New Banner Rotation System and a little Oopsie!

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  1. Thanks to regular member donations, Iwaku splurged on a professional ad rotation system! And Diana forgot to tell Jared she installed it, so we suffered a bit of lag and oopsies all day. 8D BUT IT'S FIXED NOW! YAY JARED DIDN'T KILL DIANA!

    OUR NEW AD SYSTEM lets you directly submit and manage all of your roleplay banners! If you submit a premade banner, your ad will now go up within a couple hours rather than a couple days/weeks when an Admin finally gets around to it. You can update the banner and links as needed and even remove it from the rotation yourself. You can even see stats on it, which is pretty cool. Banners are still moderated and approved before going up (just in case someone submits something not-cool), and they still stay up for 1 month before timing out.

    Also with this new system, people who submit paid banners for sites outside of Iwaku will have a much easier time of managing their subscription. <3

    You can now find the ad submission tools directly in your User Settings under "My Ads".

    With this badass tool implemented, we would love to see Iwaku's Graphics people doing Graphic Shops in our Writing and Art Forum. With lots of people helping each other, our roleplay banner system will be even MORE effective!

    NOTICE ABOUT AD BLOCKERS: If you do not see Iwaku's roleplay banner rotation at the top of the forum, that means your AD BLOCKER is blocking it. Please add Iwaku to your WHITELIST so you can see the advertised roleplays! <3 You're not gonna see anything outside of roleplay ads or Iwaku sponsored ads, because we are paid for by member donations! 8D YAY!
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  2. YET

    And I would LOVE to host your artwork portfolio!
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    But yay~! ^^
  4. I suppose now would be a good time to open a Graphics shop. Can I submit a banner for that?
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  5. [​IMG]

    Noooooo, don't leave. Just don't fail next time. :3
    You had me in Roleplaying DPs.
  6. Yes, you can totally submit a banner for a graphics shop! 8D
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  7. YAY!!! Banners and Iwaku is fixed. awesome news. <3 Thank you Diana and Jared!
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  8. So, I was wondering why I haven't been seeing banners.

    Apparently it's because my ad-blocker blocks them. Is there any way around that (from the server side) or do I have to disable it on Iwaku?
  9. I'm afraid I dun have a way to fix that server side. D: Cause the way the system works is flagged by blockers. Whitelisting is the only way to go.