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  1. So I came up with some new (and old) ideas. Let me know if any of them appeal to you. The ones with the RED STAR next to them I would prefer to be mature, but most of them are discussable. Two RED STARS mean it is a mature RP and it's un-dicussable. Sorry.)

    Oh yes, and I should let you know that my posts vary on how into the RP I am. They can be anywhere from two medium/one large paragraph(s) to two to four lines, not including quotes.


    IDEA ONE: You (or I, depending on which character you'd like to play) go to a movie preview (or a concert) and you (or I) get a chance to meet the celebrity and it's lke a love at first sight thing (celebrity falls for other person) and afterword the celebrity finds the other person and takes them out on a date thing or something magical (Like Aladdin and Jazmyn on the carpet ride, only... real...ish?) and there's romance and blah blah blah.

    *IDEA TWO: For her 17th birthday, my character's friends drag her to the concert, with VIP passes, of their favorite band/rockstar (your person), but my character isn't big into them. So when their group goes backstage to meet the band/singer, she's the only one not literally vibrating from excitement, which in turn intrigues your character. You ask my chick to hold back for a moment and you start talking until you accidentally say something wrong (sexual-wise) and I get uncomfortable and make an excuse to leave. So, before your band leaves town for their tour, you hunt me down to apologize and we end up going out for coffee (or something), where you're noticed beneath your disguise and we're chased by the paparazzi into a tiny abandoned house, where we end up staying the night and... well, it can go from there

    **IDEA THREE: I'd like to do a mature RP about a young man who is quiet in school, a fantastic artist, talented in many areas, and kind to those who need it, but hides a secret life of a drunk father beating him violently at home. He begins getting letters in his locker from a self-proclaimed "Kind Goddess" telling him that they know about the abuse and are wanting to help. One note left in his locker on Valentine's day even gives a phone number that he can call whenever he needs help, along with a necklace inside that says "HOPE" And has a missing half. One night his father pulls a knife and threatens to kill the boy so the boy calls the number and the mysterious girl tells him to run to Main street, where she picks him up and they meet for the first time (she is wearing the missing half of his necklace, hers says "FOREVER"). That same night, as she is holding him and rocking him as he cries in the hotel room she stays in, they link physically and emotionally and give each other their bodies and souls.

    I would like to play the girl in this one, and I'd like you (whoever picks up on this) to double as the father because I'm not so good at being extremely mean and the father is a straight up a**hole from hell. (which would mean cursing is allowed, even urged, and violence is a must.)

    *IDEA FOUR: Elizabeth "Liz" Burke had been raised in a militant family since she was born. She knew nothing of dolls and dress-up, but only combat and survival skills. She is raised with her father's militia squad, "Elite Squad 2", and knows every man, woman and their children as family. On her 13th birthday, however, both her mother and father are killed by an assassin of another planet and she is raised to be a soldier by her father's closest friend and his son. On her 21st birthday she is recruited along with her 'foster' family to go on a mission on a far away planet. On the way, they are attacked by the enemy and their ship is disabled by enemy fire and is floating in deep space. The enemy tries to board, but none of the soldiers will have that and they decide to fight. In the end, however, Elizabeth is captured by your kind and is taken for questioning and to be kept as a "pet", given to you for your day of Manhood (a ceremony that makes you a man in your culture).

    *IDEA FIVE: My character is a reaper. She was born a normal girl, but when her father was on his death bed, she was forced to make a deal with The Reaper to keep him alive. Now she goes through life, taking souls and crossing them over to wherever it is they are assigned to be. She still tries to live normally, going to classes and work and trying to have friends, but it's difficult when you're always being called away to kill someone. When she meets (insert your character name here), her purpose and goal is to reap him/her, but she sees something different in him/her. She waits and lets a story unfold while trying to maintain a 'normal' life (coincidentally going to the same high school/college as her next target).

    **IDEA SIX: A girl's imaginary friend from when she was a child is actually a spirit that is under a contract (The whole find true love in 'X' amount of days/years or you'll be this way forever thing). Well, he watched the girl grow up and he falls deeply in love with her, but she doesn't understand it. She grows up and he begins to fade until she turns eighteen, when her parents die in a car crash on her birthday and she relapses to her childhood, needing him to comfort her. He does, and in turn she begins to fall for him. I would like to play the girl.

    IDEA SEVEN: A girl's best friend from kindergarten to second grade begins having feelings for her after she moves away and comes back to school for Senior year is mature and different.

    **IDEA EIGHT: A waitress in a small town is being physically abused by her boyfriend but she can't leave him because she is afraid. He takes her to a huge party in a nearby city and a waitor there (an on-the-run criminal trying to hide out) notices when my character's boyfriend takes her out back and hits her she catches him all over another woman and stands up for herself. The criminal punches the guy in the face and whisks the girl away to stay with him. She finds out he is a criminal, but by then they are already falling for each other.