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  1. Hi im new to this, i've never done a rp before but i thought it would be fun to try this out. I want to do a rp about fantasy and stuff with lots of interaction and less long stories. I think id be fun if there were diffrenent races and stuff. You make up your character like backstory likes dislikes personality pets jobs, then we would start creating a world of fantasy and enjoyment. I dont really care to much about the characters but i dont want any character thats just goes around killing and destroying unless theres a build up to it and its all fun in the end for every one, i think you guys/girls know what i mean by that. Remember im new at this whole rping thing so i wont be great at it but can i please have a couple people come and do this with me?
  2. i can help out........
  3. Ok thanks :)
  4. this practice is called bumping; Bumping is spam on iwaku; please don't do it!
  5. KAZUAKI do you just want to start and mabie over time others will join?
  6. I always spell it mabie i mean maybe lol :).
  7. sure . ill try and invite some others
  8. just add the link to the rp in the messege
  9. can you give an example of what you want the sign ups to look like, and be more specific on what type of races you are able to be.
  10. Well you can use my character info as an example and i dont care what race you are you could be a 4 winged flying talking penguin for all you want i really dont care.
  11. There changed it happy? :D face palm.
  12. Oh and can you delete your other messages from the rp forum idon't want anyone getting confused or something?
  13. Have you decided on a character yet?
  14. (o.o) i already posted him in one of the threads you said sign ups
  15. Should one of us start the rp off then?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.