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  1. Hi! I just joined yesterday, so I'm still getting used to how everything works here. Though, I'm not at all new to roleplaying. I've been rping for just over five years.

    Things to know:

    -I'm extremely relaxed. I'm open to pretty much anything.
    -Regarding post length, I do my best to match my partner.
    -I'll do much more than what's listed here, but these are what I would like to do most.
    -I play both genders, but I prefer to double when playing a male opposite a female.
    - For fandoms, I play both canons and OCs. I prefer to play opposite canons, but I'm always willing to double up when my partner plays a canon for my OC.


    Divergent(movie only)

    • Jeanine/my female OC- I'll double as any canon. There will be an age gap between my character and Jeanine. I have a rough idea in mind, but we'll have to work in the canon I'll play and your OC.
    • Eric/my female OC- I don't have any ideas in mind, so we'll have to plot together. Again, I'll double as anyone.
    • OC/OC- We'll be just winging it. We'll each make up two characters of both genders, and then we'll go along with their aptitude tests and initiation. I'd like two of them to choose Dauntless, and the other two to choose Erudite.
    • Jeanine has a daughter- This would be a family plot, so I need a partner to play Jeanine. We'd start just before my character's aptitude test, and I'm going to have her be Divergent.
    Harry Potter

    • Snape/my female or male OC- Yes, this would be teacher/student. I'll double as anyone.

    • Elemental boarding school
    • Femslash teacher/student- I'd play the student.
    • Woman x Wife with Amnesia
    • Adoption/Foster-care
    • Rekindled love
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