New and old art. :/

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  1. I only have two pictures of my new art, I'm so very sorry. My new art is digital, but some of my old art is just on paper, soooo...time to scan. <:<

    New art (open)
    [​IMG] My OC. ITS A HE, NOT A HER.
    [​IMG] And this is a unicorn elf thing. XD

    And now, some of my old artwork. Prepare your eyes.

    Old artwork. :P (open)
    I drew this on paint when I was like 12 or some shit...XD

    This one really isn't all that old. I drew it about a year ago.

    Guys I don't even fucking know, I drew that when I was twelve too.

    I drew this one on when I was twelve, also. XD I still have my disney create account. It's xXNatsuruXx.

    And that's enough, my eyes are burning from all of this twelve year old artwork crap... >.>

    Bye bye.
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  2. your range of color is awesome, and facial expressions I can really aee that your subjects are feeling strongly. keep up the great work, I can't wait to see more of your work, Bad apple, and we are happy to have you <3