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  1. So I have ran out on all the anime I want to see (beside the long one like Bleach) and I would love to watch more but I would mostly love to know what to watch next tell me what I can see and what's it about (also don't mind movies as well)
  2. Sword of the Stranger. It is a movie and it absolutely blew my mind.
    If you have Hulu it is on there.
  3. Death Parade. Watch Death Billiards first.
  4. Record of the Lodoss War if you haven't seen it yet. It's old as sin. :)
  5. Zankyou no Terror. Incredible animation and unbelievable soundtracks. Won't regret it
  6. Samurai Flamenco. Its the best train wreck that has graced our earth since Code Geass R2.

    Oh yah, it has yaoi undertones that crank up to 11 at the end if you're into that kinda thing.
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  7. oh my gosh xD so many people giving me anime to watch ty so much xD
  8. You seen Trinity Seven? I was overwhelmd with a conflict of laughing my ass off and being amazed at the sudden bad-assory.
    Accidental breast grabs....accidental breast grabs everywhere
  9. ME!ME!ME! was so intense.
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  10. Oh TY again ill take a look at all of them and try them out ^_^
  11. Fate zero
    Fate stay night
  12. Book of Circus! Black Butler and Inuyasha are pretty much the only anime I've ever watched. I'm not much of an anime fan. =/
  13. Persona 4: The Animation.

    Considering this is an animated retelling of the game Persona 4, some parts might go over your head if you don't know anything about it prior to watching the show, but I happily watched it with only a little information on the series and enjoyed it an enormous amount. The soundtrack is the kind of stuff dreams are made of and the ending made me genuinely shed a tear.
  14. Depends what anime you've already seen, but my brother just gave me 280 hours worth of recommendations so... just check the "completed" and "plan to watch" sections on my MAL.
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