New Avengers and New Dangers

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  1. Name : Evereen Lokidaughter
    Age : 20
    Powers , Advanced Magic, Advanced fighting (spears, sword, magic, dagger) Ice and Snow manipulation and maifestion
    Interesting facts , very shy and can be seen scared of her own shadow at times. knowing who her father is she is ashamed at times to be around others and often keeps to herself. she sees herself as useless but if you ever attack her brother she will rise up to defend him and for anyone that happens to be her friend.
    Picture :
    Her pet Magical Fox, Kitty
    Odins Son
    Name : Trevor Thorson
    Age : 19
    Powers : Advanced Human condition, thunder and lightning summoning, storm manipultion
    Interesting facts, A nobel young man with a deep love for animals, humans and even those who have done wrong. He can't be in battle for too long with using his powers or he will collaspe
    Tony's Daughter
    Name : Luna Stark
    age : 21
    Powers : none but serpasses her father's skills and works to be better
    Interesting facts , She has created a Roboic hound that is her best friend. she is the best fixing person in the school able to fix anything she is given with, she loves loves learning and often teaches new students things about natrual science. She isn't anything like her father. Her suite adapts to attacks after its been in a fight, it also uploads things to itself to help it, but that has its bad spots as well.

    her roboic dog - Run faster then a cheetah, can breath fire and can upload data through watching things going on. Always learning always watching can hack into things and its metal body is industructable to weapons of man. Her suite is able to adapt, adjust and learn as it battles. its always learning on its own, has a mind of its own (This will prove to be an issue later on)[​IMG]
    Steves daughter
    Name : Jason
    age : 21
    Powers : Advanced human condistion, advanced speed and stamina and very good leader
    Interesting facts : the Cowgirl, loves horses and often on the weekend she will go off to a ranch and ride her pet horse named Alpoa. She also is a master at guns and archery
    Bruce Son
    Name : Derek
    age : 19
    Powers , Turn into a green monster but can control it and can crush any metal
    Interesting facts , lazy as can be, doesn't like doing anything and often very very hard to piss off. its nearly impossible to get him to ever change but even in human form he can get shot at and can't be periced
    Loki's Son
    Name : xeon Lokison
    Powers : unable to be tricked, nearly able to take every hit, faster then any human you will ever see, run the mile in five seconds, advenaced magic, immune to magic tricks and can cause others to see their fears or their desires. He is more powerful then his father and his sister combined so look out people if you ever catch him but very very careful. but he isn't EVIL or MEAN he does what he thinks is right and will never be moved.
    Intersting fact : The Ice Shard of his powers

    Name : Jero Barton
    Age , 22
    Powers/skills : amazing archery, can see all around him and fire an arrow behind him and catch a guy hundred feet from him. Assassin master and great at knives, guns being agile and fast. Don't mess with him unless you want to die !!
    Interesting fatcs : he likes birds anything that flies. He also is very protective and sharp tounged but he often has a bad habit of staying up high and never coming down to the regular ground.



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