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  1. Looking for a partner who would either play a dominant male or a dominant female.

    I, personally, am new to mature roleplaying, so take care of me, kay? I'm only really comfortable with my character being a female, meaning I want either a MxF or an FxF only.

    Like I said, I'm new to mature roleplay, so I'm willing to try out any plots or ideas you might have. Just shoot me a PM.

    I want an RP that actually has a developing plot, so I would really prefer my partner to have an aggressive roleplaying style rather than a passive one. Oh, and my partner needs to have good spelling and grammar as well.

    I'd really like to play out a wolf/shifter plot where our characters are mates (so you'd obviously need to be familiar with werewolf stories), and where my girl wouldn't be very submissive at first... at all really, so your character would have to work on her. I'm up for trying most anything, though.
  2. oh pick me pick me! what kind of werewolves are we talking about tho? like teen wolf werewolves or twilight werewolves, or TES werewolves, or being human werewolves, or castlevania werewolves, or generic werewolves?
  3. More like wolf shifters. The type you would usually find if you read a werewolf story on wattpad.
    They're in a "pack" where there's an Alpha and a Beta, but they live among normal humans as well.
  4. mmkay i can roll with that....are you modifying any of their weaknesses?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.