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  1. What nicknames do you like to be called? I just prefer Ed I guess haha..

    Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya? I am a guy and I old -.-

    What's your favorite genres to roleplay? I like to battle, but I also just like the really immersive one, really hooking the reader.

    What kind of characters do you usually play? Depends on the mood.. Usually Evil because it's so much more easy.. Sometimes the good guy if I want a nice challenge.

    Would you prefer Space Kittens, Angry Marines, Sparkling Vampires or Wolf Packs? ummmm..... None?

    Give us your favorite song of the moment and SING IT LOUD AND PROUD~! The sideburn song by Tobuscus hahaha

    Hello, I am Edgar.. I am not very good at introductions because I usually don't have the right words in mind ever.. Haha.. Well I am quite quirky and I have been roleplay for about 13 years now. I usually do this on chat rooms, randomly firing off quick rapid RPs, but I have also done the long RPs that end up being a few pages long. My style can vary and I have had so many characters that it is ridiculous.. I usually try to bring out the best RPs in people and sometimes I think people bring out the best in me. I hope this place is a great home for me to further push my writing skills. I am a writer and I am currently writing a novel and I am always looking for curve my skills even more. Thats about it I guess. I tried to introduce myself the best I could.
  2. Hello, Ed, and welcome to Iwaku!
    Don't worry about being old, we have some beloved oldbies here too. You're never too old and write and collaborate with others. :)
    I hope that you dive right in like a little fishy into the site and find a niche for yourself, but if you have questions or need help, try looking at Community 101 (in the toolbar) or Community hub (which is one of the subsections on the forum). If you are still confused about something, grab one of the members here and ask them! Many of them will know the answers to basic questions and for things a little less easy to answer, you can find a helpful staff member or admin by their charming blue and red names!

    Happy playing, Ed, I hope to see you around!
  3. Welcome to the site Edgar! If you need any help with anything, please let me know! I hope you enjoy every moment you share with us!