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  1. Hey everyone :) So I just kinda stumbled upon this site today and am looking for A LOT of rp partners!! I'm not new to rping, been doing it for a few years now, and am totally open to rping anything! (except zombies.) I only ask that you can respond with about 1 paragraph or more and respond a few times a day or at least 3+ times a week. And also, a heads up that I can only play female characters and prefer only mxf pairings. Anyways, onto the rest!

    RP Plots:

    1 ~ The world is starting to fall apart. World War III has struck and the after math is devestating. There are almost no survivors and the ones that did survive, usually die within a year or two because of all the toxic fumes and chemicals in the air. Others grow mutations from the chemical exposure and survive. However, the ones that grow mutation are considered evil and ruthless. So what will happen when one of these mutated humans runs into a normal human who's in a state of weakness? Will they attack, or show mercy to show that not all people with mutations are evil? Or perhaps something else will happen...

    2 ~ The races for this one may be over done but I haven't played them much myself so I'd like to give it a shot. Basically, the vampires and werewolves' have been at war for centeries to the point neither side even remembers how the war began. The war is taking a heavy toll to both sides and if they don't stop fighting, both races may become extinct. So an arranged marriage is set up between the prince and princess of the two races. These two haven't even seen or met each other but suddenly they're saying their vows, binding them together forever. Will the sense of duty be large enough to keep these two together? Will they always hate eachother or will they eventually fall in love? Only one way to tell and that's to rp it out :)

    3 ~ A guy just transfers over to the school and quickly becomes one of the really well known guys and is a huge favorite amongst everyone. One day he bumps into a girl and gets curious about her so he asks his friends about her. They tell him she's turned down every guy that's asked her out and he decides to try to be first to get her to go out with him and possibly do even more than just that with him. So after making a bet with his friends that he can win her over, he starts to try to get her. (Be prepared to be dealing with a very stubborn girl in the rp. And this can take place in college or high school)

    4 ~ A girl heads to the library to find a book to read. She finds one after a while that's hidden far in the back and starts to read it. However, she gets transported into the book. The setting is in the middle ages and she happens to get choosen to go to the castle to be the possible next queen along with other girls. The prince has two weeks to talk and get to know the different girls and then choose one to be his queen.

    5 ~ A girl heads to a summer camp to help be one of the team leaders and help watch the kids. However, the camp she goes to is really a secret lab. There, she's discovers that scientists are experimenting new things on people. Girls are kept in one side of the building and the boys in another.
    The reason for these experiments are to create the most elite fighters the world has so that the government can use them to dominate. The people that are experimented on aren't treated well and even when they gain different powers, they don't rise against the scientists since there are body guards who have weapons that can serious hurt them. Plus, they're trained to obey orders.
    But what will happen when the girl runs into a guy who's kept in a room by himself and always in chains? He's the strongest they've ever created, but he's also uncontrollable. As she slowly gets to know him bit by bit, they start to work together to find a way to escape and possible destroy the place.

    6 ~ This takes place in Egypt many years ago. When horses were the mode of transportation if you were lucky enough to own one and having slaves is normal. I don't have much planned for this one other than the time period so if we can discus this in more detail if you want to do an rp that takes place in Egypt.

    So those are basically all my ideas for now CX If you have any ideas you wanna rp, feel free to suggest them and I'll probably agree to them too ^^ So if you're interestedin rping with me, send me a pm or write a message down below
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku! Here we have some rules about erotic/sexy eps to keep our members and the site safe from legal trouble, as well as sexual predators! They're quite simple rules:
    • If you are 18 or older, you may only RP sexy scenes/stories with other members 18 or older
    • If you are 17 or younger, you may only RP sexy scenes/stories with other members 17 or younger
    • This includes private messaging and off site mediums such as Skype or e-mail
    To accommodate, the Group RP and One X One RP categories each have sections marked 'Libertine' and 'Liberteen' where all the sexy RPs go. Libertine is for adults (members 18 or older who have a red star by their avatars) and Liberteen is for members 17 and younger with the blue stars!

    Plots like this, as well as adverts for any RP that requires/plans to include multiple sexy scenes, or which uses sex as a plot device, need to be advertised/solicited only in the Libertine or Liberteen forums, to avoid getting interests from the wrong age group!

    Since the rest of your plots look more innocent, you have a choice:

    1. Remove that plot from this ad by using the 'edit' option at the bottom of your post (feel free to start a new thread in Libertine requests for it!)
    2. I can move this thread to Libertine Requests for you
    Let me know which you prefer!
  3. Are you still looking for some rp partners? I really liked the idea of that second plot. If you need a partner to play the female that is. Not great at playing straight males.
  4. If you're still looking for roleplay partners, I'm really interested in the WW3 plot idea, and welcome to Iwaku!
  5. Minibit
    Okay, sorry I had it in the wrong section. First day here so still trying to figure out my way around. I'll take that one idea off and leave the rest of the thread here.

    I'd love to rp with you but the reason why I'm asking for guy characters is because I can't play them. I've tried and I just can't get it right.

    Yes, I'm still looking :) I'll send over a pm and we can talk about the details more ^^
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  6. Ah, okay my mistake. I didn't know you were looking specifically for guy characters. Happy hunting! ^^
  7. No worries! Here's a pro-tip: to tag someone, use @ in front of their username: like so!
  8. Still looking
  9. I would love to do plot five with you ^^
  10. awesome^^ Pm me and we can work out the details :)
  11. Still looking ^3^
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