New Beginnings (Shiromaya and Shadow629)

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  1. ".. Yeah.. nice to meet you I'm Sebastian. " I took your hand which was quite gentle to the touch and shook it with a friendly smile forming on my face. "May I.. ? " With my other hand I reached out to touch your ears, cause I was quite baffled by the fact that you had animal like ears. "Sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable.. I just cant believe it. "
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    I return the smile and laugh softly "your probably the first person to actually ask. Go right on ahead" i say feeling as if i can trust you "I'm just surprised you haven't called me a freak yet"
  3. I slowly and gently ran my hand down your left ear and repeated the motion a couple more times as if I was patting you. The ears felt soft to the touch. "Wow.. they really are real. " I mouthed out in awe as I returned my hand next to my body. "Why would I call you a freak for something as beautiful as that? Just point me to the people who told you that and I'll make them apologize." I smiled while sneaking in a wink.
  4. I blush and look away "Thanks, but it might be a bit hard for you to make those certain people apologize. You see they are the most popular kids in school" i look back up at you meeting your eyes. "Anyway, what's your schedule like? Who knows maybe we have some classes together" i smile finally happy to have a friend
  5. "Oh they're the easiest ones to deal with, trust me I have experience. So dont worry and just stick around me and I'll protect you." I return the look and gaze back into your eyes. "You have pretty eyes." I smile slightly. "Well.. I think my 1st class is math but.. I could skip it if you agree to take a walk with me." The once slight smile is now complete.
  6. I laugh softly "thank you." The bell rings signaling the beginning of class. The halls clear leaving the two of us alone. "I would be honored to walk with you. But isn't skipping of the first day bad for your reputation?" i say in a playful tone.
  7. I look around and then back to you. I let out a soft sigh and nod in agreement. "You're right.. I'll just tell them I got kidnapped by a beautiful girl while I was on my way to the class. Come on.. lets go." I start making my way towards the exit. "I guess you know all the good places around here so.. you lead on." I open up the door for you.
  8. I roll my eyes at you and sigh. "Your such a bad example" i walk out the door and look back at you already halfway down the walk way. "Are you coming? We have a long walk ahead of us, and no time to waste." I smile my tail waving excitedly as i wait.
  9. "I guess you could say that.. " I whisper to myself and shake my head. "I'm coming, I'm coming. We got plenty of time, no need to hurry." I make my way up to you and stop. "Alright, lets go." I point my hand forward gesturing for you to start moving.
  10. I start to walk "so where would you rather go first? The park or town square? Both are really nice around this time of year" i look up at you my eyes glowing with excitement. "And then there's my place..." I say softly under my breath.
  11. I start following you and every now and then lag behind to look at your tail. 'She must be really happy.' I think to myself and smile. Then I turn my head and look down at you as your invitation catches me off guard. I raise my eyebrow and smile. "That'd be nice although.. are you sure? I dont wanna intrude or make your parents angry.."
  12. "I don't live with my parents. We fought a few years ago, even if we didn't they wouldn't really care." I say emotionlessly as me ears fall a bit. A minute later they perk back up "Anyway I doubt you could ever be intruding. Come on this is a shortcut." I veer off onto a path going into the forest.
  13. "Oh I'm so sorry I didn't know." I place my hand on your shoulder and tap you gently. "If it makes you feel any better I dont really get along with my family either.." I smile and nod trying to encourage you. "Are you sure thats the right way.. ?" I stop for a second and look at the forest ahead of us and shake my head. "Sorry, you probably know better than I do." I continue to follow you as we venture into the forest. "So.. is your house inside the forest or?"
  14. I look up and give you a small smile. "No it's fine, I'm much happier now then back then..." I stop and look around for a bit. "Well we should have been there by now...." I bite my bottom lip nervously. "Oh, I live in an apartment a couple blocks down, but I just found the short cut a day ago soo..."
  15. I stop and look around as well. "Well thats not good.. you think we're lost?" I let out a small sigh as dark thoughts start pilling up in my mind. 'It wouldn't be nice to stay here when it gets dark. I guess I could climb the tree and shift into a bird to find our way out.. What if she'd see me though..' I shake my head, smile and look at you. "Any ideas on how could we get back on track?"
  16. I walk over to a tree "Think you could give me a boost? I want to try and get a better view and see where we are." I look over at you and tilt my head to the side slightly.
  17. "Are you kidding me?" I walk up to you and lean on the tree. "I'm not sure its smart that you climb a tree, no offense of course!" I smile and rub my the back of my head. "But if you really want it.." I join my palms forming a foothold for you and squat down. "Come on, just be careful."
  18. I laugh and shake my head as i hop up grabbing onto a branch just hanging there. "You underestimate me." I swing a tad and pull myself up, I climb up the rest of the way a few leaves falling as I do. "Oh wow, you should come up here. It's beautiful" I call down to you.
  19. "No! No way! I'm just worried that you might fall and hurt yourself." I smile and look up as you make your way to the top, the leaves showering my face. I shake them off and as I hear you calling I jump and grab onto a branch and pull myself up slowly. I start making my way upwards until I reach the branch under you. I stand up straight and wrap my right hand around the trunk of the tree and my left around you, securing you from falling. I look forward and smile. "You're right.. it is beautiful up here."
  20. I look down at your arm around me and then up at you and smile my eyes sparkling in the fading sunlight. "A little worried are we now?" I reach down and kiss your forehead softly and ruffle your hair a bit. I sit down on the branch swinging my legs a little. "I had a bunch of fun today.... Even if we did end up not going anywhere"
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