transparency to it.

    Gran Rey Cero - Has the same color as his regular cero and is used only if he knows he is in over his head and he isn’t able to escape.

    Cero Oculto (Hidden Cero) - An ability that Kurai had dubbed his own and claims that he based it off cero, this version forms a more destructive version of cero, but it is unable to be fired in a typical blast, the user must hit their target with it via palm strike, causing a small, concentrated blast focused on one specific target. Cero Oculto often drains a massive amount of the target’s energy while transferring the energy from the blast into the spot that was hit, causing the blast to release inside of his opponent, this won’t always work on higher level opponents, but it is a quick way to get weaker ones out of his way. It appears as thick, black, smoke-like energy, surrounding the hand he uses for it, usually his right hand.

    Cuchillada Escondida (Hidden Slash) - Kurai shrouds his blades in smoke, then attacks his opponent with high-speed attacks, draining energy with each hit.

    Sombra Formulario (Shadow Form) - Another one of Kurai’s own abilities, this ability allows him to “become one with the shadows”, not able to harm or be harmed, he becomes an observer, simply studying events and people without the risk of being hurt or killed in the process. This form takes a few moments to enter and exit, making it rather useless for attacking. He can be seen while in this form, however, it is rather difficult due to the thick, black, smoke-like energy that closely surrounds his body while he uses it, similar to the energy of his Cero Octulto.

    Resurrección Abilities

    Tinieblas Mundo (Dark World) - Upon entering his Resurrection form, the area around him is surrounded with dense smoke, obstructing the view of his opponent, making it nearly impossible to see him or escape.

    Infestación Negra (Black Infestation) - An effect of the smoke used in Tinieblas Mundo, this causes any smoke around his opponent to slowly drain their energy, boosting Kurai’s energy in the process. Inhaling the smoke will result in a greater loss of energy. The drain of energy from the smoke surrounding someone can be avoided by quick movements.

    Endurecido Sombra (Hardened Shadow) - The smoke around Kurai covers his body, forming something akin to extremely durable armor coating his entire body for as long as he is in his cloud of smoke. The armor takes a couple seconds to reform after a powerful hit leaving him briefly vulnerable.

    Lagrimeo Oscuridad (Tearing Darkness) - Smoke forms in a circle around his opponent, the smoke then lashes towards the target all at once, tearing apart anything in its way.

    Duel Cero Oculto - Exactly how it sounds, Kurai forms a Cero Oculto in each hand and charges his target, hopefully striking them with both.

    Condenación (Damnation) – Much more energy consuming, but highly effective, Condenación tightly incases its target in smoke-like energy, making it hard to move, it then causes the smoke to explode in a large, destructive energy blast, likely killing whoever was trapped inside.

    Kurai is cunning, sarcastic, and selfish, and would try to save himself over anything. Even though he would sacrifice anything for his own life yet seeing him in a state of panic is rare, even if his own life is on the line. He enjoys studying the fighting styles of others, learning their patterns and habits, often being able to mimic them with time. But he is not that sociable to most people and won’t usually interact with others aside from the occasional snarky comment. Despite acting arrogant most of the time, Kurai knows not to fight someone who is stronger than him and sees no shame in running from a fight he knows he will lose.

    Creation Story
    Early in his human life, Kurai was the quiet type, not spending much time with anyone, eventually finding a strange interest in killing, both due to his curiosity and mildly sadistic nature. His bloodlust eventually drove him to study the art of assassination to satisfy his murderous desires without harming innocent people, lather joining an alliance of assassins as an easier way to find jobs and make connections. He was often hired to kill powerful fighters, high standing figures, or leaders of rival families, using his target’s patterns and habits to identify the ideal moment to strike. Later becoming one of the greatest assassins of his time working swiftly and efficiently, his skill not being able to be matched by many, becoming highly respected amongst his allies. Later on, Kurai came to a point where he grew careless, no longer taking up jobs, simply killing people simply to observe the reactions of those around them. His killing eventually got out of control, his fellow assassins turning against him, being branded as a traitor to their ways. It quickly became a manhunt for Kurai, everyone who he had grown to know wanting him dead, having to kill many of the people he once considered friends, being the ones who knew who he was and how to find him. He quickly became full of regret, taking on the label of traitor out of shame. Eventually, one was able to kill him, Kurai seeing it as salvation, but he still feared that he would be cast into damnation for what he had done, so his soul remained in the human world, so he avoided the Shinigami at all costs, quietly observing the progression of the world.
    When Kurai became a hollow, he reverted back to his murderous ways, finding a sense of joy in killing again. He blocked out the majority of his memory, not remembering much of his time as a hollow. He only can remember traveling to the outskirts of Hueco Mundo as an Adjuchas, where he spent his time alone, watching others from a distance, where he eventually tore his own mask off, enraged by his own existence as a hollow. After becoming an Arrancar, he continued living in solitude, improving upon his own abilities, then later returning in order to prove himself worthy of being amongst the ranks of the Espada, defeating the previous
    Séptima Espada, taking their place.
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  19. wip


    ゜・. SAKIHANA ゜・ KUCHIKI .・゜゜・
    。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚ 

    X A P P E A R A N C E ;
    XXX Sakihana is merely 4"11 (Just imagine the various and outrageous height comparisons) and quite short to be fair. She appears to have a petite figure, and rarely smiles unless she is around her father or one of the wolf pup she has taken a liking of. Facial wise she appears to look like her mother more, much to her contempt and has a short hairstyle with forehead bangs. Her hair is often kept messy with a few strands of hair sticking out and all over the place here and there, so she lacks any sort of uniqueness despite being a noblewoman. As everyone including Sakihana herself would put it--she is nothing more than plain.

    The girl wears a skirt-like Shihakusho (Lisa Yadomaru) and nothing more. Though most times you will find her with various small bandages on her hands and fingers due to being a constant workaholic.

    X P E R S O N A L I T Y ;
    XXX Sakihana was a bright and bubbly girl before. However because of an incident and trauma ; she became rather quiet and 'freakishly gloomy'. Sakihana chooses not to associate herself with others personally and therefore earning her trust takes a lot of time. While she chooses not to associate herself with anyone, the girl will be seen doing various amounts of work that is very laborious for a lieutenant alone but doesn't seem to complain. There isn't one day where Sakihana will take a break and she will even busy herself doing the little things such as sweeping the barracks, planting, anything that others wouldn't enjoy personally gives her her solitude.
    If given orders or spoken to by a superior she is polite yet still gloomy, however if you were to force a personal 1 on 1 conversation with her ; She will be very irritatingly determined to avoid you and your conversation before giving in momentarily. It isn't that Sakihana is socially awkward, like said she is only wary of everyone regardless of who they are.
    But despite her introversive behavior as a wallflower ; Sakihana makes up for it by being observant, and supporting others. She isn't afraid to speak her mind even if there will be lots of consequences waiting for her and will always be determined and courageous otherwise.

    X B A C K G R O U N D ;

    X K I D O X S P E L L S ;
    XXX Hado # 33: Sokatsui
    Bakudo #4: Hainawa
    Bakudo #61: Rikujokoro
    Bakudo #77: Tenteikura
    Hakudan Keppeki (Way way later to achieve in rp)

    M O R I X N O X H A N R A N
    Though her Zanpakuto is a dark green Wakizashi ; Sakihana wears it under the left side of her sleeve. Its believed that she doesn't have a Zanpakuto by some--But of course by common sense every shinigami does ; She just keeps hers hidden.

    ↳ SHIKAI:

    Ibara no yōen'na mori (Bewitching Forest of Thorns): WIP

    Bokyaku no Kemono (Beast of Oblivion): WIP

    Sakihana's appearance would change drastically. Her entire Shihakusho becomes a completely different outfit and she bares a tattoo marking on her left hipbone. (Zanpakuto) then becomes completely black and takes a dagger appearance.

    But the red coloring is a dark jade green c:

    Mitsute Rareta Guntai (Forsaken Army of Obliteration): Sakihana pierces the ground with her zanpakuto and an army made from the earth/Forest of Thorns is created. This strictly works when she's on land though rather than air and she herself cannot be touched unless she deems personal protection unnecessary. If touched, Woodland Creatures or hand-like things will come up from around her in order to crush the one who dares touches her before disappearing back into the ground. The downside to this bankai is that it works only on land, and her Zanpakuto remains pierced on the ground. If she herself takes it out ; The army will have no purpose of protecting and/or serving.

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