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  1. Hello fellow roleplayers! I’m Max and I’m new to this site but I’m ready to dive right in. For starters when it comes to romantic pairings I am fine with M/M, F/F, and F/M, and I’m cool with roleplaying as either sex as well as transgender characters (I myself am female to male transgender). Here is a list of plots I have in mind in no particular order (I’m not the best with coming up with plots or explaining so I’m also up for any that you might have in mind):

    Modern setting in the city. My character, Dee Strickland, college student, is trapped in an abusive relationship with his boyfriend, Jamie Ross. After many trips to the hospital a nurse (your character) starts to notice something is up. Since Dee is strictly dicks if you want any sort of romance between Dee and your character, they’ll have to be male.

    Supernatural setting in modern day. Our characters are childhood best friends but one day my character’s family is found slaughtered in their home, Rocky Tyler (my character) and her younger sister are nowhere to be found. Rocky is about twelve at the time this happens. Thirteen years pass and your character finds Rocky on your doorstep about to pass out, completely covered from head to toe in dirt and blood. She’s been turned into a werewolf. Rocky is straight so if you want any romance in this you’ll need to roleplay as a boy.

    A good old-fashioned zombie apocalypse roleplay! I would like to roleplay multiple characters in this one to make it a little more interesting. I have two characters in mind, Bo Rodgers and Charlie Michaels. Bo is bisexual and Charlie is gay (I have a lot of queer characters). They have an old radio and they pick up a signal with someone talking about a government made safe house, the signal is a bit dodgy so they miss a few bits of information. One being is the safe house has been over run by zombies. But our group doesn’t know that.

    I would like to do a circus roleplay, I have a list of characters for this one, each doing different acts.
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  2. Message me! I'd love to try something together. :)
  3. look at the thread just below yours. I have most if not all of that.
  4. I'm up to RP with you! ^____^
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