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  1. The OOC Character Sheet:
    Gender: Male
    Brief history:
    How they were recruited:
    Misc. info:
    Here is mine:

    Name: Alistair Thompson
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Family: Basically none, because his parents disowned him for being a mutant.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    His reptilian side appearance: [​IMG] (minus the clubs xD )
    Personality: Calm and collected, usually keeps to himself. A bookworm and is constantly doing research, is a scientist. Usually doesn't show any emotion, for it may lead him to change to his other form.
    His reptile form: Mean, vicious and angry.

    Powers: The ability to transform into a gigantic reptilian behemoth. In human form, he is just your average human with increased intelligence and regenerative factor, but with his reptilian form, he has a regenerative factor, super strength, sharp claws that are like swiss army knives, jaws with more bite pressure than that of a great white shark, alligator and salt water crocodile put together. And Increased agility. Not to mention hard armor-like scales. In human form, he can hear the reptile speaking to him, for it has it's own personality. He can also see it as his reflection in reflective surface.

    Brief history: He was born a mutant and also a very intellectual person. At the time he only had patches of scales, a tail and regenerative factor. Of course he lived in an advanced boarding school, since his parents didn't want anything to do with him. He then became fascinated by genetics and went on to college with a major in genealogy. That is where he started to experiment with Reptilian DNA and thus enhanced his transformation further- to the other form he has now.

    How they were recruited: When he first transformed, he lost control and did a lot of damage to the city. In order to keep this out of the media about him, he was forced to join SHIELD.

    Misc. info: The reptilian behemoth is a combo of salt water crocodile, komodo dragon, Nile monitor, american alligator, iguana, and Nile crocodile.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name:Callista Jones


    Gender: Female

    Family: She has her parents and two brothers. Even though she doesn't see them often she is still very close to them.

    Personality: She is usually a patient and calm person, but if one pushes her too far she will snap. She doesn't like to be bossed and if she doesn't trust someone she will tell them so they wont get upset when she doesn't listen to them.

    Powers: Controls the wind (she can't create tornadoes or hurricanes but she can create strong gusts of wind) , go transparent, walk through walls, and fly. Sometimes a spirit can take over her body but she has yet to learn to control this ability.

    Brief history: Growing up in Charleston was a haunting experience, but it only fueled CJ’s desire to become a ghost hunter. She grew up on the ghost stories that her cousins used to tell her. Sometimes the stories would scare her so bad that she would run into her parents’ bed at night because she had nightmares. CJ was always aware of moving shadows, transparent faces in mirrors, and icy chills as she visited each haunted house. Her high school job was to give ghost tours to visitors. So when she graduated she immediately began working with a group of ghost hunters. They weren’t flashy nor were they famous, but they always wanted to search every paranormal activity they could find. So CJ traveled with them. She traveled to Europe, Spain, South America, and many other strange and exotic places. One day she and her small team were investigating a supposed haunted house in New York. At first there didn’t seem to be any out of the ordinary, but then she walked into a small bare room. Immediately she could feel an icy touch on her arm. As she slowly reached for her ghost equipment she felt the icy touch getting colder and colder till it burned. She tried to get out of the room, but the door shut on her. CJ did scream, but the team was two floors above her. The icy touch then engulfed her whole body cutting off her scream. Soon the pain began to go away, but she still didn’t feel any warmer. Then a voice began to talk to her. Even though she was terrified CJ still couldn’t move! The voice told her that he was ghost, but not a human ghost. He continued to tell her that before he died he had a special power. A special power that he wanted to give to her so he could finally be at peace. He couldn’t die till he had given his power away. He had tried many time, but everyone that he wanted to give it to would die from fear. He also told her that usually the power was given to people with a dark side. He too had that dark side, but after working with others who had similar powers as his he was tired of seeing them put to evil vices. So he chose to give them to one that had a good side. After one more searing pain of cold the door opened and CJ quickly exited. Looking at a broken mirror, CJ found out that her once mousy brown hair had changed to silver and her grey eyes changed to violet. She quickly left the house and texted her team that she had to go home for an emergency. CJ never told anyone about what had happened. She didn’t even tell her team about the ghostly encounter. She explained her appearance to her friends and family that she died her hair and wore contacts. Except for her appearance, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. That is until winter came. She noticed that she didn’t feel the cold like everyone else did. In fact she liked the cold, the colder the better. She also found out by accident that she could walk through walls. Other powers manifested as time when on. CJ even began to take more time off from her ghost hunting team to find out ways to control her powers and to see if she could find out if she had more powers. She still wanted to know more about who the alien ghost was and where he came from. But for now that would have to remain a mystery. But she vowed to one day find out who else had these powers and to stop them if they were as bad as the ghost had said they were.

    How they were recruited: Works for SHIELD using herself as a medium for spirits who are helpful with missions. SHIELD has promised to help her with her abilities should she help them.
  3. Is this RP open to join?
  4. No, I'm sorry we already have the players. I just realized that there are prefixes, I shall fix it.
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  5. Name: Sheik Mephistosin

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Female

    Family: Mephisto (Father) Blackheart (Brother)


    Personality: Sarcastic, Curious, Careless, Stubborn, Rule Breaker, Risk Taker, Controller, Laid Back, Content, Adventurous

    Powers: Sheik has over the average demon strength and is like another version of the Hulk, she can collect and harness the souls of whomever, she can fly, teleport and had skill in magic

    Brief history: Her father Mephisto created Sheik, making her born of combined evil much like her brother Blackheart though she hadn't turned on her father like he did, she still felt as though there was more to this life than what her father told her. He always spoke of the other creatures outside this realm, spilling hatred for the one known as Odin. The All father and King of Asgard, just one of the many realms she had been told about. Though Hades, Death, Valhalla and Folkvangr were all located near each other. For thousands of years death and torture was all she had been raised around but still she wondered about the other realms. What other creatures and beings were out there, were they like her or were they different? She had so many questions she wanted answers to but sadly she knew better than to betray her father, less she be banished from the only place she knew as her home. But one day she ended up getting in a fight with her father and went to Earth, wreaking destruction only to be caught by Fury

    How they were recruited: As punishment for her actions they blackmailed her, resulting in her being recruited into the Avengers.

  6. Lol! She's still stubborn and sarcastic like Ember :-)
  7. lol Yep it seems so. And she is approved.
  8. Ok so is Callista and Steve going to start over as well? I think it would be interesting either way, lol!
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