New around here...

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  1. Hello there! I decided recently to jump back into roleplaying after about a 4-year break. Obviously I am a little rusty, but I thought it might help me get my creative juices flowing again.

    About me...I graduated college recently, just trying to see where life takes me now. I love insects, drawing, and making plushes. I guess my 'main' fandoms would be the X-Files and One Piece, but I like many other things too.

    It's nice to be here! I have many ideas for roleplays, but as I have to wait before posting any, I'd like to join some and get into practice again. Thanks for reading!
  2. Sometimes a good break is what's needed to get those creative juices flowing again, and give that muse a kick start! Welcome back to the world of writing kind sir! Hope you find some wonderful RP's here. You need anything feel free to drop me a PM!
  3. You need to wait before posting? I didn't know that... but it makes sense, to root out the bad eggs.

    Have you found any good roleplays yet?