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so i have this really good plot for a romance/action adventure type this but i don't have a partner to roleplay with...anyone interested?! maybe....possibly.. The characters can be whatever you like Yaoi, Yuri, girl x guy im down for any just if you want to be the lead of the roleplay play as the stranger and ill be the child or visa versa :) but until i know what we're doing im going to put __ for he,she,his,her and what not.


a Girl/Boy is being beaten by Her/his family and always has been the cast out from them. Constantly she/he is harassed and abused, its been this way for 14 years, until one day she/he decides that she/he has finally had enough and the world will be better off without her/him so she/he decides to go to her/his favorite spot, the place were she/he would go at night to cry her/his pain away, a nearby lake with a beautiful picture of the night sky and the moon. Where the water is the mirror of truth holding up the sorrow of the sky. Reaching her/his final destination she/he begins to prepare her/his death when a voice reaches out to . She/He has never met anyone out side of her/his family and was scared as a stranger who seemed years older then her/him walked into view. That night the stranger becomes the hero of this child's life and has agreed upon to meet the her/him every night. Nights later her/his parents have began to notice their daughters/sons late night visits occurring more and more but instead of calling her/him out on it they punish her/him with impossible task and beating her/him worse than before. One night the girl/boy appears before the stranger with bruises and lash marks graved into her/his fair skin and vows to never let the child be beaten ever again. Giving her/him instructions to return home and pack a scarce amount of clothing in a bag an return. Nodding the child obeys and has returned with a bag of clothing and her/his favorite item in the whole world as the stranger takes the child away from her/his abusive life style to live anew one under the city lights and shinning stars.


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