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Serenity Usami

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Hello roleplayers! I'm Serenity and a noob to roleplaying, so pls don't judge too harsh >~< I totally love yaoi and would be delighted to try it out :D
Fandoms: Sherlock, Gravity Falls, Dtmg, Danny Phantom, Detective Conan, Magic Kaito 1412, Baby Steps, Catherine, Homestuck, Welcome to Hell, Mystery Skulls, Phoenix Wright, Toriko, One Piece, Naruto, Ranma 1/2, Minecraft, and many many others I can't seem to remember until next month when I switch OTPs XD
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Sci-Fi, Fantasy, an assortment of others. Ask and you shall receive (an answer).
Welcome to Iwaku, Serenity! Here, have a cookie and enjoy your stay.
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