New and looking for an RPer.

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belated valentine

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Hello! I'm new to the site, but I'm definitely not new to roleplaying. I have been rping for years now and am looking for a few sites to join here and there. Anyway, I think it's time I get involved in this community, considering it looks to be a very nice one :). That being said, would anyone be interested in starting an rp with me? I have no general idea yet as I was thinking we could come up with one together. However, a few things I enjoy rping are :

Also, I very much enjoy Avatar: The Last Airbender rps :D

I can't come up with any others at the moment but if you suggest something, I'd definitely consider it.

Also, I generally roleplay as a female, but I can do males too.

So, any takers?

BTW, if anyone uses MSN, you can add me under the email : [email protected]
I'd love to rp with you, as I'm new as well! ^^ I also enjoy apocalyptic and school roleplays so sounds like fun. I'm in if that's okay with you.
Just posted a film noir type character in my blog, this is a coincidence, if thats what you mean by mafia then perhaps, perhaps.....
YAY, responders!

I'd be willing to roleplay with both of you :D

@Kyandi-bou: It's definitely okay :) Which do you prefer, school or zombie? We could tie the two together if you'd like.

@Vay: Sweet! I'm pretty flexible when it comes to mafia rps, so anything goes with me. In my previous rp I had hitmen/mafia type groups who would be assigned various missions in which they would have to get rid of people, and the two characters we were rping with came from opposing groups who had been assigned the same mission, so it was pretty interesting. However, I'm just throwing out an idea :)
I prefer the school rps, but the zombie ones are fun too if they're anything like the fun video games I play. Mixing them seems a little odd, but it could work :P
Of course we don't have to mix if you don't want to :P I do prefer the zombie ones over the school ones only because they're more interesting and you can stray from the norm.
This is true. Well, a horror-type rp with zombies sounds like fun anyway. Could always go with the classic 'we're the only survivors' deal hehe.
Yep :D

Alrighty, so shall we sort out a plot? I was thinking we could maybe set it in the point in time in which the infection has already spread widely, and/or completely covers whichever area we choose to set it in.
That sounds perfect, exactly what I was thinking too. It seems best if the infection has already spread quite a bit rather then just starting.
I agree, it allows us to set up backstories and what not :D
Alright, do you prefer playing male or female characters? I can do both but I usually use a female as my main character. I can bring in a male and a female if we're thinking about having more than two characters.
I can do both but I prefer male ^^ I also tend to play multiple characters anyway, but I can still do just one XD
I tend to bring in multiple characters over a time period as well, so more than one is alright with me :D
All is good then ^^

Anyways, I'm sorry but I'm off for the night (12:30 am here) hope to discuss more or rp later? Also, hope more people will show up :)
Welcome to the site! I hope to see you in RPs and if you need any help, you can always contact me.

Look in the OOC area as well, there are probably a lot of RPs that are looking for players. ^.^
All is good then ^^

Anyways, I'm sorry but I'm off for the night (12:30 am here) hope to discuss more or rp later? Also, hope more people will show up :)

I hope so too, I should be getting off soon as it is pretty late here as well. Goodnight!

@Murrstress: Thank you for the welcome! I'll make sure to do that :)
I love gifted roleplays, if you're interested ^-^
I'm Zee xD
Well if you both like zombies and school... why not have a zombie outbreak game in a school setting?
Personally, I don't like playing young characters like in school settings in things such as zombie outbreaks. Makes it feel too much like a B-rated teenage horror film ._. But it depends on what valentine wants to do cause I guess it doesn't matter much to me. I just really want to get back into rping again ^^;; haha....
I was thinking about that but I came to the conclusion that even if the outbreak were in a school, they wouldn't stay there forever. Eventually, everyone would have to move out of the schools and to safer places, so that's why I now feel that the school+zombies thing wouldn't really work out too well. Also, I think we both said we'd like to start the rp in a time when the infection has already spread a great deal, so that also plays a part in it lol.