New and Intimidated

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  1. Hi there, I am Elm.

    I've been looking for a roleplay forum, or perhaps a writing buddy to write with. The forum so far, is a little daunting with so many roleplays around, but I'm sure I'll find my way.

    Regardless, Elm is not my real name. :) You can make up a name for me, but it is generally what I seem to be going by. I'm new here, though I'm not new to roleplaying or collaborations in themselves. I'm actually very interested in Worldbuilding and looking for a possible roleplay from scratch to do so.

    If you're interested in building a world, or interested in making it a comic, let me know ;)

    I do not like running through grassy meadows or sitting under the cherry blossoms. I like watching from my windowpane, with the music turned up and the sun on my desk. I would also, be carried. Who even runs anymore?

    Currently, All About That Bass is the song that is tormenting my mind.
  2. Hey there Elm,

    I'm new too and I'm pretty sure I'm on the same page. Looking to work my writing muscles and feeling a bit overwhelmed by this place. If you find somewhere that's starting from scratch I'd love to know about it. Best wishes to ya!

  3. Ahaha, I'm tempted to start one up myself, just a quick one to get familiar with things. I'm just itching for a good story.
    Lovely to meet you though. :)
  4. Yeah, it'd be nice to wade around in the water a bit before diving in.

    Lovely meeting you as well! :)
  5. Hey there, this place isn't as scary as it looks c:
    The best place to start is within the jump in section to get a feel of other people's roleplay styles, after a while some people may message you for one x one's or to see if you may want to join a group roleplay depending upon if they like your roleplay style.
    Its a great place to have your abilities tested, even mine seem to have become better since I started at the beginning of the week c:
    If you need any help with anything, just let me know via message or something and i'll help you out if I know the answer to your problem ^^
  6. Hallo there Elm, welcome to the siiiiite! :D
  7. Welcome to the madness xD. Enjoy your stay here ..~ giggles as she floats around on her tiger* ^^

    be aware of the giant bunnies :3
  8. Yeah, I've been looking at the jump in section! Forgive me if I make a few mistakes ;-; as far as I know, it's okay to just start posting about a character in a Jump In RP. I'm looking to develop my writing skills too, :) It's just something that needs to be honed through a little more practice.
  9. Okay, so I did not know I could use the reply button to quote multiples. D: But thank you for the warm welcome. <3
    I have nothing to fear with giant bunnies. They are most likely family. A good chunk of my online presence, is known as Rehab Bunny. =p
  10. Yeah its fine to do just that, although some of them do have specific kinds of characters that can played.Like the Pokemon gijinki(think that's spelt right) high school, only seems to allow gijinki characters.Which is half human half Pokemon.

    And i don't even know how the quote system work's, it confuses me xc
  11. Hello and welcome to the site