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  1. Kanji look across the packed room and smirked, feeling the small swell of pride as her underlings, those that had gone to her for protection, and wanders came to her bar to mingle and socialize under her watch to keep blood shed from erupting. All it would take to throw chaos in such a small place was someone's blood hitting the floor. Like last week when one of her local harpies had tried to ignore the perverted Immortal but there was only so much she let slide before she turned and sank her razor claws into his face popping his eyes like balloons and smashing his cheek bones, making his face concave. His screams and the smell of blood that rushed through the air haulted all easy going atmosphere into a room full of preditors starring at their next meal. Immortals could be so testy; Kanji had spent almost teo hours calming everyone back down by dragging the two out of the back door into the lower areas where she could deal with them properly. She glanced at Hato, now 17, and smirked ruffling his hair between his ears, "Get back to work kiddo." He growled at her lightly before heading off to his section of the bar to serve drinks. Kanji left the safety of the counter to wander through the crowd greeting familar faces and nodding to new ones; it was like any other day.
  2. A cool wind blew into the bar as the doors of the tavern were pushed open. The figure then took two slow steps in before having the underside of his coat be blown by the force of the doors shutting. His eyes trailed the room before he sighed, and sunk his thumbs into the pockets of his pants. Obviously the man didn't seem in a very good mood, but what could be done about it? It was not like he was going to change his nature just to please everyone else. Wherever his eyes went, he would be getting suspicious glares from the inhabitants of the tavern.

    He wasn't going to give up so easily though. He went to one of the random strangers that was staring at him, before sitting down in front of them on a stool and stared straight into their eyes with his cold grey ones. Immediately they turned away and he gave them a little smirk, before making his way up to the counter of the bar, and laid his arms over it. He then whistled loudly for bartender, hoping someone would come and take his order.

    "Yo, anyone alive?"
  3. Kanji stopped Hato and the walked back behind the counter to the man; leaning infront of him her ears half cocked in a slightly annoyed but amused way.
    "Of course someone is alive or there would be no one here to serve you wouldn't you supsect?" Her voice was low and soft, her amusement showed in her tone. "What will the stranger have this cold evening?" her crystal blue eyes looking into his grey ones.
    She usually didn't like outsiders causing trouble in her territory but this male seemed to be in a bad mood and she would not let him take it out on her employees. Just like that the Others of the bar relaxed knowing that she would take care if him if needed. Conversation went on as the music had never stopped, Sirens had a different view on everything.
  4. He yawned before noticing the intriguing woman in front of her. What all of his friends said was true indeed, that sirens were one of the most beautiful creatures. He also heard about mortals who were lured in by their calls, but fortunately for him, he was not mortal. He gave her a smirk before rendering his request.

    "I was wondering if you could give me.. well, your three most strongest drinks all mixed into one."

    A crazy request indeed. Who would be dumb enough to want to get an intoxicating drink such as that? Again people around looked at him, thinking he was an idiot for what he just said, but what did he care about what the others thought? He grinned before turning back to give yet another individual a look.

    "I was also here last week too, not sure if you would remember, but that doesn't matter. I saw what you did to that immortals face. Quite nice work if I do say so myself..."

    He said all these words while examining her form, not focusing on her face at the moment.
  5. Kanji raised a brow at the man, at his remark.
    "I'm sure she doesn't need you to tell her how well she did." The harpie blushed at Kanji's words giggling slightly with a blush on her face the woman nodded to the male before turning back to her sister; Kanji straightened, grinning knowingly.
    "As for your request, I'm sure my home brew will get your none human system intoxicated enough to lighten your sour mood." She vaugely remembered the male now, Hato had complained about him that night saying that he'd kept snapping out orders and she had planned to deal with him when the Harpy incident had happened causing her to forget about rude customers and worry more about keeping all of her other's alive.
  6. "Alright thanks, I'll take that, and by the way.. why are all of these people giving me these weird looks, have they never seen a half breed before?"

    He grinned at the statement he just made. That was probably the reason why they all kept on looking at him, because he smelled like mortal man, although he was a mix in between that and a demon. But it didn't matter to him. He wanted to get drunk a bit before his next assassination assignment in the mortal world, get his pay, and continue on with his life.

    "And dang... don't you have a body on you!"
  7. Kanji shook her head, "No it's because you're talking to me in such a manner and you havent died yet." She laughed giving him an amused smirk.
    "It only looks nice because you cant see the scars dearest." She poured the drink out of a black bottle that had been used for wine before, the liquid was thick like blood and was such a dark red it was almost black. She set the bottle down and the drink infront of him,
    "I like calling it blood wine because of how it looks but everyone calls it blackout." She chuckled leaning on the counter again infront of him. "You're not so bad looking yourself." She'd smelled what he was when she'd gotten up close and talked to him; she'd lived long enough not to be bothered by what blood ran through someone's viens, only that they didnt cause harm to her people.
  8. He grinned slightly at her comment before rolling his eyes. He then heard her comment and shrugged before smirking and made yet another sleazy comment.

    "Y'know kissing where it hurts makes it all better..."

    He was obviously referring to her wounds, and he chuckled lightly before watching her grab the dark bottle that seemed to have a really thick liquid inside of it. He then heard her comment about how she called it blood, and he laughed lightly.

    "Oh blood, my favorite drink!"

    He took the cup before taking a little sip, and smiled at its extremely bitter flavor. He got what he wanted, a really strong drink. While he was taking small sips, he heard her comment about her how he looked good, and he shook his head.

    "Nah, I ain't that impressive."
  9. Kanji laughed and pat his head as if her were a child, "Better than most that come through the door be thankful for that." She glanced at the clock and sighed turning back to the male, "You can sit here on your own or follow the crowd but dont be bothersome I have to start the show." She walked to the front door and locked it so no stray humans would enter the immortals knew were the back door was; she made her way back behind the counter and flicked a switch. A rumble began making everyone pause in their talk and start to cheer getting up and grabbing their drinks starting for the side doorway with no door. From the doorway you could see a larger lower area that looked like a small arena stadium. The arena part was a dirt and sand ground while the seats were stone.

    Kanji made her way down to where the center of the ring was, mic in hand. "Ladies and Gentlemen tonight is our annual tournament! Are you ready for blood?!" The cheers for the growing crowd made her smile, "Are you ready to fight?!" The crowd went up in a roar. "Then let the sign ups begin! Hato will have the sign up sheet for those of you who wish to fight." She paused as she watched people headed for the lower bar area where Hato, Yoko and Scarlett were manning the bar, Sarah, Yoko's twin would be judging the fights tonight; Kanji would be security. She continued with her announcements.
    "For those of you who are new to the tournament the rules are simple, no death the blood strikes is a win. Only claws, fangs, and daggers are allowed; if you shift if must be only a fifth of the ring size. The prizes for this year are, Third place is a lovely hand crafted dual sword made by your's truely, the blades have a diamond seal melted into it to keep the beauties sharp. Second place a lovely week vacation to Rome for two, in the suite of one of their finest hotels. And first place will be a request from me for anything your hearts desire. I will try to make it come true." Her tone was light as she winked into the crowd in the end and made her way out of the arena.
  10. He smiled as she patted his head and made her compliment, before hearing her statement about how he could either stay there or come with the crowd and watch and he nodded.

    "I think I will just go with the crowd."

    He walked with the groups of people who moved closer and closer to the counter, and he was pushed up to the front, getting a great view. He felt a rumble in the ground before hearing everyone cheer with their drinks in the air, and she shrugged before grabbing his "blood" and doing the same. He cheered as well, even though he had no idea what was about to happen. He saw them herd then rush for the side doorway, and he rushed in with them too, before seeing a larger lower area that seemed like an arena, made out of sand and dirt, while the seats were made out of stone. He then noticed Kanji walk to the middle of the crowd, seeming like a ring lady from that of the mortal world.

    She went on to mention things about the annual tournament, something that he had not heard of before, but sounded very interesting. Once he heard the part about signing up for the tournament, from the boy he had seen in the bar earlier, he started walking towards him while hearing the rewards and the reward he really wanted to get was number one. He took the pen from the boy and wrote his name down before grinning, and turning to look around at the crowd, seeing who else would volunteer.
  11. Kanji waited twenty minuted before running back out to the ring, "Alright sheet closed! Hato bring down the arena!" The cheering took the time for Hato to run down and give it to her and the sound dwidled down. "Our first contestant! Kakeru! Next up Xavier DeWayne! Tala Taiokitsune! Saki Hanayuma! Howl Blood!" She listed off seven other contestants making six first rounds. "If Howl Blood and Scarlett Ripp would please join me in the ring we will begin the first round!"
    Two immortal's jumped into the stadium male and female, the male was a cat breed marked by his sand colored tail and ears, his eyes a dar crimson and his hair a deep ebony; Howl Blood, Fire Cat. The female had all the looks of a human but her crimson hair an eyes that stood out against her chocolate skin; Scarlett Ripp, Blood Witch. Kanji jumped back onto the edge of the of the stadium where the seats started. "LET THE TOURNAMENT BEGIN!!!"
  12. He yawned before hearing his name being called in the list of competitors and grinned. He then walked down to the lowest layer of the arena, and took one of the seats that was closest to the current competitors. One seemed to be a cat man and very agile, the other looked like a mortal except for her unusual red hair.

    "This fight should be very interesting..."

    He kept his hand on his small blade and eagerly tapped his right foot, waiting for the moment that he would get into the ring.
  13. Howl crouched down watching Scarlett as she grinned darkly and a crimson glow started to surround her,
    "You're going down this time kitty." Howl laughed at her words,
    "In your dreams Witch." She launched herself at him her hands in a claw like shape the tips of her fingers glowing in a sharp points. Howl rolled at the last second catching her on her leg with a scratch, "First blood." His voice was amused at her angry face as she landed on her feet glancing at her her leg as the blood started to trickle down.
    "You fuckin pussy!" Howl laughed at her words staying in a crouched position; the last times they'd fought she'd lost because of her wicked temper and it seems again she would loose, again, because of it. She let out a hiss that could have rivaled his own and lauched at him again, he rolled his eyes at her and lundge towards her catching her around the waist in mid air. They landed knocking the wind from her as he pinned her to the ground cutting her cheek twice, "Second and Third Blood, you really have to learn to control that temper,Witch." She screamed out in frustration trying to escape his grasp.
    "AND IT LOOKS LIKE HOWL HAS WON THE FIRST ROUND!! Who didnt see that one coming?" The Kanji laughed at her words knowing Scarlett would cuss her out for that one later